I Practice Farming While the Rest Cultivates - C.171 - 169: Endless Spending, Simply

I Practice Farming While the Rest Cultivates

C.171 - 169: Endless Spending, Simply

Chapter 171: Chapter 169: Endless Spending, Simply


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This was the most likely explanation he could come up with, or there could have been traces of Hidden Scaled Fish in Thousand Dragon Lake all along, or it could have been triggered by human activities.

“There are definitely Hidden Scaled Fish at the bottom of the lake that have not yet parasitized the Flood dragon demon beasts, but I’m only a caretaker here, and I don’t have enough power to solve this problem completely by entering the bottom of the lake.”

“I plan to report this to Foundation Establishment Uncle Master, and let them decide how to handle this issue.”

Huang Yuan said in a somewhat depressed tone.

“That’s the best method.”

Lu Xuan nodded in agreement.

Thousand Dragon Lake is home to a large number of creatures such as the Watery Python Dragon, among which there are third and fourth-grade beings.

Naturally, the bottom of the lake where such creatures live is extraordinary.

Furthermore, Formation separates the entire lake surface, preventing cultivators and flood dragons from invading each other’s territories. Even if one wanted to enter the lake, it wouldn’t be an easy task.

Although Lu Xuan had a deeper understanding of Hidden Scaled Fish, he couldn’t do anything about them in the depths of the lake. Moreover, he didn’t want to get involved.

The two chatted for a while, and then Lu Xuan returned to the edge of the lake, summoned a Spirit Crane, and flew back to his own cave dwelling.

After spending a few affectionate moments with the Wind Sparrow Fledgling and the Cloud Leopard, Lu Xuan eagerly went back inside his house.

After closing the door securely, he took out six or seven cloth bags from his

Storage bag and gathered all the Spirit Stones together.

Then, it was time for the enjoyable task of counting his Spirit Stones.

“I actually have more than five hundred Spirit stones… Quite a bit more than 1 d expected.”

Lu Xuan was filled with joy as he looked at the pile of Spirit Stones piled up like

a small mountain on the table.

During the blood check, if traces of Hidden Scaled Fish were discovered, the Cultivator behind him would tacitly increase Lu Xuan’s examination fee, which led to him receiving significantly more Spirit Stones than the initial price offered to him.

“With over five hundred Spirit Stones, plus the one thousand four hundred or so left from purchasing the demon beast’s eyeballs and Demon Insect eggs, I m back to having two thousand Spirit Stones.”

Lu Xuan once again expressed his gratitude to the cultivators who had him draw blood from the Flood Dragon for the examination fee.

With a wave of his right hand, all the Spirit Stones on the table disappeared in

an instant.

“Next is the Essence Blood of the Flood Dragon.”

Lu Xuan had anticipated this, knowing that there wouldn’t be room for it on the table, so he put it directly on the ground.

More than two hundred bottles and pots, plus a few dozen of his own, amounted to more than three hundred bottles of Flood Dragon Essence Blood! Moreover, considering that the number of Flood Dragon Vines had increased from one to two, he had sneakily added at least half of the quantity as the decision about blood drawing was with him.

It also included the remaining Essence Blood from the mature Flood Dragon Vine.

“It’s too much, I can’t use it all!”

Lu Xuan was secretly delighted.

Preparing the body tempering fluid needed for practicing “Transforming Dragon in the Void” required several materials, which Lu Xuan planned to purchase during his next visit to Sword Gate Town or exchange at the Green Phoebe Minor Meeting.

He went to the Spirit Field and carefully observed the condition of every Spirit Plant in the field, meeting their minutest growth needs based on their conditions.

The part of the Spirit Field Area where the Xuan Insect Vine was planted had already sprouted a new bud after being nurtured by three kinds of Insect Beasts for this period. The grey bud was subtly trembling in the wind.

But there was more going on beneath the Spirit Soil.

The irregular surface of the seed had already formed over a dozen cocoons, each with a different color and form.

The hidden cicada insect eggs, resembling white Spirit Rice, quietly hatched under the stimulation of the Xuan Insect Vine.

