My Ferocious Tigress Wife - C.607 - : Killing the Chicken as an example to the Monkeys

My Ferocious Tigress Wife

C.607 - : Killing the Chicken as an example to the Monkeys

Chapter 607: Killing the Chicken as an example to the Monkeys

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The Qi family’s matriarch was Chen Jun’s Xie family, Xie Xian’s aunt who lived next door. She was a very warm-hearted person.

Minister Qi had been in the Ministry of Rites for many years and was a person who indulged in pleasure and had no ambition. He had merely relied on his identity as a member of an aristocratic family to obtain a noble position and had been mingling around for so many years.

It was precisely because the Qi family had such a temperament that they had always been invincible in the bloody power struggle over the years.

They all wanted to take in the disciples for their own use, but they couldn’t stop others from joining in.

Although he had always been able to pass, he was always in an invincible position.

The only thing that could be deceiving was Minister Qi’s serious, square face. He had thick eyebrows and thin eyes. He looked serious and stubborn. Only Madam Qi knew about this. Her husband’s eyesight was not very good. In order not to show his cowardice, he always had a dark face and narrowed his eyes. In the end, the more he narrowed his eyes, the more shrewd and shrewd he looked.

In fact, he was someone who could lie down or sit.

People lived for comfort.

Everyone said that Madam Xie was passionate, but she had to be passionate. She had to find a place to vent her anger. Minister Qi only had four concubines. It couldn’t be helped, as Daliang had a rule. They were already the best match for the position of minister. The number of concubines could not be counted on one hand. He had eight sons and nine daughters. He was a man who could easily take on the Xi family’s fertility alone.

Minister Qi was either in the concubine’s room or on his way to the concubine’s room. How could he have the time to calculate these things?

According to what Madam Xie said, Minister Qi did not even remember how old his eldest son was, so how could he remember his daughter-in-law?

How could Xie Xian have the heart to doubt such a person whose brain was full of fat and whose thoughts had been contaminated?

However, Emperor Yong Ping could also hear the voice.

He did not see through Minister Qi’s true colors. He only knew that the mistress of the Qi family was from the Xie family, Xie Xian’s aunt.

No matter how selfless Xie Xian was, he wouldn’t report his aunt, even if it wouldn’t implicate the Xie family. There was still some affection when they met, let alone when they were cousins.

Speaking of cousins, although the He family was his cousin, his cousin was also well-behaved, cute, gentle, and pleasant…He didn’t even dare to think about what he should do if the He family really did it.

Emperor Yong Ping was frustrated, but he thought about it and felt that it was not the case.

Now, the He family only relied on him as the emperor. If they attacked him, what was their goal?

Which high-ranking official could treat the He family better than him, the emperor?

He must have been thinking too much.

Emperor Yong Ping was conflicted and simply handed the investigation to Xie Xian.

Xie Xian,”Don’t you think that you’re not in a position to do so?”

She didn’t believe him, and she suspected that she was murdered and wanted him to investigate.

There was really a hole in his brain.

What could Xie Xian say? He should just receive the imperial edict and leave the palace. Yes, he still had to thank the Emperor for helping him find the murderer.

Everything was within his expectations. He found nothing. There was nothing wrong with the deck, and there was nothing wrong with the fishing rod. The royal guards who followed him did not approach the emperor and were chased ten feet away. It was difficult to find anything wrong. Even Consort He Qiniang, who had followed the Emperor out of the palace in the form of a eunuch, had an impeccable performance.

According to Xie Xian’s thoughts, it should be an accident.

No one would make a move. It would only be the royal families like Prince Huaiyang and Prince Jiangxia. The aristocratic families would not make a move on Emperor Yong Ping at this time.

Since ancient times, there was a saying that money moved people’s hearts. Only benefits could move people. The He family would not make a move on Emperor Yong Ping no matter what. No matter which government was in power, Emperor Yong Ping would not be beneficial to the He family.

Of course, it was another matter if he had a concubine.

However, unexpectedly, after General Hou Yu found out that he had investigated in private, he was very angry and even submitted a memorial asking for punishment. What he was saying was that the Xie family was targeting him because he had once asked the Xie family to marry Xie Shan. This was a blatant suppression.

He didn’t think that the Emperor was suspicious of him doing things inappropriately, but that Xie Xian was picking on him and Yang Shao.

Shen Xie Xian, who was holding back.

Xie Xian looked at him. Hehe, if a tiger doesn’t show its might, you’re treating me like a sick cat. Did he care about the fact that he had no foundation, no foundation, and most importantly, was a brainless little general?

Did he really think that he, Xie Xian, was easy to bully?

He could use it as a sacrifice to warn the others.

Xie Xian didn’t know if it was because his appearance was too deceiving. He didn’t show his claws every now and then, and there were always people who treated him as a soft persimmon to pinch. He was also very frustrated, alright?

He casually found a crime of disrespect and exiled Hou Yu to Gongcheng County, which was under the jurisdiction of Guizhou Province. He was an eighth-grade county magistrate with less than 10,000 people under his jurisdiction, which was one grade lower than the county magistrate.

Within three days, Hou Yu packed his bags and took up his post.

Yang Shao was shocked. Regardless of whether it was personal or official, he was Hou Yu’s superior. Xie Xian didn’t even inform him. The only reason he knew was because Hou Yu was indignant and came to him.

After all, he was a Rank-4 general, yet he was demoted just like that?

” Hou Yu was just impulsive. He has always been loyal to the Emperor…”

On a rainy day, Yang Shao blocked Xie Xian outside Taiji Palace. Xie Xian had a cool breeze holding an oil-paper umbrella by his side. Although the rain was not heavy, he was wearing a thick straw raincoat.

On the other hand, Yang Shao was much more casual. He only wore a cloak, and his face was covered in rain.

Before he could finish, Xie Xian interrupted him,”Brother Yang, why don’t we leave the palace and sit in the carriage?”

Yang Shao suppressed his anger.”

Xie Xian said lightly. Since Yang Shao didn’t want to be polite with him, he didn’t need to show his grace.

“Yang Hujun should know that this matter was ordered by the emperor to be investigated. However, Hou Yu repeatedly stopped him and even spread rumors to slander me. He made up nothing in the memorial and stirred up trouble. To put it in a small way, he had ulterior motives. To put it in a big way, he was deceiving the emperor. Even so, did Yang Hujun still say that Hou Yu was loyal and devoted to the Emperor and the Imperial Court?”

What a big hat!

If Yang Shao dared to say yes, he was sure that Xie Xian would immediately put the blame on him.

“But there’s no need to do this. You’ve been demoted five levels in a row.”Yang Shao suppressed his anger,”He was born in a poor family…”

Xie Xian waved his hand.” Yang Hujun’s words are wrong. Could it be that Yang Hujun wasn’t born into a poor family? Xiao Sikong wasn’t born in the Cold Sect? This is not a reason not to demote him.” He laughed.” In the aristocratic families, are there not many people who have been dismissed from their posts?”

These words made the back of Yang Shao’s neck tremble. A small cold wind blew up, and the hair on his entire body stood up.

Xie Xian wasn’t talking nonsense with him. Most of those aristocratic families who were dismissed from their official positions were directly or indirectly related to Xie Xian.

Xie Xian was right.

He really didn’t care whether it was a Humble Class or an Aristocratic Family. He attacked indiscriminately and treated everyone equally.

Only now did Yang Shao discover that Xie Xian was actually so domineering, already not concealing his sharpness in the slightest..

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