I Have A Cultivation World - C.83 - Meeting between Two Women 1

I Have A Cultivation World

C.83 - Meeting between Two Women 1

Chapter 83: Chapter 83 Meeting between Two Women 1

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At the grilled fish restaurant.

Mo Simin looked at Qing Nu who sat opposite her, then at Yan Bingxuan who was next to her, then at Chen Mobai between the two women, she simply can’t comprehend how he dares!

“Come, this is the black sturgeon that I had specially delivered from my hometown. It tastes even better than the carp we had last time.”

As Chen Mobai had been on Green Light Island all this while, he had no time to return to the Water Mansion. So, he had to choose this best tasting fish from the seafood market on the island. It was said that its taste was comparable to Azure Blood Carp, it just didn’t offer the effect of enhancing one’s Spiritual Root after eating it.

Chen Mobai had inquired about it. Even in the Tianhe Realm, the famous dish of Azure Blood Carp wasn’t something that an average cultivator could afford. Back in the day, Liu Yanpei had bought the fry at the value of one Spirit Stone apiece. After intensive care, feeding regime development, and growth into rank-t lower-grade, they were sold in the market for the price of 10 Spirit Stones.

If you ordered this dish at the Sky Meal Building in Southstream Market, it would already cost 50 Spirit Stones.

The reason for such high price mainly lied in how this dish, after being cooked by Sky Meal Building’s master chef, could significantly boost the Qi Cultivation speed of Water Attribute Cultivation practitioners for a week.

Many people thought it was due to the exquisite skills of the Immortal Chef, but in reality, Chen Mobai knew that it was mainly because of the excellent ’ Azure Blood Carp ingredient. Practice is in the Tianhe Realm hadn’t realized that the Azure Blood Carp could enhance the Water Spirit Root. They simply saw it as a high-grade food ingredient.

However, if Chen Mobai thought about it, he would feel heartache. Those Azure Blood Carps he ate at the Water Mansion were worth hundreds of Spirit Stones each, even at cost price.

But then, on second thought, raising Azure Blood Carps was an exclusive skill of the cultivator Liu family in Yun Country. If he were to sell fish at Southstream Market, he might be ambushed and done away with by people from the Liu family the next day.

Looking at it this way, eating the fish seemed to be the best option.

This black sturgeon was also a local delicacy of Yun Meng Ze. Its flesh was fresh and tender. Chen Mobai had tried it in his wooden house. Even when simply boiled, it could lure him to drink all the fish soup.

Today, with the restaurant owner’s ancestral recipe, the delicacy from the Tianhe Realm made even Yan Bingxuan, who was always conscious of her appearance, can’t help but devour everything after a bite, leaving her mouth oily.

Chen Mobai was a bit slow in picking up his chopsticks, so he saw that his three female classmates had only left him some side dishes and fish bones.

Luckily, he had considered Qing Nu’s love for fish and brought two. When the boss served the second one, he didn’t hesitate to reach for the tenderest piece with his chopsticks, bit it off under the gaze of the three women staring wide-eyed at him.


After eating the grilled fish, the three women started to clean themselves up, acting modestly, with the Cleaning Technique. fr𝚎𝗲𝐰ebnov𝐞𝐥.𝐜o𝗺

“This restaurant is not bad, we can return next time for another taste.” Yan Bingxuan thought it was due to the cook’s skill, but Qing Nu immediately explained that it was due to the good ingredients Chen Mobai brought.

Mo Simin glanced at the two women, suddenly kicked Chen Mobai, who looked at her puzzled. Immediately, the class monitor hinted with her eyes, urging him to say something, to end this meal gathering. She feared that if they continued to stay, some unpredictable situation might occur.

Chen Mobai also planned to return to the Tianhe Realm to continue practicing his magic duel techniques. So according to her wishes, he said they would meet again next time.

“By the way, this is the Rank-t high-grade Qi-replenishing Spirit Water I have been refining.”

Before each of them left, Qing Nu suddenly took out twelve tied-up glass tubes from her bag. Inside, the colorless and transparent Spirit Water was rippling, making Chen Mobai overjoyed.

“Thanks for your hard work. Without this, my Cultivation Level has been rising slowly recently.”???????????????????????? °

After earning money in Yun Meng Ze, Chen Mobai bought to main ingredients for refining Qi-replenishing Spirit Water from a branch of Siqi Pavilion belonging to Lou family on Green Light Island. He also bought some used Spirit Stones, made a trip to Di Yuan Planet to give them to Qing Nu, and also bought some talismans online.

With the same main and auxiliary medicines, at most only ten tubes could be refined if using them to make Rank-t high-grade Qi-replenishing Spirit Water. However, the market price is much more expensive, with a flagship store price of 1000 Good Deed Points per tube.

After Chen Mobai reached Qi Cultivation’s seventh level, taking Rank-1 intermediate-grade Qi-replenishing Spirit Water would only give him two to three times the Cultivation efficiency, which he wasn’t satisfied with. Previously Qing Nu was inexperienced in refining, and the success rate was only ten percent. However, with his ample supply of raw materials and the addition of Spiritual Extract, she finally overcame that hurdle recently.

“Now my refining success rate has reached seventy to eighty percent. Given that the medicinal materials are sufficient, I should be able to refine a hundred tubes for you before I go to Jumang Daoist Academy. That will be enough for your Cultivation to reach the ninth level of Qi Cultivation.”

When Qing Nu said this, she pushed the twelve tubes of Rank-t high-grade Qi-replenishing Spirit Water on the table towards Chen Mobai, her eyes full of smiles.

“Perfect, I just bought ten more batches of medicinal materials online, come with me to pick it up at home. Class monitor, Yan Bingxuan, we’ll go ahead.” Under Mo Simin’s unbelieving and wide-eyed gaze, Chen Mobai greeted them, then cheerfully went home with Qing Nu.

“How can he be so daring!!”

After Chen Mobai left, Mo Simin suddenly couldn’t help screaming. She had never seen such an insensitive man before.

“Let’s go too, or we’ll miss the bus.”

Yan Bingxuan, however, stood up with a calm expression, without showing any inner emotions.

“Aren’t you angry at all? Honestly, if it wasn’t for me not being able to beat

him, I would definitely teach him a lesson today.”

Mo Simin’s emotions were greatly stirred. She took deep, hurried breaths while walking with Yan Bingxuan, scolding as they went.

“What’s there to be so worked up about? You wouldn’t really think that we are dating, right? We’ve made it clear that we are just classmates.”

Upon hearing Mo Simin’s continuous words, Yan Bingxuan couldn’t help but sigh and interrupt her.

Even if we are just classmates, how could he invite another girl when he invites you for a meal? Even if she is his girlfriend, what’s his point, to show off?”

In Yan Bingxuan’s view, Mo Simin’s thinking was off. They were just having a meal. It would be even better and more lively to invite a friend over. Besides, Chen Mobai had said that Qing Nu was just his good friend.

What’s wrong with inviting another girl?

Aren’t you a girl too?

Mo Simin was stunned by Yan Bingxuan’s line of thought, and after thinking about Chen Mobai, she felt as if she was the most abnormal one among them.

It can be said that people with the same thinking are indeed attracted to each other.

After realizing this, Mo Simin shut her mouth.

Don’t include me in any of your activities in the future. If I continue with your team building exercises a few more times, I’m afraid my worldview and thinking will be shattered and reshaped.

It seems that Qing Nu is a normal person like me. Was she deliberately showing off just now in order to attract Chen Mobai’s attention?

What a pity.. A fine Heavenly Spiritual Root, why would she have her eyes on him?