Each of the eight hidden cicada larvae lived in their own cocoon.

The larvae were milky white, with wings tightly curled inside their bodies, wriggling slowly within the cocoons.

The cocoons where the two silver thread mantis larvae resided were different from those of the hidden cicada larvae.

The cocoons of the hidden cicada larvae were neatly arranged, slender and white, like eight little white jade coffins perfectly placed side by side.

On the other hand, the cocoons of the silver thread mantis appeared much rougher, crudely built, and one could still glimpse the silhouettes of the silver thread mantis inside.

Sensing the presence of Lu Xuan’s Spiritual Sense, the two silver thread mantises shot out from their cocoons like arrows, moving through the shallow Spirit Soil and appearing on the surface within a split second.

There were several methods for controlling insects recorded in the “Insect Scripture,” which Lu Xuan had some understanding of. Following the methods mentioned in it, he managed to establish some connection with the silver thread mantises through his Spiritual Sense.

Consequently, they would respond to a certain extent when they sensed Lu Xuan getting closer.

As for the remaining first-grade black armored insect eggs, because they had not been placed for a long time, there were no signs of hatching yet. The whole insect egg fused with the surface of the Xuan insect vine, inseparable.

After observing the growth of the fourth grade Xuan insect vine, Lu Xuan toured around various parts of the Spirit Field. Confirming that all the Spirit Plants were growing well, he then proceeded to the mountain where Wenwan, the foundation establishment female cultivator, was located.

He essentially visited daily, taking care of the ordinary and variant Burnt Yuan wood, occasionally conducting tests and recording data.

Therefore, he was quite familiar with the route and easily made his way to the Spirit Field.

Though he was already clear about which variant Burnt Yuan wood failed in transformation, which were indistinguishable from ordinary Burnt Yuan wood, which had entered the different species phase, and which had completely advanced to the third grade.

However, he still had to do what needed to be done diligently and at least not let female cultivator Wenwan see him idling around.

After completing the tests and recording the data, Lu Xuan went to the small building where Wenwan, the female cultivator, resided.

“Uncle Master He, this is the statistical report of the experiments I’ve conducted during this period,” Lu Xuan said.

“I divided them into two groups, the ordinary group and the variant group, each group being in the same conditions ordinarily, and then I performed various different tests such as resistance to heat and cold, and the extent of Spiritual Energy absorption.”

“Among these findings, while the time span is not long, there are still some discoveries to be made. Please, Uncle Master, take a look.”

Lu Xuan reported to Wenwan, the female cultivator, about his experiments for this period.

“Thank you, Disciple Lu, for your hard work,” Wenwan said.

A smile appeared on her face as she opened Lu Xuan’s experimental report. There were two sets of data. Beneath each content, Lu Xuan had estimated a value for each Spirit Plant. These estimates ranged from high to low, and for the ordinary group of Burnt Yuan wood, Lu Xuan had even calculated an average value.

Then, the two sets were compared, and the performance of each variant Burnt Yuan wood was clearly recorded in each test.

Under each content, while the values of the variant Burnt Yuan wood differed greatly, some were much higher than the average value of the ordinary group, some had little difference from the ordinary group, and others were significantly lower than the average value of the ordinary group.

Each of their performances also aligned with Lu Xuan’s previous discoveries. The good ones were either different species Burnt Yuan wood or those that had already experienced breakthrough. The average ones were those that were unsuccessful in their transformation, and the bad ones were the failures of the Burnt Yuan wood that had been modified in the wrong direction.

While Wenwan, the female cultivator, slowly perused the report in hand, her smile deepened with each page.

“I heard from Yao Qing that Disciple Lu has a lot of interesting ideas about the Spiritual Plant Path. Seeing it today, it is indeed true.”

“This experimental report of yours is very interesting, simple, clear, and detailed, and it is worth being carried forward by all outer sect disciples.

The format of Lu Xuan’s report intrigued Wenwan, the female cultivator, and made her feel quite novel..

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