I Have A Cultivation World - C.81 - : In the Spotlight_l

I Have A Cultivation World

C.81 - : In the Spotlight_l

Chapter 81: Chapter 81: In the Spotlight_l

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“Didn’t she drop out? Why is she back?”

Before Chen Mobai could speak, Song Zheng was already unable to hold back.

“I don’t know either. Chen Mobai, you’re close with her, why don’t you ask her directly when the time comes.”

Mo Simin shook her head. As the class president, she knew about the training camp a long time ago, but without knowing her grades, she wasn’t sure that she could apply for the top ten academies, so she didn’t announce anything.

She and Yan Bingxuan got along well, they were desk mates in their senior year. Even after Yan Bingxuan dropped out, they still kept in touch regularly.

Classroom 203!

Chen Mobai looked at the numbers and confirmed the location which Chai Deyun mentioned, then walked in first.

The room was empty.

“Just pick a seat.”

Chen Mobai naturally chose the seat in the back row by the window, it had the best view and it was inconspicuous.

Song Zheng nodded and sat in the row in front of him. Mo Simin hesitated before joining Chen Mobai at the window.

Soon after, two boys arrived.

“Oh, it’s you.”

One of them apparently knew Song Zheng and casually raised his hand to greet him, and Song Zheng responded.


“They are Xu Yuan and Shi Yuanqing from class 1. Xu Yuan is at the 7th level of Qi cultivation like you, while Shi Yuanqing is at the 8th level and is considered the top student of the fifth high school.”

Mo Simin immediately leaned over to Chen Mobai and explained to him about the two new students.

Upon hearing this, Chen Mobai took a closer look at them.

Xu Yuan was the lazy youth, whereas Shi Yuanqing was a bit immature and followed quietly behind Xu Yuan. They both chose to sit in the farthest corner from them.

Soon after, two beautiful girls walked into the room, one was tall and slim, the other was petite and cute.

Mo Simin introduced them as Cao Yaling and Shi Jingjing from class 2. Both were at the 8th level of Qi cultivation and were known as the school’s beauties.

They were the only prospective 8th level Qi cultivators among the current crop of students in the Fifth High School, which also includes Shi Yuanqing.

“How did you guys do? I didn’t perform my best this time, I can’t get into the Taiyuan Academy anymore.”

Shi Jingjing seemed very close with the two boys from class 1. She naturally walked up to them and sat down in front of them and asked.

“Not bad, I scored 342 points and he scored 343 points. It’s impossible for us to get into the four Daoist Academies, but we can still choose freely from the ten academies.”

Xu Yuan casually answered without lifting his head, resting his chin on one hand and playing with the phone in the other.

“Was the exam paper harder this year? I initially thought that I could aim for the four Daoist Academies and take their entrance exam.”

Shi Jingjing pouted, seemingly unsatisfied with her performance. On the other hand, Cao Yaling just quietly took a seat.

“How much did she score? I heard that the highest score in our school was 345 points, and it’s a name I’ve never heard before.”

Xu Yuan pointed to Cao Yaling as he asked Shi Jingjing.

“344.5 points. She only missed becoming the top scorer in the school by half a point. And who on earth is Chen Mobai?”

Song Zheng listened with a strange look while Mo Simin just sat in her seat, not saying anything.

“Oh, I thought I was early.”

At this point, someone they knew came in. It was Yan Bingxuan.

“Didn’t you drop out?”

Shi Jingjing also recognised the beauty, Yan Bingxuan. She was very surprised and her eyes widened when she saw Yan Bingxuan.

“Even though I was exempted from the Nature Studies Academy entrance exam, I still have to transfer my student records.”

“The principal asked me to process the transfer and, while here, I would help fill up the numbers and promote the academy.”

“After all, I was admitted to the Nature Studies Academy through this high school, and if you guys fail the entrance exam, they may have to use my name on the banners.”

Yan Bingxuan’s comments left Shi Jingjing annoyed, but as three more students walked in, she chose not to argue.

“Over here.”

Chen Mobai immediately waived at Yan Bingxuan, signalling her to sit beside him. Bingxuan did not hesitate upon seeing Mo Simin and chose a seat next to her.

Song Zheng did not say anything, pretending he did not see her.

“I’m really sorry about the other day.”

Chen Mobai apologized sincerely to Yan Bingxuan, who dismissed it with a wave of her hand, indicating she didn’t mind.

“How much did you score, and which academy are you planning to join?” 𝔣𝖗𝔢𝔢𝔴𝖊𝖇𝖓𝔬𝔳𝖊𝔩.𝔠𝔬𝖒

Yan Bingxuan was still not aware about Chen Mobai’s results. As Chen Mobai was about to respond, a short old man walked in.

“Oh, you’re quite early.”

Seeing the old man, everyone stood up and paid their respects.

“Hello, principal.”

“Hmm, good, sit down, I’ll speak when everyone is here.”

This was the principal of the Fifth High School, who was also a Foundation Establishment cultivator, He Jingshan.

After about ten more minutes, all 36 students were present. Chen Mobai was familiar with all of them after Mo Simin’s introductions — 3 students at the 8th level of Qi cultivation, 15 at the 7th level, and 18 at the 6th level.

“Alright, let me say a few words first.”

When everyone was present, He Jingshan walked up to the podium. After some routine opening remarks, he suddenly asked,

“Who is Chen Mobai?”

“Hello principal, I am Chen Mobai.”

The handsome and young Chen Mobai stood up. Immediately, everyone in the room turned their eyes on him. Xu Yuan and Shi Jingjing from the corner widened their eyes, clearly shocked that this was the top scorer in the school.

“What’s happened?”

Only Yan Bingxuan, who had already dropped out, was unaware of this development and frowned at the strange atmosphere in the classroom, asking Mo Simin about the situation.

“Very good, every generation produces talented individuals. I hope in this year’s entrance exam, you can lead your classmates and show the spirit of the Fifth High School, sit down.”

Seeing Chen Mobai, the principal was very satisfied and praised him.

At this time, Yan Bingxuan knew about Chen Mobai’s top score. She was slightly shocked and looked carefully at the boy she had not paid much attention to.

Although she was surprised by his 7th level Qi cultivation during the farewell dinner, that was it. After all, there were quite a few students at the 7th level in the school. If she had not stalled to transform her Ice Spirit Root, she might be at the 8th level by now.

But scoring the highest in the exam shocked her.

After all, she had also completed the exam, and had scored precisely 345 points.

Has this guy been low-key this whole time?

Yan Bingxuan remembered when Chen Mobai asked her about the Cold Ice Technique and felt that he might just be a quiet person, indifferent to honor and disgrace, and quietly cultivating his skills.

This kind of person, has the style of a true cultivator.

“Let’s have dinner together after school. I have mastered the Cold Ice Technique and I want to thank you and apologize at the same time.”

At this point, Chen Mobai sent a message to Yan Bingxuan.

After sending the message, he remembered that he had already invited Qing Nu for a grilled fish meal after school.

Well, that’s fine, he can just invite them both. It makes things simpler..