My Ferocious Tigress Wife - C.604 - -Not Soaked in the Pot

My Ferocious Tigress Wife

C.604 - -Not Soaked in the Pot

Chapter 604: Chapter 604-Not Soaked in the Pot

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Back then, the deposed Crown Prince had threatened and enticed him to attack Xie Xian, but he had always remembered his kinship and would rather sprain his ankle and pretend to be crippled to be abandoned by the deposed Crown Prince.

Seeing that the Xie family had risen without his share, how could he not feel sad behind his back? However, thinking about it, he still kept his bottom line. He was proud and proud. At least he didn’t lose his character because of benefits.

It wasn’t that he was incapable, it was just that his background was not good enough. His character was too good, and he couldn’t bear to kill his own flesh and blood.

But now, he was told that everything was under his control?

Are you playing, dear?

“You, you planted a spy beside me?!”Second Master Xie was exasperated.

Before Xie Xian could deny it, he denied it himself. That matter was too secretive, and he was also afraid that someone with ulterior motives would talk about it. He did not even reveal half a word to the person beside him, and the reason why Xie Xian knew was ambiguous.

” You, you, you…” Second Master Xie gasped. This nephew of his was too daring. “You actually planted spies beside the Crown Prince!”

One had to know that the Xie Xian of the past was not the Xie Xian of the present. He had only stepped on the shoulders of the deposed Crown Prince to be promoted to a casual rider. He had just gained a firm foothold in the court, but he actually dared to play tricks around the future Crown Prince of the country.

The deposed Crown Prince was forced to the point of no return. If he wanted to attack Xie Xian, the Xie family’s Shu son beside him, Xie Xian’s Shu uncle, was the first choice.

This kind of insane proposal naturally would not be brought up in broad daylight, in front of everyone. That was a gathering of only a few of the Crown Prince’s confidants. One could imagine what kind of identity Xie Xian’s informant had to be able to participate in it.

Other than being shocked by Xie Xian’s scheming methods, Second Master Xie was covered in a layer of white sweat. He was secretly glad that he really did not plan to make a move on Xie Xian back then. Otherwise, he would have had a plan. His trump card was Men Qing ‘er.

I’m convinced!

“Second Uncle cares about family ties, and so do I.”Xie Xian smiled as he raised his teacup and took a sip.

Now that things had come to this, Second Master Xie had no more objections.

I won’t interfere. Anyway, I can’t escape from the scheme.

In the past, he could still insert people under the heavy protection of the Langya Wang family. Now, he could also do the same by Emperor Yong Ping’s side.

It was better for him not to talk too much. Anyway, Xie Xian already had plans for Xie Jiu.

“Then I’ll listen to you.” Second Master Xie sighed deeply. He looked at Xie Xian and could not help but feel tears welling up in his eyes. “Eldest Brother should be gratified, Xuanhui…The student surpasses the master.”

As for himself, he couldn’t even catch up to his eldest brother. He couldn’t compare to Xie Xian, who was better than Lan.

He was already forty years old, he should have gotten over it. His birth could not be changed in his lifetime. What was the use of him being entangled for half a lifetime?

Just like Xi San, who he used to talk to, wasn’t he a bastard son? He also had a good future. Of course, there was Xi San’s talent in this, but it was more due to the right time and place, as well as the right people. Otherwise, if he had ambitions, it would be useless.

If he wanted to complain, he could only complain that the heavens did not give him anything and he was born at the wrong time.

Without saying anything else, she shook her head and left.

Xie Xian sat at the back and drank half of his tea. His eyes darkened.

The reason was dignified and righteous, but only Xie Xian knew in his heart that he could completely recommend Xie Qing. With his protection, she would rise to the top.

But he didn’t want to.

It was not that he was jealous of him. In fact, after having Xiao Baoxin, there was no one in the world that was worthy of his jealousy. Having her made him happier than having the entire world.

