I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night! - C.1071 - :1 Want to Give You The Best in the World

I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

C.1071 - :1 Want to Give You The Best in the World

Chapter 1071:1 Want to Give You The Best in the World

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After the baby was full, he fell asleep in a few minutes. Wen Lan immediately took it, afraid that she would tire Shi Qian.

Shi Qian’s gaze followed the baby, as if she couldn’t get enough of him. It was really difficult to take her eyes off the baby.

Wen Lan placed the baby on the small bed and pushed it to Shi Qian’s bed.

This way, Shi Qian could see the baby closer.

“Qian Qian, I’ve prepared some food. Let’s eat something first.” Wen Lan opened the lunch box on the table and prepared to take the small table.

“Mom, I don’t want to sit on the bed and eat. Besides, I want to come down and move around,” Shi Qian said quickly.

“That works too. Get out of bed early and move around. You’ll recover faster.” Wen Lan put down the lunch box in her hand and went to help Shi Qian.

Shi Qian had no wounds on her body and had slept well. She had almost recovered.

She went to the bathroom to wash up and came to the dining table.

Wen Lan had already laid out the dishes. There were three dishes and a soup for the nutritious confinement meal. There was much more food than usual.

“Mom, why are you here alone?”

“I want to personally to take care of you and the baby. That way, I can feel more at ease.”

“How hard that must be.”

“What’s so hard about that? I don’t have to cook. I’ll just be with you and the baby. Besides, it’s only for the next few days at the hospital. There’s a little less manpower. Once we go back and there’s so many people taking care of me, I won’t have such a good opportunity.”

Shi Qian was touched. “Thank you, Mom.”

“Silly child, why are you thanking me? Hurry up and eat,” Wen Lan urged softly.

Shi Qian did not expect herself to eat so much. She finished all the food. As soon as she finished eating, Old Master came with a lot of fruits and some specially made snacks.

Shi Qian looked at the table full of food and felt like a little pig.

“Where’s the baby? Let me see.” As soon as the Old Master put down his things, he urgently walked towards the baby’s small bed. “Oh, he’s asleep. He slept so soundly.”

“He fell asleep after eating.” Wen Lan came to Old Master’s side and the two of them looked at the baby.

Shi Qian sat on the sofa and picked up her phone. She realized that there were a few unread messages.

Xiao Yan: [Qian Qian, congratulations. You’re weak after giving birth. You must rest well. When you’re discharged from the hospital, I’ll go to Sea City to see you.]

Shi Qian quickly replied: [Thank you, Sister Yan. I feel like I’ve been revived!]

Then there was another message from Gu Xi.

[Qian Qian, congratulations on obtaining a fat boy. Tuan Tuan has already fainted from crying in the toilet. Hahaha, rest well and recover after giving birth. I’ll teach you more when I reach Sea City.]

Shi Qian replied: [Okay, I’ll wait for you.]

Shi Qian was recovering well. She was discharged after only three days.

The car had just driven through the second gate of the villa when the scene on both sides of the road stunned Shi Qian.

There were all kinds of balloon decorations on both sides. In the air, there was a hot air balloon carrying a little rabbit. The baby was born in the year of the rabbit!

The little rabbit was holding a sign with three words on it: Fu Shiyan.

This was the name the Old Master had thought about for months.

“Shiyan, let’s go home! Great-grandpa prepared this for you. Do you like it?” The Old Master turned around and looked at the baby in Shi Qian’s arms.

“Grandpa, this is too grand.” Shi Qian looked at the balloons floating outside. She liked them too.

“Of course it has to be grand. Look.” The Old Master pointed out of the car window, indicating for Shi Qian to look in that direction..

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