I Practice Farming While the Rest Cultivates - C.161 - 159: The Phantom Smoke Luo Fruit

I Practice Farming While the Rest Cultivates

C.161 - 159: The Phantom Smoke Luo Fruit

Chapter 161: Chapter 159: The Phantom Smoke Luo Fruit

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In the Spirit field, the growth of numerous spirit plants is exceptionally good.

The Ice Luo Fruit, which was planted not long ago, has already sprouted. Its branches and leaves are pale white, and occasionally one can see frigid currents rising from it.

The two Sword Grasses are getting taller and taller, growing in parallel, pointing towards the sky, giving a sense of two sword cultivators practicing swordsmanship and growing together.

Around the Xuan Chong Vine Spirit Seed, eight small cocoons have formed, each housing a Hidden Cicada Insect Egg. Under the stimulation of the spiritual objects secreted by the Xuan Chong Vine, the Hidden Cicada Larvae are about to hatch from their eggs.

Lu Xuan walked to the Sword Nurturing Gourd. He took out a second-hand flying sword from his storage bag. He had previously bought a large number of first-grade second-hand flying swords at a low price in Sword Gate Town.

Although the flying sword is not brand new and has various flaws, Lu Xuan doesn’t mind, as it is used to provide nourishment to the Sword Nurturing Gourd and absorb the Sword Intent. A few flaws will not greatly affect it.

Other spirit plants, such as the Flowing Light Wood and Yin Locust Tree, are also growing normally.

In the Spirit Field, mature spirit plants have begun to burst forth.

At the Copper Bone Bamboo, Lu Xuan carefully examined the last two pieces of Copper Bone Bamboo. They had already reached the fully mature stage.

He took out Slivered Silver Blade. The thin silver blade continuously rotated, slowly cutting the roots of the Red Bamboo.

Before long, the two pieces of Copper Bone Bamboo were separated into two.

Of the two, one was of good quality, and the other was of superior quality.

With his mind focused, information about the Copper Bone Bamboo appeared in his brain.

[Copper Bone Bamboo, Second-Level Spirit Plant, upon maturity, possesses both hardness and toughness. It is an excellent material for forging flying sword artifacts, and can also be used to refine certain special elixirs.]

At the broken bamboo nodes, two white light clusters flickered slightly, attracting Lu Xuan to pick them up.

Lu Xuan gently touched the white light cluster left by the good quality Copper Bone Bamboo.

The light cluster turned into countless points of light and poured into his body.

A thought flashed through his mind.

[Harvested one Second-Level Copper Bone Bamboo, and obtained the Second-Level Magical Artifact, Red Flame Sword.]

Immediately, a red sword appeared in his hand.

The sword was about three feet long, and the blade was red. There were many fiery cloud patterns on the blade.

When his mind focused on the red sword, Lu Xuan instantly understood its detailed information.

[Red Flame Sword, Second-Level Flying Sword, forged from a large amount of Scarlet Flame Stones. The sword body is sturdy, the sword edge is sharp, and it can cause intense burning effects during attacks.]

“Second-Level Flying Sword…”

Lu Xuan held the Red Flame Sword and performed a sword dance.

Fire clouds flowed from the sword, and small red flames erupted, falling to the ground and turning the rocks and soil into charred black.

Lu Xuan put away the Second-Level Red Flame Sword and turned his gaze to the remaining white light cluster.

With a light touch, the light cluster turned into countless points of light and poured into his body.

A thought flashed through his mind.

[Harvested one Second-Level Copper Bone Bamboo, and obtained the Third-Rank Treasure, Gold Marrow Jade Liquid.]

A golden semi-solid liquid appeared in Lu Xuan’s palm.

This was the third drop of Gold Marrow Jade Liquid he had obtained from the white light clusters left by the Copper Bone Bamboo.

Gold Marrow Jade Liquid is extremely precious. It takes a century for a drop to crystallize from the third-grade Spirit Mineral Gold Marrow Jade. After consumption, it can enhance the hardness and toughness of the cultivator’s bones.

He had immediately consumed the first drop, and it was still emitting residual heat in his body, permeating and nourishing every bone in his body.

The remaining two drops were set aside for future use.

Out of the five white light clusters from the five pieces of Copper Bone Bamboo, a total of three drops of third-class Gold Marrow Jade Liquid, one piece of third-grade Scarlet Flame Copper Spirit Mineral, and one second-level Red Flame Sword had been procured, which was pretty satisfactory.

Not to mention, the Copper Bone Bamboo itself is of great value. It’s an excellent material for making artifacts, especially flying swords, and there’s no worry about not being able to sell it at a good price.

