I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week - C.1707 - : No Clues


Chapter 1707: No Clues

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As if reading Lin Yi’s mind, Gu Yiran asked,

“With your relationship with Song Deyuan and his resources and connections, 1 don’t think it’d be difficult for you to start your own thing, right?”

“Secondly, you’ve only been doing this job for about four months. You must have just found it. You even took a lot of leave during this period. I don’t think this is what a good employee should do.”

Then, Gu Yiran waved the report in her hand and continued,

“Can I take it that you don’t want to work at all? You only wanted to use Song Deyuan’s resources to develop your career. However, he didn’t agree. You two had a disagreement about this, so you flew into a rage and killed him.”

Lin Yi pursed his lips.

‘She’s already considered pretty good. If you saw He Yuanyuan, you’d know what a f*cking employee is.’

“No, that’s wrong!” Du Juan became excited.

“We did have some arguments recently, but there were no substantive problems. 1 also know my own ability. I’m not cut out to start a company, and I won’t ask for such things.”

“And I have an alibi. What right do you have to accuse me of murder?”

“Indeed, Song Deyuan committed suicide by falling off the cliff. There’s no real murderer here.”

“Then why do you suspect me!” Du Juan said excitedly.

“He died accidentally. You can’t suspect me just because we have an improper relationship!”

“I suspect you because of your phone records!” Gu Yiran said coldly.

“According to the autopsy, Song Deyuan overdosed on contraband before he died, causing him to hallucinate and fall off the cliff!”

“Secondly, 20 minutes before Song Deyuan died, the two of you were on the phone for 40 minutes. I want to know what you said. Did you use drugs?”

Gu Yiran’s expression was as cold as ice.

Lin Yi glanced at her. This aura was very suitable for interrogating criminals.

“I, we…”

Du Juan suddenly became uneasy facing Gu Yiran’s question.

Lin Yi raised his eyebrows and glanced at her. Obviously, Gu Yiran’s approach worked.

Or rather, the call log had worked.

“At this time, don’t hesitate. 1 hope you can tell the truth.” Gu Yiran pressed on, not giving Du Juan any chance to catch her breath.

“In addition, we’ve also investigated your situation at the company.”

“You were indeed in the office on the day of the incident, but you left halfway through lunch. Moreover, the time you left coincided with the time you video-called Song Deyuan. I want to know what you were doing during this period!”


Du Juan’s face turned pale, and cold sweat trickled down her forehead.

“He was the one who initiated the call. At that time, I put down my chopsticks and went back to the car to video call him.”

“Then, 1 want to know the contents of your video call.” Gu Yiran asked.

“What did he tell you? Or what did you tell him?”

“If that’s what you want to know, he was taking drugs.”

“Go on.”

“He wanted me to go over at the time, but 1 found a reason to refuse and said that I couldn’t leave. After that, we kept video calling each other and continued.”

Neither of them doubted Du Juan’s testimony.

This was because almost everyone who did these things did not do it by themselves. They had to find a companion to party with.

Du Juan couldn’t rush over, so playing via video was understandable.

“Then what happened? Did you touch it?”

“No, because I didn’t have that stuff on hand,” Du Juan calmly said.

Gu Yiran raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean by that? If you had it, would you have joined him?”

Du Juan frowned, “The past few days were the days he was supposed to give me money. If he had strong demands, I would satisfy them, but he’s usually easy to talk to, and 1 can satisfy him in other ways, so he wouldn’t force me.”

“But you said earlier, since you were arrested, you hadn’t touched that stuff, was that a lie? Have you touched it during this time?”

Du Juan’s eyes shifted, “Only once, but the amount was really very small, just that one time.”

“Why did you lie to us back then? Don’t you know that this is an additional crime?”

“When you guys caught me, 1 was scared to death. In addition, Song Deyuan was dead, so 1 didn’t tell the truth. Moreover, it was just a small amount. 1 know many people who do this. It’s really not as serious as you think.”

Gu Yiran thought for a few seconds and gave Lin Yi a look. The latter understood and they walked out together.

“What do you think?”

“There’s nothing wrong with her testimony,” Lin Yi said.

“If she really killed Song Deyuan for money, there would be no need for her to go to work. There are conflicts here.”

“Moreover, according to the video records, it was Song Deyuan who started the video call. She didn’t pick up the first call and only picked it up the second time. This greatly reduces the possibility that she was luring Song Deyuan.”

Gu Yiran leaned against the wall, “One more thing, she was not with Song Deyuan when the accident happened, so the possibility of her inducing him is even lower. According to speculation, when he came out of the hotel and rushed to the place where he fell off the cliff, someone might have got him to head to the scene of the accident. Du Juan was not there, so she is not very suspicious.”

“This analysis is wrong.” Lin Yi said.

“Luring him to the scene of the incident didn’t necessarily require the perpetrator to be there in person. It could also be done through electronic devices.”

“Moreover, the murderer installed so many cameras at the scene specifically to prove that Song Deyuan fell off the cliff by himself. If the murderer personally went out to lure Song Deyuan, it would be easy to expose themselves in the surveillance footage, which would not be a smart move.”

Gu Yiran thought for a few seconds and nodded as if she agreed with Lin Yi.

“Let’s go back first and tell Brother Li about this. We’ll let him decide how to deal with this.”


Then, the two of them returned to the office. At this time, Li Xianghui and the other two had already returned.

“What’s the situation on your side?”

“Based on the current situation, Du Juan is not a suspect.” Gu Yiran answered and then told them about the interrogation process.

“It’s the same on our side. We didn’t find any useful information.” Li Xianghui said.

“However, during the interrogation, Song Zhe and Liu Fang both insisted that

Du Juan killed Song Deyuan for the company’s money..”

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