I Have A Cultivation World - C.82 - : Rules of Magic Duel_l

I Have A Cultivation World

C.82 - : Rules of Magic Duel_l

Chapter 82: Chapter 82: Rules of Magic Duel_l

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“The theme for this year’s entrance exam, as you all know, is a magic duel!” “Once the cut-off scores are out, the rules will also be delivered to all major colleges. Let me go through them in detail now. Please, make sure you remember them.”

“In the magic duel, only spells are allowed. No pills, magic artifacts, or formations will be permitted. Of course, to test your innate combat talent, and to allow for more possibilities during the magic duel to create opportunities for the weak to overpower the strong, the representatives from the Daoist academies and the colleges have agreed to allow each student participating in the entrance exam to use talismans.”

Upon hearing this, the 18 Qi cultivation Rank-6 students, initially dispirited, instantly became invigorated. They all widened their eyes, paying close attention to what the principal on the stage had to say next.

Even Chen Mobai’s eyes lit up.

Though he was confident in himself, if he had to go against a Qi cultivation Rank-8 or Rank-9 opponent, his odds of victory still seemed uncertain if they were to only rely on spells.

However, if talismans could be used, he felt that he should be able to defeat everyone.

After all, he was now an outstanding talisman trader. During a magic duel, he could have a hundred or so talismans in his pocket and a couple of Rank-2 Yi Wood Divine Thunder Talismans on standby. He should even be able to defeat Gong Xiangyu.

“Principal, wouldn’t this favor the rich?”

“Yeah, we all come from ordinary families. We might not even afford to buy a Rank-2 talisman. How is this different from allowing the use of magical formations?”

“If those wealthy students have a hundred talismans in their pockets during the duel, we might as well just surrender.”

As Chen Mobai listened to the complaints from his classmates echoing throughout the classroom, he felt a bit embarrassed about his previous thoughts.

Yes, winning with money would indeed contradict the original intention of the entrance exam. 𝗳r𝐞𝐞w𝐞bn𝚘ve𝚕.co𝐦

It was highly unfair.

“Don’t worry. The use of talismans is allowed to give ordinary students like you a chance to overpower the stronger opponent.”

“Naturally, the use of talismans will not be unrestricted. The Daoist academies and colleges have set limits. During the magic duel, you’re allowed to use one Upper-grade Rank-1 talisman, two Intermediate-grade Rank-1 talismans, or four Lower-grade Rank-1 talismans.”

“If you want to achieve good results, the combination of these talismans is crucial. Ideally, they should form a system and should not have any apparent flaws.”

When He Jingshan finished speaking, the crowd instantly began to discuss what talismans would be most effective for combat, and which ones would suit their cultivation techniques best.

Chen Mobai listened for a while and found that half of the Rank-7 Qi cultivation students had already transformed their Five Elements Cultivation Technique into another technique that suited their Spiritual Root Talent. They now had a clear objective in mind, as the attribute of the cultivation technique was already indicative of the kind of talismans they should use to maximize power.

Those who were still cultivating with the Five Elements technique had more options. They could construct a system based on the Five Elements or build a hybrid system. This would make it hard for them to be targeted during a magic duel.

However, the Five Elements Cultivation technique’s balanced Spiritual Power might inhibit the cultivator from maximizing the power of a Rank-1 Upper-grade talisman.

There are always advantages and disadvantages.

“Alright, I’ve said all I need to say. Now fill in your preferences, and I’ll offer some suggestions for you.”

With a wave of He Jingshan’s right hand, the stacks of preference forms on the stage flew to each student’s desk.

“By the way, if you have thoughts about talismans, you can also consult me or any of these four teachers in our school. From Monday to Friday, one of us will be on duty to address your queries.”

He Jingshan picked up a piece of chalk and wrote the names of the four teachers on the blackboard.

Chen Mobai glanced at the names. He only recognized Ding Jinglue. However, the other three, who also taught spell courses for seniors, were equally trustworthy in terms of their proficiency in talismans.

But if he were to ask anyone, it would undoubtedly be Ding Jinglue or He Jingshan. After all, the former was his teacher, and the latter was a Foundation Establishment cultivator, evidently more adept.

With that thought, Chen Mobai completed his three preferences.

For his first choice, he wrote Jumang Daoist Academy. Even though the cut-off scores for all four main Daoist academies were conventionally 350 points, he figured he had nothing to lose by filling it in. What if a special situation arose, and he got admitted?

It was one of the four main Daoist academies after all.

Chen Mobai glanced at Song Zheng and saw that he had also chosen the Repairing Heaven Institute. Looking around, he noticed Mo Simin had chosen the Dance Tool Dao Academy as her first choice.

Only Yan Bingxuan, who was exempted from the college entrance examination and already admitted to the Nature Studies Academy, did not fill in any preferences.

It seemed everyone had the same thought. But this was also a small trick in filling out the preferences taught by the class teacher, as that was the intended purpose of the first choice.

As for why Chen Mobai chose Jumang Daoist Academy among the four main Daoist academies, it simply was because Qing Nu had been admitted there. In case he was lucky enough to get in, it would be great to have a familiar face to study with.

For his second choice, there was no need for any further thoughts – Pure Yang Academy.

His third choice was the Primordial Elemental Academy.

After completing his preferences, Chen Mobai waited for a while, and then He Jingshan collected everyone’s forms.

He looked over each one, calling up the respective students as he read their names.

Some students were too greedy. Even though their scores were insufficient, they stubbornly chose the colleges they fancied. In these cases, He Jingshan would ask them to modify their preferences; others were overly cautious…

Before long, it was Chen Mobai’s turn.

“Hmm, with your scores, you are practically guaranteed a spot in the Pure Yang Academy. Make sure to work hard once you get there and strive to reach Core Formation to keep up the reputation of our alma mater.”

For this top-ranked student, He Jingshan spoke amiably, causing a subtle change in the expressions of many down below.

Chen Mobai was not Shi Yuanqing and the other well-known students. Many people still viewed this sudden first-place student with skeptical eyes.

Naturally, Chen Mobai paid no heed to this.

It wasn’t that he looked down on these people. It was just that none of them among those present could best him. Even the three Rank-8 Qi cultivation students, given the condition that talismans could be used, Chen Mobai felt his chances of winning were quite high.

He calmly sat in his seat waiting for He Jingshan to review everyone’s preferences.

“Let’s go.”

When they were dismissed, he stood up and signaled to Yan Bingxuan.

Mo Simin, who was standing beside them, opened her mouth wide, seemingly stunned. Hadn’t they just said they were merely classmates? Their tones and actions seemed a bit off.

“Simin, come join us.”

Compared to Chen Mobai’s bluntness, Yan Bingxuan hesitated for a bit and eventually called the class president over as a cover. The three of them would go out to eat together. This way, there would be less gossip.

“Old Song, why don’t you come along too?”

Chen Mobai, now a bit more solvent, was not bothered by treating a couple more people to a meal.


Song Zheng bluntly said two words and then immediately left the classroom.

“He seems to have a grudge against you?”

Chen Mobai wearily asked Yan Bingxuan.

“During our freshman and sophomore years, he always lost to me in practical spell classes. He has been defeated by me so many times, that’s why he’s like this.”

Yan Bingxuan took it lightly. Her Spiritual Root Talent was better than that of Song Zheng. She used to be the first in the class. However, during her senior year, she began cultivating Frost Condensation Technique, which delayed her progression in cultivation stages, allowing Song Zheng to catch up..