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Chapter 91: Chapter 91 Lingye_l

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Chen Mobai spread his five fingers toward the void.

In the humming sound.

The green spirit qi long arrow emerging from the void behind him burst out in an instant.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!

The five black plague birds that had just rushed up the cliff were repelled, followed by the explosion of green arrows, shattering them into puffs of blood mist.


On the other side, Wang Yuanwu also unleashed his fury, his fire red flying sword danced like flames, directing its violent spiritual power towards a flock of black plague birds in the sky. In no time, several demonic beasts that could not evade were turned into charcoal.

The trio of Gao Tuo each launched their own attacks.

A crossbow arrow flew out accurately killing a black plague bird. However, there was no time to reload after that. Gao Tuo could only drag his freshly reattached, stiff and barely movable right hand and command his hook-shaped magic artifact to fight against the black plague bird right in front of him.

Fortunately, there was Shi Pengyi’s brother and sister on his side.

Luo Lin held a black armor shield, her lithe form easily helping them to block the Gale Arrow spewed out from the mouth of the black plague bird.

Shi Pengyi displayed the strength of a fifth level Qi Cultivation. A purple flying sword under his control, moved back and forth like a lightning bolt, suppressing and killing the black plague birds that had bypassed Chen Mobai and Wang Yuanwu.

Seeing this, Chen Mobai nodded slightly, then completely released the remaining 18 spirit arrows from behind him.

Within the thunderous sounds.

The sky above the cliff in their area was completely cleared in an instant.

“The Rank-2 ones are coming!”

As everyone was taking a sigh of relief, Wang Yuanwu’s face turned serious.

To his shock, Chen Mobai looked up into the sky beyond Green Light Island, and sure enough, two giant birds, three to four times larger than the ordinary black plague birds, appeared in the clouds. One of them, a Black Plague Bird King, only had one wing left. Its eyes were bright red, coldly staring at them.

Previously, it was the “Sacred Tree Divine Light” emitted from the Spirit Tree they were guarding that evaporated its wing, almost knocking it out of the sky.

“Everyone be alert, protect yourselves.”

“There are still five strands of Sacred Tree Divine Light left on the West Bank. After the bird king lost one wing, the remaining two, without full confidence, absolutely dare not get close.”

“But next, we may have to face the direct guards of black plague birds equivalent to the late stages of Qi Cultivation around the Bird King. But no matter how dangerous, we absolutely cannot let our front lines fall.”

Seeing our Spirit tree eyed by the Bird King, Wang Yuanwu couldn’t help but sweat from the brow. However, his extensive experiences serve him well. Despite the tremendous pressure, he carefully assessed the situation and gave orders.

Amid the roar.

As expected, a group of large birds, twice the size of ordinary black plague birds, left the side of the bird king, riding the wind toward them.


Before the big bird arrived, a huge tornado began forming on the shore, stirring up the violent waves, pushing it towards the Spirit Tree on the cliff.

Those two bird kings were using their innate divine ability to apply pressure on behalf of their direct guards, while also testing whether Green Light Island still had a trump card.

Seeing this giant tornado, which was so large that it could sweep over the entire cliff where they were standing, Chen Mobai couldn’t help but change his expression.

He gripped his last trump card, the Yi Wood Divine Thunder Talisman.

But he first looked at Wang Yuanwu, sure enough, even he had a Rank-2 spirit talisman, and this leader of the Divine Wood sect definitely had more up his sleeve.

Wang Yuanwu grit his teeth and nodded at an other disciple of the Divine Wood Sect. The latter immediately took out a charm and injected it into the Spirit Tree.


As if a gentle breeze had passed, right after the charm was injected, a branch of the previously bare spirit tree emitted a clear glow. In the blink of an eye, a green bud sprouted, then rapidly grew into a palm-sized leaf.

Wang Yuanwu flicked his flying sword and the green leaf was cut down.


After taking a healing pill that restored his spiritual power, a Divine Wood Sect disciple imbued all his spiritual power into the cut green leaf. Instantly, a clear light shone dramatically, forming a huge light shield that covered the entire cliff.

Just then, two rank-2 bird kings unleashed a massive tornado, bringing a storm with it.

Boom boom boom!

Amidst the earth-shaking tremors, Chen Mobai braced himself with the wooden umbrella in his hand, stabilising his figure.

[The functions of this Heavenly Wood Divine Light Formation are quite diverse!]

This thought crossed his mind. He wondered if there were any other functions besides the Heavenly Wood Divine Light and the Green Leaf Light Shield?

“The big birds are coming, a total of 20. Each team takes on four, those in the later stage of Qi cultivation go first. The remaining Black Plague Birds are handled by the other members of each team, remember to protect yourselves!” Wang Yuanwu quickly delegated the tasks and was the first to act. He swung his Fire Red Flying Sword, enclosing the three big birds flying in front.

Chen Mobai gritted his teeth, selecting one of the big birds.

However, seeing the almost hundred ordinary Black Plague Birds led by these big birds, he feared that the other members of the team might not be able to handle them. Before engaging the big bird in battle, he unleashed four Green Arrow Talismans again.

Amidst the resounding bangs–

The big bird in front of Chen Mobai spewed out a gust of wind, directly shattering the green spirit Qi long arrows. But the remaining 23 targeted a large flock of Black Plague Birds rushing from its side.

Blood splattered, black feathers flying.

After clearing out once, Chen Mobai held his wooden umbrella, facing off against this Black Plague Bird that was a full meter in size.


Two green wind blades extended from the Black Plague Bird’s fluttering wings, like two crescent moon blades, striking down towards Chen Mobai’s head from different directions.

The umbrella opened!

The mist that wrapped around the umbrella seemed to struggle under the impact of the wind blades, exploding and partially collapsing, but ultimately, it dissolved the attack.

“Good thing these big birds, while strong in bloodlines, don’t understand cultivation. Their spell power hasn’t exceeded the limits of the wooden umbrella.”

Wu Wan’s expertise in treasure appraisal is trustworthy. He said that this defensive magic artifact could handle an attack from a late-stage Qi cultivator.

It was able to withstand the Black Plague Bird, clearly at the peak of rank-1.

But it seemed to be its limit.

Chen Mobai looked at the two streaks of damage on the umbrella after he retracted it, deciding that he would primarily dodge in the next phase of the fight.

After all, he wasn’t Wang Yuanwu, who was at the peak of Qi cultivation, had exceptional swordsmanship, extensive battle experience, and had talismans and magic artifacts provided by the Divine Wood Sect. He could take on three big birds alone without falling behind.


After the two wind blades were dissolved, the big bird spat out a series of Gale Arrows. Chen Mobai didn’t want to hard block them with the wooden umbrella again, so he threw out two Wooden Shield charms.

However, how could a lower-grade rank-1 talisman possibly block the Gale Arrows of the big bird? In just two breaths, the two wooden shields floating in mid-air crumbled and disappeared into spirit Qi.

However, Chen Mobai had taken advantage of this time to move to another location.

The Gale Arrows fell void, stirring up a cloud of dust on the cliff.

At this point, all five teams had begun to fight. However, not everyone was powerful or lucky. Soon Chen Mobai heard a terrifying scream.

Someone had died..