I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night! - C.1068 - : Don’t Let Your Child Take the Same Path When You Were Young

I Woke My Vegetative Husband up at Our Wedding Night!

C.1068 - : Don’t Let Your Child Take the Same Path When You Were Young

Chapter 1068: Don’t Let Your Child Take the Same Path When You Were Young

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“Grandpa! I think… my water broke…” Shi Qian was panting as she spoke. She didn’t dare breathe loudly, as if she could hold her water back if she held her breath.

The Old Master immediately became nervous. “Wen Lan! Quick, Qian Qian’s water broke!”

Wen Lan heard the commotion and immediately ran out of the room.

“Lie down and don’t move! Call a doctor!”

When Shi Qian was pushed into the hospital’s delivery room, Fu Sinian had just arrived at the airport.

Bai Jianshen and Jiang Feng were already waiting for him here.

“Young Master Fu!” Jiang Feng called out when he saw Fu Sinian.

“Yes,” Fu Sinian replied with a nod and walked up the steps.

Suddenly, his phone rang.

He answered and called out, “Mom.”

“Sinian, Qian Qian’s water broke. She just entered the delivery room.”

“What?” Fu Sinian was extremely excited. “Mom, how’s the situation? Is Qian Qian okay? How is she now?”

“Don’t worry. Qian Qian is fine. The doctor just told me that the child is developing very well. Even if it’s two weeks early, you don’t have to worry because the amniotic fluid broke first. Let’s see what happens after that. If she can’t give birth naturally, she’ll be transferred to get a C-section immediately.”

“Sinian, Mom called you mainly to tell you that you’re about to be a father too. You understand what it’s like to lose a father when you’re young. Don’t let your child suffer the pain of your childhood again.”

Fu Sinian took a deep breath. His eyes were a little moist, and his throat felt hard.

“I understand,” he replied in a choked voice.

“Okay, Mom won’t disturb you anymore. Call Mom if it’s convenient.”

“Okay.” Fu Sinian nodded.

“I’m hanging up.” Wen Lan hung up, wiped the tears from her cheeks, and walked towards the delivery room.

Shi Qian already felt the pain before because she usually had contractions. This time, she didn’t feel any pain and could still take it.

“Qian Qian, how do you feel? Does it hurt?” Wen Lan asked with concern.

“Fortunately, it doesn’t hurt as I imagined.” Shi Qian even smiled relaxedly.

Wen Lan touched Shi Qian’s forehead lovingly. “Don’t be afraid. Mom will accompany you.”

“Mom, I’m not afraid at all. Haven’t I already taken painkillers? This era is much better than your era.”

“No matter what era it is, women always have to suffer.” Wen Lan really treated Shi Qian as her biological daughter. Other than her heart aching, she was worried.

Shi Qian was not so pretentious herself.

All she could feel now was excitement and anticipation.

A small life that belonged to her was about to descend!

She still didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl.

If her water hadn’t broken first, she might still be in the dark.

“Qian Qian, are you hungry? Mom prepared something for you. You have to eat more so that you can have strength. It’s very strenuous when you give birth.”

“I’m not hungry yet.” Shi Qian shook her head.

“Okay, then tell me immediately what you want to eat.”


Shi Qian touched her stomach. “Baby, are you anxious to meet Mom too? Mom is looking forward to seeing you too.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she felt her stomach harden again, and then pain hit her.

It was as if the interval between labor pains was getting tighter.

The doctor came over for a checkup and said with a smile, “This is a considerate baby. He can’t bear to torture Mommy. The uterus is already open. Mommy will be able to see the baby soon.”

Shi Qian and Wen Lan heaved a sigh of relief..

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