I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week - C.1711 - : Killing Method


Chapter 1711: Killing Method

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Then, Lin Yi went to her bedroom.

The bed was a mess, and there were scratches on it. The makeup on the dresser was scattered on the floor, but it didn’t look like there was a fight. It looked more like she had struggled.

After looking around, he did not find anything suspicious in Du Juan’s house. Then, he returned to the living room and met up with Li Xianghui and Gu Yiran.

“Did you find anything special at the scene?”

“Did you find these four things?”

“Pinhole cameras?”

Li Xianghui nodded, “They were hidden very discreetly, scattered throughout the two bedrooms, the bathroom, and the kitchen, providing 360-degree surveillance with no blind spots.”

“Du Juan shouldn’t know about this, right?”

“That’s the guess, but we’ll have to analyze what exactly happened. We can’t jump to conclusions right now.”

“The body has been carried away. Are there any preliminary results? Can you confirm that it was a suicide?”

“Other than these four cameras, we haven’t found any useful clues, but it doesn’t look like a suicide.” Li Xianghui pointed at the kitchen with his chin.

“Come with me.”

The two of them went to the kitchen, and Lin Yi glanced at the stove.

The switch was off.

Logically speaking, if it was a suicide, the gas switch should be on. It wouldn’t be turned off at this time.

“That’s not the point. Look at this.”

Li Xianghui pointed at the gas pipe.

“There’s a corroded hole here, but upon examination, traces of tampering were found, which pretty much confirms it was a homicide. However, there are no clues at the scene, making it difficult to track down the murderer.”

Lin Yi took a deep breath.

Song Deyuan’s case had yet to be resolved, and now there was another locked-room murder case.

This case was getting more and more interesting!

As the two of them were talking, a forensic expert walked over.

“Inspector Li, the results are out. The victim, Du Juan, died from poisoning after suffering from carbon monoxide overdose while she was asleep. There are no scars on her body, and there are no signs of her being violated. We can confirm that she didn’t fight with anyone when she was alive. It’s a classic locked-room murder case.”

“I’d like to ask, don’t people wake up choking on too much carbon monoxide while they’re sleeping?”

“It’s possible, but it depends on the circumstances. The amount of carbon monoxide leaked was not significant. By the time she realized what was happening, her bodily functions were already impaired, making it very difficult for her to respond effectively.”

“Moreover, her bed was very messy, with wrinkles all over, indicating that she struggled for a while after being poisoned, but it was to no avail.”

“Okay, I understand. Thank you.”

After reporting the victim’s condition, the forensic expert turned around and left. Lin Yi and the other two gathered together and began analyzing the case.

“Are there any surveillance cameras in the area? Did you find anyone suspicious?”

Gu Yiran shrugged, “This is an old neighborhood. The surveillance cameras are all decorations. None of them are working.”

“That’s a little strange.” Lin Yi said.

“After leaving the police station, our people have been secretly following her. When did the murderer go in and destroy the gas pipe?”

“I’ve already asked the people in charge of watching Du Juan. They can confirm that Du Juan didn’t come out after entering, and no one has entered her house.”

Lin Yi was thinking the same thing as everyone else. They didn’t understand what was going on.

Now they were in a deadlock again. How had the killer entered the house?

“Is there a possibility that the murderer entered in advance to fulfill his intention to kill?”

“Right now, there’s only one possibility. They live on the sixth floor, so it’s unlikely someone came in through the windows from outside as it would be too visible,” Lin Yi said.

“But the issue is, the gas leak was from a pipe, and that section doesn’t have a valve—it’s a continuous leak. When Du Juan came back, she would have definitely noticed something was wrong. It’s even more unlikely that she would go to sleep under those circumstances, which is contradictory.”

Lin Yi’s question was also the key to this locked room murder case.

‘How did the killer control the gas in the pipes?’

If he could solve this, he would be able to figure out the murderer’s modus operand!.

Lin Yi went to the kitchen and saw the destroyed gas pipe.

Then, he carefully went up and touched it.

There were some small barbs in the destroyed area. It was obvious that it was man-made.

Lin Yi looked at it carefully for a long time, but he still couldn’t figure it out.

There was no one inside, but the other party could control the opening of the hole.

How did they do it?


Just as Lin Yi was thinking about the problem, he realized that something was wrong.

He saw a black substance smaller than a sesame seed beside the hole. It didn’t seem to be rust.

“Brother Li, do you have any tweezers?” Lin Yi said.

“Did you find anything?”

“There’s something very strange on the pipe. I’m going to get it and investigate”

“Wait a minute.”

Li Xianghui walked to the forensic expert and asked for a pair of tweezers before handing them to Lin Yi.

Lin Yi took another tissue and carefully removed the black substance.

“What is this?” Gu Yiran asked.

Lin Yi shook his head and stared at the small black substance.

“I’m not sure yet. I took it from around the hole.”

“But it seems to be sticky. I saw it stick to the forceps just now.”


Realization dawned on Lin Yi as he hurriedly ran to the window. His eyes widened as he saw what he wanted to see!

Du Juan, although beautiful, was not virtuous, which could be seen from the furnishings in her home.

Or rather, there are few virtuous women who become someone else’s mistress.

Thus, the windowsills in her home were not clean, especially around the PVC windows, which were covered in dust.

However, there was a white line that divided the dust on the PVC window into two sections.

At the same time, Li Xianghui and Gu Yiran walked over.

“What did you find?”

Lin Yi pointed at the white mark on the window.

“I understand how the killer did it.”

Neither of them spoke, waiting for Lin Yi to continue.

“The killer snuck into the house before Du Juan returned. Then he quietly made a small hole in it and sealed it with tape as fast as he could. That way, the pipe wouldn’t leak anytime soon.”

“And then, how did he pull off the tape?”

“Fishing line!”

“The murderer was outside. He used a fishing line to connect the tape at one end of the pipe. When the time was right, he pulled the fishing line outside and successfully detached the tape. The gas inside would naturally leak out.”

“I understand!” Li Xianghui said.

“The white mark by the window should be the mark left by the fishing line!”