Even when he saw Xie Jiu’s unrestrained joy when he was young, it was like a wisp of smoke blowing past. No matter how envious, jealous, or hateful he was, it would eventually dissipate without a trace.

When Xie Qing returned to Jiankang, Xie Xian had already sent his trusted men out to investigate Xie Qing’s whereabouts over the past year. However, due to the frequent wars in the past year, it was inconvenient to communicate with each other. Dead people were commonplace. In the end, it could be said that they could not find out what Xie Qing had done or where she had been.

Xie Qing had brought back a manservant who had drunk too much and drowned in the Qinhuai River. Xie Xian had no evidence to prove that this had anything to do with the overall situation, but he could not feel at ease.

He didn’t want to get involved in Xie Qing’s matter.

If the Emperor wanted to use it, he would let him promote it himself. In the future, if something happened, it would prevent others from using Xie Qing to attack him.

After leisurely drinking the tea, Xiao Baoxin came over.

The four maids guarded the cabin door, making it a quiet place.

“What took you so long?” Xie Xian smiled and waved at her, gesturing for her to sit beside him. “Second Shen is holding you back?”

Xiao Baoxin heaved a sigh of relief.

“Poor parents.” For the sake of her son, she could really put down her pride. No matter what she said in her heart, she had given her enough face. Even Madam Xie could not stand it anymore and spoke up for Xie Jiu.

In the end, Xie Jiu couldn’t listen anymore and ran to the stern.

Fortunately, the boat was big enough. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many places to hide.

“It’s rare for you to come out to play. Don’t pay attention to those mundane things. As long as the elders say something, you have to agree first. Leave the rest to me.”Xie Xian poured a cup of tea for Xiao Baoxin.

“This is our first time on a boat.”He sighed.

Xiao Baoxin replied,”Previously, either you or I was busy.”

He was busy with the affairs of the court, she was busy giving birth to a child.

Xie Xian nodded his head. Ever since they got married, there had been no peace in the external affairs or the internal affairs of the Xie Residence. They had no time to play. Xiao Baoxin was visibly thinner than before, even though his complexion was still very, very good.

He still felt uncomfortable.

She always felt that only those who were raised to be round and smooth would be blessed.

“A pig?”


Xiao Baoxin gritted his teeth. He had been working himself to death, practicing for two hours a day, and applying countless amounts of ointment on his body just to maintain his exquisite figure. How could he turn her into a refugee?

She was quite fierce. Was there really a refugee like her?

“Still moist… Am I not moist now?” she said angrily.

” No.” Xie Xian’s ear hurt, and he grimaced.”Don’t, don’t, don’t pinch me. It hurts, Nora.”

He was wrong. His mistake was that he shouldn’t have ‘thought’ about it.

If other people wanted to, then they could think about it. What was the difference between him wanting it and saying it out loud??

“-we’re going fishing? When I was young, my father taught me how to fish. It was very interesting.”Xie Xian was pulled by the ear and ordered outside,”Tell the boatman to stop the boat and bring the fishing rod over.”

With lingering fear, Second Master Xie and Madam Cai looked into the cabin.

The entrance of the cabin was covered with a thin layer of white gauze, and one could see the bottom at a glance.

Then, Second Master Xie was stunned. He felt that the Xie Xian who was baring his teeth now was not the same person as the Xie Xian who had scared him so much that he was covered in sweat and had everything under control.

Did he see a ghost, or was Xie Xian possessed by a ghost? How could he be so sharp?

“What are you talking about?” “How can the Emperor put Jiulang in such an important position?” asked Lady Cai.”

Second Master Xie:” Children and grandchildren have their own blessings. I don’t care about that.” If he has the ability, he can use it himself. It’s enough for us to take good care of Little Thirteen and Little Thirteen. Jiu Lang, do whatever you want.”

Madam Xie, who was listening to the wall, said,” As expected, she didn’t care about the big one anymore. She didn’t even care about the big one’s future. To think that Madam Cai had praised Xiao Baoxin so much that even her own mother felt guilty..

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