I Have A Cultivation World - C.88 - : Five Transformation Umbrellas l

I Have A Cultivation World

C.88 - : Five Transformation Umbrellas l

Chapter 88: Chapter 88: Five Transformation Umbrellas l

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“The price is truly the lowest it can be, you are well aware of the price of gold. Why don’t you take a look at these other two defensive magic weapons instead? They were made by two artifact refiners I know and are a bit cheaper.”

Wu Wan pulled out two detailed, printed verification certificates that illustrated and described two magic artifacts.

Chen Mobai took a look; one was a long-sleeved law robe and the other was an umbrella.

The defensive effect of the long-sleeved law robe was better than the helmet, but it did not have the function to improve divine sense, and its price was 89,000 Good Deed Points.

As for the wooden umbrella, it was the cheapest, requiring only 75,000 Good Deed Points. In fact, its defense was not weak, but it required a high level of skill from the user as its defense could only be activated when completely open.

However, once the umbrella was unfolded, it would continuously drain the user’s spiritual power, thus it usually needed to be closed when not in use.

Precisely because of this, Chen Mobai felt this was the right fit for him. Apart from its reasonable price, another reason was that he was a cultivator skilled at manipulation and this magic artifact was in line with the style of the Tianhe Realm. Wu Wan’s golden helmet stood out too much.

“Is the umbrella from the city, or is it from Weiyu Cave Sky?”

“From the city.”

“Let’s go with this one then. Where is it? Let’s catch a ride there, I want it immediately.”

Chen Mobai’s eagerness caught Wu Wan off guard, but since Chen Mobai was willing to cover the fare, Wu Wan had no objections.

“This is a piece created by a student from the Cinnabarite Institute. The handle and frame of the umbrella are made from Rank-1 Chinese Parasol Tree wood, with the cover of the umbrella is made of Rank-1 talisman paper.”

“Although it’s called a magic artifact, it’s closer to a talisman.”

“There are five defensive talismans drawn on the umbrella’s cover, theoretically defending against Five Elements Spells. However, in my tests, it can at most withstand an attack of the late-stage Qi Cultivation level.” 𝔣𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖜𝔢𝔟𝔫𝔬𝖛𝖊𝔩.𝖈𝖔𝔪

While waiting for the car, the two discussed the pros and cons of the magic artifact.

Although Wu Wan didn’t sell his own magic artifact, he was still in a good mood, knowing he’d earn a commission since the umbrella was listed in his online store.

“This student is quite imaginative. The concept of this Five Elements Umbrella is remarkable, intending to neutralize all Five Elements Spells. It’s just a pity that it tries to cover too much ground. It can defend against Five Elements Spells cast by a cultivator below the seventh layer of Qi Cultivation. Once it surpasses that limit, the defensive talismans will immediately lose balance.”

“However, this umbrella has a secondary function. Once the defensive talisman fails, you can find a talisman maker to redraw the talisman you want, changing it into an offensive tool.”

“Of course, I won’t write this in the verification certificate. If the authorities come to investigate, I will definitely argue that you, the buyer, illegally modified it.”

Wu Wan’s pointers greatly expanded Chen Mobai’s horizons, and he admired the design of the “Five Elements Umbrella”.

This magic artifact can be called a “half talisman”, and it can change its function by replacing its cover and the talismans drawn on it. If Chen Mobai hadn’t received such hints from Wu Wan, he would have never been able to come up with this ingenious concept.

After spending 260 Good Deed Points on a taxi to the Cinnabarite Institute, the student who received Wu Wan’s notification was already waiting at the gate.

The two introduced themselves.

“My name is Luan Jingsheng, a sophomore student.”

“Chen Mobai, a commoner.”

Luan Jingsheng was a young man with thick eyebrows and big eyes. He didn’t speak much and seemed quite attached to the wooden umbrella when he took it out.

The two added each other as friends. Chen Mobai immediately paid the Good Deed Points to Wu Wan’s online shop in front of Luan Jingsheng. After obtaining the wooden umbrella, he left without concerning himself with how Wu Wan and Luan Jingsheng would settle their accounts.

