I Practice Farming While the Rest Cultivates - C.172 - 170: Third-grade Poison Shuttle

I Practice Farming While the Rest Cultivates

C.172 - 170: Third-grade Poison Shuttle

Chapter 172: Chapter 170: Third-grade Poison Shuttle


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After a moment, the gentle lady cultivator closed her report, a satisfied expression on her face.

“Disciple Lu has worked very hard during this time, not only has he taken excellent care of the variant Burning Yuan Wood, but he has also conducted various small tests to distinguish different Burning Yuan Wood during the growth stage.”

“According to the records, those Burning Yuan Wood that have improved in quality, promoted or presented beneficial changes have an obvious difference from the other plants.”

“As for those variant Burning Yuan Wood that grow more slowly, we can conclude that their improvement was unsuccessful; their value is not even as high as ordinary Burning Yuan Wood. It’s better to give up on them altogether to save some cultivation effort.”

“Indeed, it is as you said, Teacher Uncle.”

The gentle lady cultivator’s mouth curved slightly in a smile as she heard his words, the light in her eyes dancing.

“Disciple Lu, you did a great job in the early stages of care, and you have presented me with that clear and simple report. How about this, what kind of reward would you like?”

“Of course, it would be the method to improve spiritual seeds.”

Lu Xuan secretly muttered in his heart. If he could improve spiritual seeds, then the method to train the spiritual seeds should naturally be included. However, he was merely speculating. Given that it has been less than a half month since he took the task, the work he had done was limited. He had only taken care of the Burning Yuan Wood and conducted some comparative experiments. He had no right to make such requests to the gentle lady cultivator.

“Teacher Uncle He, I’m usually only interested in spiritual plants, so I hope that you can gift me one or two spiritual seeds.”

“As for the rank of the spiritual seeds, it doesn’t matter. If they are rare types of spiritual seeds, then that would be even better.”

Lu Xuan tentatively asked. Low-rank spiritual seeds could be bought with Spirit Stones or exchanged for Sword Seals from the Agricultural Department Hall. He hoped to acquire spiritual plant species from the gentle lady cultivator that were not available at the Agricultural Department Hall.

“Spiritual seeds, then? Rare types?”

The gentle lady cultivator thoughtfully lowered her head and took out an unusual spiritual seed from her storage bag.

The spiritual seed was about half a foot long, pitch-black in color with a hint of bewitching purple light flashing inside. The middle was thick and the ends thin, like a shuttle.

“This was a spiritual seed I happened to find deep in the Red Miasma Valley. I did not know the specific species. I only determined from the vitality within the spiritual seed that it belongs to a strongly poisonous spiritual plant.” “I do not have experience cultivating this kind of spiritual plant, so I had always kept it in my storage bag. Today, I shall give it to you, Disciple Lu. I hope you can cultivate it well.”

The gentle lady cultivator smiled as she handed the black shuttle-shaped spiritual seed to Lu Xuan.

Usually, for normal care and cultivation of the Burning Yuan Wood, she would reward the Qi Cultivation Disciples with some Spirit Stones or spiritual fruits that she grew herself. She would never reward them with rare spiritual seeds that she had been storing.

However, Lu Xuan’s performance had exceeded her expectations. In a short period, he had distinguished the different states of the variant Burning Yuan Wood, and the format of his comparative records had opened her eyes. She knew that this could save a lot of time and energy when improving the species of the spiritual plant.

“Thank you, Teacher Uncle He.”

Lu Xuan received the black shuttle-shaped spiritual seed with both hands, expressing his joy.

The spiritual seeds that a Foundation Establishment Cultivator has been holding onto would naturally not be bad.

As for rarity? As long as he planted it, the species of the spiritual plant would be as clear as day.

He bid goodbye to the gentle lady cultivator and left, knowing he would need to come back to continue cultivating for a period of time. He would only be done after completely distinguishing the third-rank Burning Yuan Wood and the different species of Burning Yuan Wood, thus completing the task the gentle lady cultivator had assigned to him.

He called for a Spirit Crane to carry him back to his cave dwelling.

