I Have A Cultivation World - C.92 - : Black Feather Shield_l

I Have A Cultivation World

C.92 - : Black Feather Shield_l

Chapter 92: Chapter 92: Black Feather Shield_l

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However, Chen Mobai no longer had the spare attention to focus on others. He concentrated wholeheartedly on the large bird hovering in mid-air,

Zi zi zi!

As dust flew, six earth-yellow flying needles shot out from Chen Mobai’s sleeve, aimed at the fast approaching bird.

Ding ding ding!

A Rank-1 peak demonic beast, the strongest opponent Chen Mobai had faced since he arrived in the Tianhe Realm.

When the six flying needles reached the bird, black feathers stood up on its body, forming a spiritual power shield, deflecting the needles.

[Its wings can unleash wind blades, its mouth can spit wind arrows, the feathers covering its body have been cultivated into a kind of defensive shield. The most likely weak points are its eyes and claws.]

Though Chen Mobai had limited combat experience, he seemed to have a unique natural talent, quickly growing amidst fierce battles.

He tested the power of the wind blades with his Five Elements umbrella, used the flying needles to trigger the Black Feather Shield, already forming data about the bird’s battle capabilities and innate divine ability.

[Let’s test it.]

Chen Mobai watched the black bird with red eyes charge toward him ferociously, spiritual power rotating, he activated two Wooden Shield charms.

The green wooden shield only held up for a moment before it was shattered by the wind blade. But the Five Elements umbrella opened in time, absorbing two weakened wind blades head on, draining a considerable amount of spiritual power.

Although using talisman consumes little spiritual power, he couldn’t sustain it if he used too many.

Up till now, Chen Mobai had thrown out nearly twenty talismans.

And, the Five Elements umbrella, a talisman instrument, consumed more spiritual power than he had anticipated.

No wonder it was so cheap.

Chen Mobai estimated his remaining spiritual power, which was less than 70%. He decided to use the Five Elements umbrella sparingly in the future.

At this moment, the Black Plague Bird charged at him ferociously once again.

Instantly, he threw out a Green Arrow Talisman and a Coiling Talisman, then from his sleeve, four flying needles shot out. With a piercing sound, they accurately targeted the bird’s eyes and claw palms.

A loud cry echoed.

The bird’s black feathers stood upright, a spiritual power shield appeared again, but it closed its eyes, curling up its claws.

All spirit Qi long arrows and flying needles were blocked by the Black Feather spiritual power shield. Only the Coiling Talisman had an effect, restraining the bird with vines that sprang from the cliff rocks. It barely managed to hold for an instant before the bird chopped it into several pieces with its wing.

[As expected, I am correct.]

Chen Mobai was elated at the sight. The Black Plague Bird deliberately avoided its eyes and claw palms from getting attacked.

The weak points of the Black Feather Shield should be these four places.

At this point, another scream echoed in his ears. It seemed that another cultivator was seriously injured.

Chen Mobai had no choice but to operate the Nourishing Thought Forge God Technique, suppressing all his strange emotions and focusing completely on the battle with the monster at hand.

He uncapped a bottle of Dark Water from his pocket and took a breath, mobilizing his spiritual power to Level 12.

The “Cold Ice Technique” was ready to go.

At the same time, Chen Mobai threw out ten Coiling Talismans and ten Poison Talismans all at once. Ten vine branches drilled into the rocks of the cliff on one end and wrapped around the body of the Black Plague Bird, which had been predictably charging in a straight line, at the other end.

Just as the bird was about to flap its wings to cut off these restraints, it suddenly felt its bones soften and movements stiffen.

The Poison Talisman doesn’t actually contain poison. Instead, it manipulates the enemy’s internal Wood Qi, causing an imbalance in the five elements that were originally in equilibrium.

This talisman is not lethal. One just needs to sit in meditation for a while to recover.

But Chen Mobai sought exactly this moment of stiffness.

With a breath, the last two Flying Needles in the Needle box fell before him. All the Dark Water formed two spiral ice spears around the Flying Needles, which then shot out at their fastest speed, impaling the immobilized Bird’s eyes.


Even by timely closing its eyes and employing the Black Feather Shield, the Black Plague Bird’s eyelids were pierced by the ice spears under Chen Mobai’s full-force Cold Ice Technique, causing an unprecedented shrill scream.

The raging demonic energy made the Bird shatter ten vines instantaneously. Constantly fluttering, it let loose a flurry of Wind Blades in all directions. The incoming Green Arrow Talismans were shattered in the process.


Faced with this wide-ranging attack, Chen Mobai had no choice but to open the Five Transformations Umbrella again. After dissolving a Wind Blade, he risked depleting his Spiritual Power and melted the ice spears back into Dark Water using the Water Controlling Technique.

The ten Flying Needles scattered by the Black Feather Shield, drawn by the magnetism of the Needle box, once again converged before him.


The Cold Ice Technique was launched again, ten slightly smaller but more slender and sharp ice spears buzzed and pierced the Black Plague Bird, whose entire body had now become bloodied sockets.

Having exhausted its Spiritual Power in the last outbreak, the Bird couldn’t summon the Black Feather Shield against this wave of attack.

It gave a mournful scream, was penetrated by the ten ice spears, and fell from the mid-air onto the cliff.

However, just before dying, the Bird exploded with a sonic attack similar to the dead Bird king’s, causing all the cultivators on the cliff to shudder.

Finally, it ended!

Chen Mobai resisted the dizziness from the sonic attack, felt the less than half remaining Spiritual Power in his Dantian, smiled bitterly, and immediately motivated a “Resurrection Talisman”.

In an instant, all the negative impacts from the sonic wave disappeared. Moreover, the Spiritual Power in the Dantian, like water from a spring, began to flow out slowly.

Chen Mobai estimated that he could recover about ten percent of his Spiritual Power every minute. He expected to be fully recovered in about ten minutes’ time.

This was his first use of the “Resurrection Talisman”. The feeling of replenishment after the Dantian was drained was quite novel.

By now, he finally had the opportunity to observe the rest of the battlefield.

Wang Yuanwu was single-handedly fighting against three, and in addition to his Red Sword, he had now brought out a Rank-1 shield. He had already killed a Bird, but it might take him some effort to fully eliminate them.

Gao Tuo and the others were engaged in a tough battle.

But Chen Mobai only glanced briefly before turning his attention. Near the cliff, the bodies of three cultivators lay about. A small team was about to collapse.

However, there was one small team that had achieved considerable results, having jointly killed two Birds. A late-stage Qi Cultivator was available to lend assistance.

Chen Mobai and he exchanged glances, nodded, and then moved to help the small team that had lost three cultivators.

Boom! Boom!

At this moment, eight beams of Sacred Tree Divine Light exploded simultaneously on both the southern and northern shores of Green Light Island!

The deep thunderous crashes accompanied the staggering demonic energy. Countless demonic beasts were ready to kill.

Chen Mobai’s face turned pale!

He didn’t expect that the battle to protect the island would reach the most intense stage on the first day itself..