My Wife Longs for Divorce Every Day - C.224 - : , Smelly Man


Chapter 224: 224, Smelly Man

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She knew that most men weren’t that fond of cleanliness.

That’s why people often said “stinky men”.

But in her real life, she rarely encountered this type of man.

Furthermore, her taste had been shaped by her husband since childhood. Encountering this grimy, dirty face, brazen, uncouth and lowly bully right now was truly annoying.

Suppressing her urge to hold her nose, she attempted to leave with her cane, but the man quickly stepped forward, blocking her path.

Mo Weiyi felt revolted and impatient. Her face darkened as she sternly warned, “This is a school.”

“Miss, I haven’t done anything, why are you calling the police?” Seeing Mo Weiyi getting angry, Song Quan’s lascivious laughter only deepened. He leaned in closer still, lowering his voice and deliberately teased with an ambiguous tone, “Look at how scared you are, I’m not a bad guy, I absolutely adore younger sisters…”

Mo Weiyi felt sick to her stomach. She gripped her cane, considering whether or not to hit him with it when…

“Mo Weiyi.”

It was the class monitor.

Another classmate was by his side.

Both of them were tall and strong. They might have sensed something was off and quickly approached. “Mo Weiyi, do you know this man?”

“No, he suddenly asked to borrow my phone.” Mo Weiyi replied, using her cane to move away. “Let’s go.”


Song Quan stood there, his eyes lingering on Mo Weiyi’s retreating figure.

He had been hanging around this university for several days, yet he had not seen Mo Weiyi. Just when he began to doubt Xiao Zhiwei, he fortuitously saw her getting out of an Audi today.

No wonder he couldn’t find this chick; he had overlooked the most important point: rich young ladies had chauffeurs to transport them, so they would never be out alone.

In that case, he needed to alter his plans. He had just taken advantage of her looking at her phone to observe her up close. She was even more beautiful than the fleeting glimpse he had caught before.

Especially her skin, so white and delicate, without a single pore visible. He supposed that her body must be just as smooth and soft.

He began to imagine…

Dirty, vulgar images filled his mind, and refused to fade away.



Mo Weiyi quickly followed the class monitor to the school auditorium, which was already full of people.

Her arrival caused quite a stir.

However, after just one look, Mo Weiyi bid the monitor farewell, and headed towards the backstage by herself.

To her surprise, the backstage was even more crowded. People were putting on makeup, changing clothes, and still others were cramming in a last-minute rehearsal. It was bustling and lively.

Mo Weiyi looked around for Su Wanwan, but didn’t manage to spot her, instead one of the girls from their dormitory approached her first. “Mo Weiyi, are you here to watch the performance?”

“Yes.” Mo Weiyi asked her, “Where is Li Feifei?”

“She’s putting on makeup.”

Mo Weiyi looked in that direction.

Li Feifei was sitting in front of an improvised makeup table, with a professional stylist attending to her.

Then she looked at Li Feifei’s outfit.

A long, light-colored lace dress, crystal high heels, and a small princess crown on her carefully arranged hair. At first glance, she really did resemble “Todo Shizu”.