He fed the Spirit Crane a Spirit Fruit, causing it to chirp joyfully. As he bid it farewell, it seemed reluctant to part with him.

Lu Xuan entered the courtyard, and immediately, the round body of the Wind Sparrow Fledgling rushed over to him.

“In less than a day, you have gained eight more ounces. How on earth did you manage that?”

Lu Xuan, who had achieved perfect Qi training, immediately noticed the change in the weight of the Wind Sparrow fledgling as soon as it came. He grabbed its light blue wing and presented its round belly in front of him.

“I don’t see anything unusual…”

Lu Xuan felt here and there, but didn’t notice any abnormalities in the Sparrow’s lateral growth.

He let go of its light blue wings, but to his surprise, the sparrow started flapping lightly and circled around Lu Xuan in an inverted posture, exposing its round belly to him and indicating that he should touch it again.

“Go away.”

Lu Xuan slightly gathered his strength and punched the round creature, causing it to fly away.


From a distance, the Cloud Leopard lay on its stomach. Its green eyes watched the proceedings with a neutral look, with a low growl that held a hint of sarcasm.

Lu Xuan walked over, tugged on the two tufts of hair on the tips of the Leopard’s ears, and arrived at the Spirit Field.

He located a blank area in the Spirit Field, moved his spiritual power and caused subtle changes in the spirit soil within this area, quietly creating a thin long crack.

The crack was just the right size to accommodate the dark shuttle-shaped spiritual seed. Lu Xuan then controlled the spirit soil to perfectly envelope the spiritual seed.

His mind converged on the spiritual seed, and a thought flashed through his mind.

[Poison Shuttle Tree, third-grade spirit plant, every part of the plant contains strong poison, posing a great threat to Foundation Establishment cultivators. The fruit contains the strongest poison, followed by the leaves, flowers, and branches. ]

[The mature spirit fruit can be used to assist in cultivating certain poison-attribute cultivation methods, refining certain poison pills, breeding poison-attribute phantom beasts or demon insects. The other parts of the spirit plant can be used to produce poison. ]

[Poison Shuttle Tree will automatically absorb the surrounding murky spiritual power, purify the spiritual environment, various types of poison can promote the growth of the plant. The stronger the poison, the higher the quality of the spirit fruit produced. ]

[I am toxic, I am toxic, I am so toxic, toxic, toxic. ]

Lu Xuan stayed silent in response to the last statement about the immediate state of the spirit plant.

“A third-grade spirit plant that mainly relies on poison is indeed quite rare.” “Nurturing Burning Yuan Wood for such a short period and being rewarded with a third-grade Poison Shuttlewood Spirit Seed is a pleasant surprise.” Lu Xuan was satisfied with this. After some hesitation, he used the Earth Pulling Technique and carefully dug out the dark shuttle-shaped spiritual seed from inside.

The spirit energy within the sect was pure and rich, let alone any evil energy, even murky spiritual power was extremely rare, which was not suitable for the growth of the Poison Shuttle Tree.

He planned to plant it in his small courtyard in Sword Gate Town. Although the spiritual power in Sword Gate Town was better than in Linyang Market, there was still a great difference compared to the sect.

Moreover, the courtyard was home to underworld plants like the Hundred Pupil’s bizarre tree and the Ghost faced stone mushroom, which surprisingly were more suited for the growth of the Poison Shuttle Tree.

Lu Xuan stored the spirit seed properly, walked around the spirit field, checked the growth of each spirit plant and acceded to their demands by applying various formula methods, creating appropriate conditions for them.

In the area where the Spirit Firefly Grass was, a large batch of it had reached full maturity. Lu Xuan checked each one, and finally selected forty-one mature spirit firefly grass plants.

Among them, eleven were of good quality, twenty-four were of superior quality, and the remaining six were of perfect grade.

“The chances of non-grade spirit plants reaching the perfect grade are higher, huh? When I first planted them, I didn’t even take it seriously in Linyang Market. Only when I moved to a better spiritual environment did the chance of perfect spirit plants appear to increase.”

“If only the third and forth tier spirit plants were like this in the spirit field.”

Lu Xuan sighed while gently touching the white light clusters scattered around him..

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