His priority was to earn points, and for that, he paid an extra 3750 Good Deed Points in taxes.

In the future, even if the Immortal Tax Bureau audits him, he, as the payer, would have all his procedures in order and wouldn’t face any problems. Even if Wu Wan gets into trouble for tax evasion, he himself would remain innocent.

Chen Mobai got another taxi back home, and then teleported to Green Light Island, arriving just in time, with one hour and one cup of tea to spare.

Luan Jingsheng had also included a long cloth bag with the umbrella, and also said that if there were any issues in the future, he could contact him anytime for maintenance. From their initial interaction, Chen Mobai felt that Luan Jingsheng was a decent person who he could consider collaborating with in the long term.

Chen Mobai placed the umbrella in the cloth bag. The bag had a string that could be tied around his waistband.

Chen Mobai also tied his needle box to his left wrist and slipped on his backpack full of more than two hundred talismans. Fully armed, he headed to the manager, Wang’s office. He was the one who rented him the wooden house, so Chen Mobai was very familiar with the route.

When he arrived, he was a bit late and everyone was waiting for him.

“Sorry about the delay, I had to visit a few friends to buy some magic artifacts and talismans,” Chen Mobai immediately apologized. Seeing him fully armed, the impatience of the loose cultivators eased. After all, the better equipped their companion, the safer they felt.

“Cultivator Chen, there are 28 cultivators in our group, and we are tasked with guarding one node of the ‘Heavenly Wood Divine Light Formation’, here is the basic information,” said the manager, handing Chen Mobai a small booklet. He then patted a green cloth bag around his waist and a floating flying boat appeared before everyone’s eyes.

“It’s a storage pouch!” exclaimed one female cultivator, surprised at the nature of Wang’s green cloth bag.

Even the smallest storage pouch requires 100 spirit stones. Wang’s storage pouch, which was large enough to hold a twenty-meter-long flying boat, was probably worth a Foundation Building Pill.

“This is a special storage pouch that the sect uses to handle large amounts of goods. Uncle Master Zheng gave me one. The daily supply of spirit stones for all the cultivators is inside this pouch,” said Wang with a smile, patting his waist bag. His words, however, caused a few loose cultivators in the room to stir.

Naturally, no one dared to make a move, as aside from Wang, who was at the late stage of Qi Cultivation, there were four other disciples from the Divine Wood Sect at the late stage of Qi Cultivation. They had the situation well in hand.

However, the sense of longing in their eyes was unavoidable.

Chen Mobai did the math. In their group of 28, besides the five from the Divine Wood Sect, everyone else was a Loose Cultivator. There were 4, including himself, in the late stage of Qi Cultivation, 7 in the middle stage, and 12 in the early stage.

The daily payment in spirit stones alone to keep them around would amount to 46 spirit stones a day. For a common beast attack on the island, they would probably have to stand guard for about a month, meaning there were at least a thousand spirit stones in that storage pouch.

With such wealth on display, it was no wonder the loose cultivators were envious.

Under Wang’s command, everyone boarded the flying boat. Propelled at an extravagant cost in spirit stones, the flying boat swiftly arrived at the node of the Formation Flag they were tasked to guard.

It was situated atop a cliff by the shore, and a ten-meter-wide plot of land, enclosed by green stones, had a bare tree planted in the center. After reading the booklet, Chen Mobai knew this to be the Formation Flag.

The “Heavenly Wood Divine Light Formation” was the most renowned formation of the Divine Wood Sect, which used trees as Formation Flags. The sect’s main headquarters, Giant Tree Ridge, was fortified with countless Spirit Trees. Therefore, under the creeping onslaught of countless Spirit Trees, even a Nascent Soul Ancestor would not dare to invade carelessly.

On this Green Light Island, the Divine Wood Sect had transplanted 36 Spirit Trees from the Giant Tree Ridge, and when fully activated, the power could reach Rank-3.

This was exactly why the disciples of the Divine Wood Sect and the loose cultivators had the confidence to guard the island.

“They’re coming!”