“By this point, the only remaining second-level spirit plants in the Spirit Field are the Flowing Light Wood, Yin Locust Tree, and Ice Luo Fruit. The Sword Grass is too special and does not fall into the ordinary second-level spirit plant category.”

Lu Xuan packed up the two Copper Bone Bamboos, thinking to himself.

After the Clear and Wonderful Spirit Tea and Copper Bone Bamboo matured successively, the number of second-level spirit plants in the spirit field gradually decreased.

“If I find a suitable second-level spirit plant, I could try to scale up its cultivation. However, my main focus should still be on third-level spirit plants.”

The rewards for the second-level spirit plants are mainly second and third grade, which are of great use to him currently.

Even if he breaks through to the Foundation Establishment Stage, it will still be of considerable value.

“The Spirit Firefly Grass can be mass-produced to increase cultivation levels. The second-level spirit plants should be of both quantity and quality. The best case is to find the right type. For those of the third level and above, they will triumph through quality.”

Lu Xuan roughly decided on his planting route for the next period and continued to patrol the Spirit Field.

The remaining one hundred and sixty Spirit Firefly Grasses entered the large-scale maturation stage. Lu Xuan inspected each one and picked forty-two fully mature Spirit Firefly Grass.

Of these, eleven were of good quality, twenty-four were of superior quality, and the remaining seven were of perfect grade.

Forty-two white light clusters were scattered everywhere, waiting for Lu Xuan to pick them up.

Lu Xuan looked at the dozens of white light groups that illuminated the ground silver, and a sense of joyful harvest arose in his heart.

After he picked them all up, various thoughts flashed through his mind, and various rewards either appeared in his hand as tangible items or were directly infused into his mind as knowledge and experience.

The forty-two light clusters brought nearly eight years of cultivation, causing the amount of spiritual power in Lu Xuan, who had just broken through to the completion of Qi cultivation, to increase significantly.

“My talent is still too ordinary. Eight years of cultivation growth may only take one or two years to achieve for those cultivators with unique talents.”

Lu Xuan sighed, his heart as calm as an ancient well.

“If the talent isn’t enough, supplement it with Spirit Firefly Grass. Once my cultivation level progresses further, the increase of spiritual power can further expand production and widely sow Spirit Firefly Grass.”

He optimistically thought, and put the forty-two mature Spirit Firefly Grasses inside a white jade long box. Even though it is a non-grade spirit plant, clustering so many together could also be exchanged for over a hundred spirit stones.

“The Phantom Smoke Fruit has matured too!”

Within the thick white smoke, Lu Xuan slowly found the hidden Phantom Smoke Fruit.

With his heart gathered, he was surprised to find that the progress bar under the Phantom Smoke Fruit had quietly filled up.

“As expected of a socially anxious spiritual plant, it matures quietly.”

Lu Xuan sighed and picked the Phantom Smoke Fruit. Suddenly, the smoke surrounding the area abruptly dissipated like the receding tide. A fruit that looked like a wisp of smoke appeared in his hand.

With the spirit fruit in his hand, it felt as if he was holding a constantly changing tuft of smoke, giving a sense of unreality that it might disperse at any moment.

Concentrating his spirit on it, a piece of information flowed into his mind.

[Phantom Smoke Fruit, a third-grade spiritual plant. Consuming it can accelerate the cultivation speed of illusion techniques, and also increase the ranks of low-level formula methods, augmenting their power to varying degrees.]

[It can also be used to feed spirit beasts with related talents, or used to refine some rare elixirs.]

“The first fully matured third-grade spiritual plant, it wasn’t easy.”

Lu Xuan couldn’t help but sigh. It wasn’t until nearly half a year of cultivation in the atmosphere of the rich and pure spiritual energy in the Sky Sword Sect that this Phantom Smoke Fruit had arrived at the fully mature stage.

“A third-level spiritual plant, I wonder what rewards it will bring.”

With anticipation, Lu Xuan looked at the white light cluster left in the spirit soil after the smoke dissipated.

He lightly touched the surface of the light cluster, and instantly, the light cluster dissolved into numerous light points, flowing into his body like a galaxy.

Subsequently, a thought flashed through his mind.

[You have harvested a Phantom Smoke Fruit from a third-grade spiritual plant and received a fourth-grade illusion array named Thousand Illusion Cloud Smoke Array.]

An array plate appeared in Lu Xuan’s hand.

On the array plate, numerous complex and intricate patterns were drawn, and above it, clouds hung upside down, projecting various forms of illusions.

Concentrating his spirit, detailed information about the array plate appeared in his mind.

[Thousand Illusion Cloud Smoke Array, fourth-grade formation, has the functions of illusion, maze, and killing arrays. Once this formation is set up, it has a strong illusion technique ability to confound minds and trap enemies, and can resist the invasion and attack of several late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivators for a long time..]

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