My Ferocious Tigress Wife - C.603 - : Who Are You Scaring?

My Ferocious Tigress Wife

C.603 - : Who Are You Scaring?

Chapter 603: Who Are You Scaring?

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Xie Xian facepalmed. This was already a rare display of his emotions in front of outsiders. Second Master Xie’s heart tightened when he saw this. Was Xie Xian so unwilling to help the second household?

“Second Uncle, Second Aunt, don’t misunderstand. I don’t mean anything else.”

Xie Xian said everything to the end first, lest Madam Cai became confused and said everything without opening the door.

“Second Uncle…Shall we talk inside?”

Lady Cai was taken aback. She looked at Second Master Xie, wondering if he agreed or refused.

He couldn’t see through it.

However, Xie Xian had made it clear that their second branch was courteous to others and had a request. As a woman, even if she was an elder, it was not good for her to pester them.

“Then you guys chat.” He turned around and ran to Mother Xie’s side. Xiao Baoxin was still there, and he was a straightforward person. If he couldn’t get any information from Xie Xian, perhaps Xiao Baoxin would be able to say a word or two.

In Madam Cai’s eyes, Xiao Baoxin was decisive and swift, but he wasn’t as calculative as Xie Xian. He was open and aboveboard, never hiding anything. This was the positive side.

If there was a negative side to it, it would be that he was sometimes arrogant and despotic, and would not listen to advice.

Yes, and also holding grudges.

He had always remembered the small grudges he had with the Fourth and Fifth Maidens. Even though the Second household had openly and secretly given in, Xiao Baoxin was not very close to them. Not to mention that he could not compare to Xie Wan’s proper sister-in-law, he even treated Twelfth Maidens Wang better than the Fourth and Fifth Maidens.

Of course, he couldn’t blame her for this. After all, his daughter had been a troublemaker.

When would her son be able to stand up? At least her family had an elder brother who was from the same mother to support her.

This was also the reason why Madam Cai was so anxious to find a job for Xie Jiu. She was really afraid that he might go out and wander around again one day or be seduced by a vixen raised outside the house.

His body had grown fatter, and he felt a sense of crisis.

Second Master Xie was once on the side of the deposed Crown Prince, so this was probably the extent of his achievements. There was really no one in between. Even if it wasn’t for herself, her married daughter and her newly born son needed someone to take care of them.

No matter how capable Xie Xian was, he was also looking at the big picture. It was impossible for him to take into account all aspects of the second household. No matter how capable he was, he was not as capable as his son. He was also loyal to his son.

“Baoxin, come.” Madam Cai warmly waved at Xiao Baoxin.

Madam Yuan, who was hugging Xie Yan, glanced at him indifferently, pretending not to see him.

Mother Xie: Listen to the piano, don’t pretend to see.

“Second Uncle, do you want me to arrange a job for Jiulang and make no progress, or do you want him to wait for his own opportunity to rise up?”

The uncle and nephew entered the cabin. After the maids were sent out, Xie Xian sat behind the table and went straight to the point.

Second Master Xie frowned. He felt that there was a hidden meaning behind these words.

“You, what do you mean?”

Xie Xian lowered his eyes and did not hide the smile on his lips at all.”I thought Jiulang had already communicated with Second Uncle. Recently, he had been playing very well with the Eighth Prince of the He family, the Eighteenth Prince of the Xi family, and the Seventh Prince of the Cai family.”

Two years ago, these people might not have been heard of by everyone.

But now, although these few were only the young men of the aristocratic families, no one dared to underestimate them. They were all Emperor Yong Ping’s trusted aides. Two of them had entered the province as the assistant minister of the Yellow Family. The remaining two were still too young, so they had the position of general and secretary. Everyone knew that as long as these few did not court death and commit crimes, they would have a good future in the future.

Second Master Xie was always at home, but Xie Jiu saw Tian ‘er running outside. He thought that Xie Jiu was mesmerized by the big-bellied vixen he kept outside, so he kept talking about Xie Jiu.

The father and son did not spend much time sitting together, and most of it was used by Second Master Xie to preach. He had never even heard of what Xie Xian said about Emperor Yong Ping’s trusted aide.

“You also know, Second Uncle…I don’t have as much energy as your third uncle to socialize outside. He spends most of his time studying and drawing in the residence. He really doesn’t know much about what’s going on outside.” “Jiulang, I’m older. I didn’t say anything.”Second Master Xie laughed at himself. “Your second aunt and I were so anxious that we jumped up and down, but he didn’t miss a single word.”

Xie Xian:” No wonder Jiulang didn’t tell Second Uncle and Second Aunt. After all, it hasn’t been confirmed yet.”””The Emperor has mentioned Jiulang twice, but I didn’t say anything.””

“Second Uncle, there are some things that I can’t say to Third Uncle, but Second Uncle is a sensible person. He should know the current situation of the Xie family. Outsiders look at the fresh flowers and brocade clusters, but in reality, the fire is burning, the oil is already on the shelf, the high place, the slightest carelessness will be pulled down by the people.”

” I can arrange for Jiu Lang’s errand.” Xie Xian was very frank and did not shirk his responsibilities at all. His eyes that were as bright as the stars looked straight at Second Master Xie.”But with the emperor’s guard against me, I’m afraid that my position won’t be promoted for a long time.”

“On the contrary, because of the grudge between Jiulang and the Cai and Xi families, it indirectly caused Baoxin to give birth prematurely.”

“Jiulang is talented. Cai Qi and the others have always regarded him as a close friend and worshipped him. If they and the emperor recommend him, the effect will definitely be better than me.”

“I’ll hand over my trump card to Second Uncle. Second Uncle, consider what to do and I’ll do as you say.”

It was a mess of magnanimity, but it was also terrifyingly sharp.

He had calculated everything. Second Uncle Xie could clearly see Xie Xian’s intentions, but he could only follow his script.

After all, Xie Xian was not scheming against him, nor was he scheming against Jiu Lang. He was scheming to maximize the benefits.

The Emperor’s concerns and frequent small actions coincided with Xie Xian’s words. Emperor Yong Ping did not want to let the Xie family grow. If Xie Xian was the one who wanted to mess with Jiulang, the Emperor would not forbid it, but just as Xie Xian said, it was just that. It was definitely not as good as being promoted by the Emperor himself, and it was easier to use him. Moreover, he was one of the Xie Clan’s own people. He gave Xie Xian enough face, but privately took Xie Jiu for his own use.

Second Master Xie was born as a concubine, and he knew very well the mentality of wanting to be recognized and appreciated by others. If everything went according to Xie Xian’s script, Xie Jiu’s future was indeed limitless, and he could be used to restrain Xie Xian.

Xie Xian’s arrangements were clear, but Second Master Xie broke out in cold sweat as he listened.

When his elder brother was in his twenties, he was also outstanding and highly regarded, but he was not as sharp and shrewd. Listening to his analysis, he had actually calculated all aspects.

Why was her mind so deep?

“Second Uncle.” Xie Xian slowly picked up the slightly warm teacup and personally poured a cup for Second Master Xie.”Back then, you didn’t act according to the deposed Crown Prince’s wishes and attacked Xian. Because of this, the deposed Crown Prince abandoned you. Xian has always kept it in his heart and remembered it in his heart.”

What was this?

Who are you showing your sword to?

Who are you trying to scare?

Second Master Xie had to admit that he was shocked!

His eyes widened. He didn’t expect that his so-called self-sacrifice would be seen by the person involved. How could he break it without being touched at all? He felt that it was a little strange.

He was completely stunned..

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