I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week - C.1710 - : Locked Room Murder

I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week

C.1710 - : Locked Room Murder

Chapter 1710: Locked Room Murder

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Lin Yi’s analysis won the rest’s approval.

They unanimously believed that Du Juan was Song Deyuan’s murderer!

The only thing they had to do now was confirm that Du Juan’s leave time coincided with Song Deyuan’s business trips!

Lin Yi took his phone and called Gu Yiran.

The voice on the other end was a little noisy, as if they were eating outside.

“Is something wrong?”

“Do you have Du Juan’s leave schedule?”

“Leave schedule?” Gu Yiran paused for a moment, “Do you mean all the dates she has taken off since she started working?”

“Yes, do you have it?”

“Yes, but I need to tidy it up.” Gu Yiran said seriously,

“Did you find any clues?”

“Sort out the leave schedule first. I’ll fill you in then.”


When it came to work, Gu Yiran was very serious and cooperative.

Then, Lin Yi called Li Xianghui’s brother and asked him to help check Du Juan’s travel records oveer the past three months.

This way, when the evidence came out, it would be even more convincing.

“I think there’s no need to investigate. It must be that woman called Du Juan.” Liang Jinming drank his beer and said,

“As a mistress, she would do these things. I don’t believe that she would be content with the 50,000 yuan a month.”

“Brother Lin, we helped you solve the case. Does that count as a meritorious deed?” Gao Zongyuan asked.

“I’ll treat you to roasted meat.”

“Damn, so you were using us as tools.”

“Don’t make it sound so bad. We’re all brothers.” Lin Yi laughed.

“Come, come, let’s drink.”

After discussing the case, the few of them kept toasting each other. The atmosphere was lively and joyful.

About half an hour later, Gu Yiran and Li Xianghui called at the same time.

They had found all the information Lin Yi needed.

After careful verification, they found that Du Juan’s leave time was highly compatible with Song Deyuan’s travel time.

Secondly, Du Juan’s travel records when she was on leave were the same as where Song Deyuan went!

There was no doubt that Du Juan was accompanying Song Deyuan every time he went out.

Thus, it was very likely that she was the one who had killed Song Deyuan!

“Give me a second.”

Lin Yi returned to his room and turned on the video call.

“Did you find out anything?” Li Xianghui asked after the video call went through.

“I’ve got it.”

Lin Yi explained the clues he had analyzed to the two of them.

After hearing Lin Yi’s words, the two of them were especially shocked.

It turned out that a clue like this was hidden in the dark.

Now, they could lock onto Du Juan as the prime suspect!

“I’m going to get an arrest warrant!”

“I’m going back to the police station now.” Gu Yiran said.

“I still have something to do. I’ll look for you guys later.”

“There’s no hurry. We’ll just arrest her and interrogate her slowly. You can come back after you’re done with your matters.”

“Sure thing.”

After hanging up the video call, Lin Yi stretched.

He did not expect the case to be solved so quickly.

Lin Yi returned to the swimming pool and Liang Qiming asked.

“How was it? Did you arrest her?”

“It’ll be over soon. She’ll probably confess everything after a few days of interrogation.”

“Half of your service medal belongs to us. When the time comes, don’t forget to reward us based on our contributions. A roasted meat definitely won’t do. We have to hold a party to celebrate.”

What Liang Jinming meant by a party would be understood by the benevolent and the wise.

With the case solved, Lin Yi was in a good mood. He took out a few bottles of good wine from the wine cabinet and prepared to get drunk that night.

The barbecue dinner at night didn’t end until past eleven.

The three of them were so drunk that they were not prepared to leave at night. There were so many houses here, so they were prepared to stay here for the night. 𝗳r𝐞𝐞w𝐞bn𝚘ve𝚕.co𝐦

After taking care of Qin Han and the other two, Lin Yi, Ji Qingyan, and He Yuanyuan returned to their rooms.

As for the aftermath, the property management would come and clean it up. There was no need to do it personally.

“I’ll sleep with Senior Sister tonight. You can find a place to sleep by yourself.”

“Since you’ve helped me so much, 1 won’t bicker with you. Otherwise, I’d definitely have a good chat with you.”

“At least you have some conscience.”

Ring ring ring!

Just as the three of them were about to wash up and rest, Lin Yi’s phone rang. It was a call from Li Xianghui.

“Have you caught Her? How’s the situation?”

“Du Juan is dead.”

“All?! Dead!!”

Lin Yi couldn’t believe it. This news was unbelievable.

“How dids he die?”

“Gas poisoning,” Li Xianghui said.

“After our people went over, no one opened the door after our knocking. After forcing the door open, we realized that there was a strong smell of gas in the room. Du Juan was lying on the bed and had stopped breathing. By the time we arrived, she should have been dead for half an hour.”

“Are you at the scene or at the station?”

“I’m at the scene. Do you want to come over?”

“Wait for me. I’ll go over and take a look.”

After hanging up the phone, He Yuanyuan walked up curiously.

“What happened? Don’t tell me that the person who you said died is Du Juan.”

“That’s her. She died of gas poisoning.”

“F*ck, did he commit suicide?”

“That’s possible, but I’m not sure yet. I have to go to the scene to take a look.” Lin Yi said.

“You guys go to sleep first. Don’t wait for me.”

“Be careful on the road. Don’t drive too fast and stay safe,” she warned.

“Got it. 1 know what I’m doing.”

Lin Yi took his car keys and drove to Du Juan’s house.

Du Juan’s house was in the outer ring. It was an old neighborhood that did not even have an elevator.

Although it was a little broken, in a place like Zhonghai, every inch of land was worth a lot of money.

When he arrived at her house, the entire building was locked down. Lin Yi showed his work pass and walked in smoothly.

“Brother Li, how’s the situation?”

“The body hasn’t been taken away yet. You can take a look.”

In the living room, there was a white cloth covering it. It was obvious that Du Juan’s corpse was underneath.

He lifted the white cloth and saw Du Juan’s greenish-purple face. She was not wearing any clothes and appeared to have passed peacefully.

Lin Yi reached his hand into her armpit. He could still feel a little warmth, indicating she had just died not long ago.

After checking, Lin Yi covered Du Juan’s body with a white cloth again.

The scene was well-protected and had been maintained its original state.

However, it was very messy. Many clothes were strewn on the sofa and chairs. Even her undergarments were casually thrown all over the place.

It was hard to imagine that this was the home of a woman in her thirties.

On the dining table, there was a half-eaten single serving of hot pot takeout which had already grown moldy.

It seemed that she was hurriedly taken away by the local police while she was eating.

When she returned in the afternoon, she didn’t tidy up the house and went straight to her room to sleep, exhausted both physically and mentally.

Then, she never got up again…