I Have A Cultivation World - C.89 - : Sacred Tree Divine Light_l

I Have A Cultivation World

C.89 - : Sacred Tree Divine Light_l

Chapter 89: Chapter 89: Sacred Tree Divine Light_l

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No need for Manager Wang’s reminder.

Everyone, as they looked up, could see, on the horizon where the lake met the sky, it was like drops of ink had been spilled. They darkened and spread around in an instant, polluting the canvas of the sky into patches of dark, ominous clouds.

“It’s the Black Plague Birds!”

Chen Mobai immediately recognized these demonic beasts, they were the ones who forced Qi Hou and himself to flee in fear, and were also the culprits behind Ba Jiang’s sister’s death.

“Indeed, these beasts are the first to arrive.’

A disciple of Divine Wood Sect, with a stern complexion, moved to the bare tree and introduced a specially formulated talisman.

“Everyone, ‘Heavenly Wood Divine Light’ will sweep around in an instant, but to prevent the beasts from detecting a pattern, as well as to guard against the attacks of Rank-2 beasts, as long as we can withstand, ‘Heavenly Wood Divine Light’ will not activate again.”

Manager Wang quickly talked about the upcoming tactics. Chen Mobai understood the reasons for this strategy.

It was written in the booklet given to him earlier.

Since there is only one Foundation Establishment cultivator on the island for now, there will certainly be more than one Rank-2 demonic beasts on the other side. Above Green Light Island, the Heavenly Wood Divine Light Formation, capable of seriously injuring Rank-2 demonic beasts, is their last trump card.

Thirty-six Spirit Tree Array Banners, stored with thirty-six “Heavenly Wood

Divine Light”.

Once activated, if a demonic beast takes a direct hit, even a Rank-2 one, it would cost half its life, and some weaker ones would even be directly blasted into dust.

However, once these thirty-six “Heavenly Wood Divine Light” run out, those Rank-2 demonic beasts would no longer fear, they would charge onto Green Light Island recklessly, causing carnage. 𝗳r𝚎𝐞w𝐞𝚋𝗻𝗼vel.𝗰o𝐦

But this “Heavenly Wood Divine Light” can be restored. The talisman that a disciple of the Divine Wood Sect just introduced into the Spirit Tree Array Banner served this purpose.

It could allow a Spirit Tree, which has activated “Heavenly Wood Divine Light”, to quickly absorb spiritual energy from earth veins within two hours, and recharge a “Heavenly Wood Divine Light”.

Therefore, the battle of protecting Green Light Island hinges on whether they can deter those Rank- 2 demons with “Heavenly Wood Divine Light”, while also fending off hordes of demonic beasts as they come swarming onto the island. But the Divine Wood Sect is not lacking in competent people either, they all understand the principle of using reality to hide the illusion, and using illusion to conceal the reality.

The moment the flock of Black Plague Birds arrived above Green Light Island, four “Heavenly Wood Divine Lights” instantly soared into the sky.

One of them was unleashed by the Spirit Tree Array Banner they were protecting.


Chen Mobai could only feel a surging force, strong enough to crush him, suddenly surge from the depths of the precipice under his feet, and then being completely absorbed by the Spirit Tree surrounded by their small team.

It was like a bolt from the blue.

A pillar of clear light, like a sword, ripped through the void.

Incinerating the oncoming flock of Black Plague Birds, turning thousands of them into plumes of dark red blood mist, staining half the sky red.


A sharp cry filled with anger sounded, and Chen Mobai felt a sudden vertigo.

Once the Nourishing Thought Forge God Technique was activated, he immediately regained clarity.

However, the immortal cultivators around him who had not cultivated their divine sense leaned and staggered, Some with lower cultivation levels were even bleeding from the corners of their mouths and fell on the edge of the cliff.

“It is a Rank-2 Bird King, and there are three of them!”

Manager Wang glanced at the sky, his face a mix of shock and joy.

The power of the “Heavenly Wood Divine Light” was indeed extraordinary, It directly inflicted severe injuries on one of the Rank-2 Black Plague Bird Kings, causing it to tumble onto the island. One of them had half of its wing evaporated. Only the fastest one dodged the wide range sweep of the “Heavenly Wood Divine Light”.

The Rank-2 Bird King that was severely injured and fell onto the island was the one that had just unleashed its last sonic divine skills under Zheng Deming’s attack, causing a significant impact on Chen Mobai and others who were not far away.

However, it was severely injured after all. This Rank-2 Bird King was finally killed in a mournful manner under the flying sword of Zheng Deming, who was in Foundation Establishment late stage.

But the death of this Bird King triggered a frenzy among the flock of Black Plague Birds.

After the sweep of the four “Heavenly Wood Divine Lights,” hundreds of Black Plague Birds screamed and spit out gusts of wind that turned into knives and arrows. They launched a kamikaze attack towards the west side of Green Light Island, which is where the Bird King fell.

Prepared Chen Mobai and others immediately displayed their divine skills, some using magic artifacts, some activating talismans, and others directly using spells to attack.

With a swish!

Chen Mobai opened the Five Transformation Umbrella hanging from his waist, and let loose his spiritual power for this talisman artifact to soak up. A green haze covered the surface of the umbrella, shielding them from the wind knives and wind arrows falling from the sky!

These Black Plague Birds were numerous but not very high-quality.

Chen Mobai even had spare energy to protect the two Qi Practitioners beside him who hadn’t recovered from the Bird King’s sonic attack.

After resisting the first wave of attack, Black Plague Birds began to use their sharp beaks and wings to attack them, who were guarding by the Spirit Tree. Now it could be seen the difference between big Sect Disciples and Loose Cultivators. The disciples of the Divine Wood Sect were trying to protect the people with low cultivation level around them as much as possible, while most Loose Cultivators only cared for themselves, few cared for others like Chen Mobai.

Manager Wang, who usually looks cheerful, proven to be ruthless when it comes to combat. He controlled a red flying sword to cut the five Black Plague Birds that rushed to his side into a dozen pieces.

The other Divine Wood Sect Disciples had their own methods as well. They raised their unified black armor shield for defensively and then threw talismans.

Thunder, frost, fire, and flames burst out in an instant, turning another twelve Black Plague Birds into corpses.

Chen Mobai, however, reserved his power and didn’t go all out. He confronted the two Black Plague Birds that rushed in front of him and threw two “Coiling Talismans”. Instantly, two tendrils of vines emerged, blocking the two demonic beasts that caught off guard due to their fast speed.

Then, with a flick of his left sleeve, two golden lights shot out, piercing bloody holes in the foreheads of these two Black Plague Birds.

At this point, those Qi Practitioners who had been affected by the sonic waves also regained their senses, they either consumed elixirs or used secret techniques, then engaged in combat with the Black Plague Birds that rushed in front of them.

Because the four “Heavenly Wood Divine Light” previously swept away most of the Black Plague Birds, the ones that remained were largely restrained by the other two Bird Kings, they didn’t recklessly charge and kill. The remaining flock of Black Plague Birds, due to their leader being killed, lost their sense, resulting in chaotic command.

Chen Mobai and their group quickly dealt with nearly a hundred Black Plague Birds that had rushed into their area.

The Black Plague Birds still circling outside the island, spat out another two rounds of wind knives and wind arrows. However, the ones that remained ultimately did not dare to charge onto the island again, they landed on a barren reef about a few miles to the west of Green Light Island, blocking one direction. After the battle, Chen Mobai glanced at the bird corpses scattered around the cliffs, and the black feathers, broken wing fragments floating on the ponds below the cliffs, as well as two Qi Practitioners bawling with their arms severed, and fell silent..