My Ferocious Tigress Wife - C.608 - : The Truth

My Ferocious Tigress Wife

C.608 - : The Truth

Chapter 608: The Truth

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Was it because his impression of Xie Xian, who was as gentle as jade, intelligent, and talented, was originally a misunderstanding, or had Xie Xian already changed?

Yang Shao’s face darkened as he recalled the words his advisor had said to him. He shouldn’t have gotten close to Xie Xian. As the Emperor’s most assured choice, he should have kept his distance from Xie Xian, even to the point of being incompatible with him.

He knew everything, and he also knew what to do to make the Emperor feel at ease.

However, he really didn’t want to be separated from Xie Xian.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to offend her, but he was unwilling.

Although this empress who ‘snatched’ his previous life was his love rival. However, with Xie Xian, they had fought side by side and defended Jiankang City. He had always admired Xie Xian’s strategy and decisiveness.

Especially when he thought about how he got his so-called ‘dragon slave’, he lost his confidence.

” Thank you, Brother,” Yang Shao said earnestly,””We are all sharing the emperor’s worries, why must you offend everyone? Just like this Hou Yu, I understand him. He has an impulsive personality, but he is truly a talent. He definitely wouldn’t dare to be disrespectful. There might be some misunderstanding.”

How could Xie Xian not see through Yang Shao’s thoughts?

“It’s precisely because I have to share the Emperor’s worries that I can’t be afraid of offending others.” As long as it was beneficial to the Imperial Court and the Emperor, he was not afraid of offending others.”

“That Hou Yu, Yang Hujun also said that he’s hot-tempered and impulsive. If he could learn his lesson and have Yang Hujun to take care of him in court, why would he worry about not being able to rise up again? Perhaps, if Jiang Xia King had the heart to take care of him, his future would be limitless.”

When Yang Shao heard the last sentence, he was stunned. It was just a light sentence, but he understood the other meaning.

That’s right, Hou Yu was also a subordinate of the Jiangxia Prince’s Mansion. He was also a member of the Central Command Army, just like him.

In the past, he was Yang Shao’s subordinate. Later on, he was valued by Emperor Yu Heng and rose to the top. It was this Hou Yu who replaced him. After that, he made a great contribution in Stone City and was promoted to a general. The path of promotion was basically the same.

It was just that they were different in the future. He was promoted to the middle guard army because of Xie Xian’s help, while Hou Yu was transferred by Emperor Yong Ping to be the general of the military guards because of his ugliness. In the end, he was sent far away because of Xie Xian.

As the saying goes, waking up a dreamer with a single sentence, Yang Shao returned to the Department of Guards.

Xu Ze, who had once pointed out that the Emperor was not happy to see Yang Shao and Xie Xian’s good relationship, shook his head repeatedly when he heard the doubts in Yang Shao’s heart.

“Don’t just shake your head. Is Xie Xuanhui pointing at me?”

Xu Ze sighed.” In my opinion, Hou Yu was demoted five levels in a row. It might not be Xie Pushe’s intention.” At least, the Emperor also had this intention. Otherwise, the Emperor would not demote the General of the Martial Guards that the Emperor had personally appointed just because of a single sentence from Xie Pushe.”

“The chaos in the harem lies with the heir. And when the Emperor was attacked, it was likely that the Emperor was suspicious of the princes.” “General is from Jiangxia wangfu. General Wu Wei is also from Jiangxia wangfu…”

“How could the Emperor allow Jiang Xia Prince to reign supreme?” Yang Shao understood, so no matter what Xie Xian did, at least the Emperor would be happy to see Hou Yu demoted, or perhaps the Emperor was the one leading it?

It felt like he had opened the door to a new world.

Emperor Yong Ping was only fifteen years old, yet he was already so scheming? However, Xu Ze obviously did not intend to stop there. Instead, he took the opportunity to persuade him, Xie Pushe wasn’t as straightforward as the general, his thoughts were treacherous and fickle, and there was no lack of high ranking officials from aristocratic families who died in his hands.”

Yang Shao,”Don’t think that I didn’t hear you calling me stupid.”

Of course, it depended on who he was competing with. He admitted that he couldn’t compete with Xie Xian.

It seemed that he had miscalculated this time.

“As expected, it’s me… I was too careless.” He bowed to the ground and gave him a very polite greeting.”!’!! have to trouble you to give me more pointers in the future.”

Xu Ze smiled bitterly. This wasn’t the first time Yang Shao had said this, but every time, he would ask him after acting impulsively.

On the bright side, at least she knew to ask for his opinion.

“This lowly one dares to disobey? It is only after death that I become the general’s servant.”He returned the bow.

In fact, just as Yang Shao’s long history had predicted, although it was not right, it was not far away. Xie Xian’s suggestion was in line with Emperor Yong Ping’s thoughts. The two of them hit it off.

If Emperor Yong Ping was previously said to be open-minded and thirsty for talents, this time, he had drowned this open-minded mind. At least half of it was closed.

He couldn’t help but think too much. It wasn’t easy for him to survive under the plebeian Wang family and the deposed Crown Prince. He even ascended to the throne. In less than two days, someone had attacked the heir. The matter of the heir hadn’t even passed, and he had drowned in the lake again.

Make him believe that this wasn’t an accident?

Are you kidding me?

Emperor Yong Ping did not believe the results of Xie Xian’s investigation. Just as Xie Xian had said before, if someone wanted to do something bad, they would have prepared a backup plan. How could he find any clues?

It would be even more problematic if he couldn’t find out.

Hou Yu was the one who investigated the matter, and Xie Xian was the one who raised the sea cucumber. This Hou Yu was also from the Jiangxia Prince’s Mansion. Of course, Yang Shao was also from the Jiangxia Prince’s Mansion, but Yang Shao was different. If he had not risked his life in the crippled Wang family to escape the palace and report to Xie Xian, none of these would have existed in the future, and he would not have ascended the throne.

Emperor Yong Ping believed Xie Xian’s excuse to cover up for Xiao Baoxin.

In his eyes, Yang Shao was a person with monstrous achievements.

How could such a person collude with Jiang Xia King? If he was Jiang Xia King’s man, he would not have sided with him back then. There was no need to. He could just kill the deposed Crown Prince and Jiang Xia King could ascend the throne himself.

Therefore, the one Emperor Yong Ping couldn’t tolerate was Hou Yu.

If Xie Xian didn’t send him to a remote village to be a county head, he would have wanted to find a reason to punish Hou Yu and exile him far away. It could be said that Xie Xian’s timely decision was exactly what Emperor Yong Ping wanted.

Furthermore, because they were both victims, Emperor Yong Ping treated Empress Xiao more gently and considerately than before. This really made the relationship between the Emperor and Empress take a step forward, but they also had more to say.

In fact, he could only tell Empress Xiao.

It’s not good to tell a few suspects that Zhen not only suspects that one of your family members attacked the Empress, but also suspects that some prince wanted to attack Zhen, right?

It felt too cowardly.

The emperor also cared about his face, alright?

What was the truth?

It was not important. Emperor Yong Ping believed that someone had deliberately assassinated the emperor and plotted to usurp the throne.

Xie Xian did not think much of this. Whether it was the evidence or the Xie family’s private investigation, it was really an accident. However, because the protagonist was Emperor Yong Ping, he was covered with a layer of conspiracy.

Since Emperor Yong Ping did not believe him no matter how he explained, then let him be.

Xie Xian did not revolve around Emperor Yong Ping all day.. He had many official matters to attend to, such as government affairs, such as Xiao Baoxin…

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