I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week - C.1706 - : A Wave of Connotation

I Get A Random New Occupation Every Week

C.1706 - : A Wave of Connotation

Chapter 1706: A Wave of Connotation

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“During our journey, we analyzed that if the murderer’s intent was to make Song Deyuan fall off the cliff himself, it would be highly risky,” Gu Yiran said.

“If he’d taken a few more steps, he’d have left the surveillance camera frame. Then careful surveillance wouldn’t have helped.”

“So you suspect that someone deliberately led Song Deyuan to the scene of the incident?” Li Xianghui said.

“Yes, and we all think that’s a very good possibility. Otherwise, there’s a high chance that the murderer’s plan would have failed.”

Li Xianghui and the other two nodded silently. “I thought of that possibility too.”

“However, the scene was destroyed, making it very difficult for the subsequent investigation.”

“I was careless in this matter. At that time, 1 thought it was a suicide, so 1 didn’t send anyone to close the scene.”

“That’s normal. Who would have thought so much? Moreover, we’d already investigated at that time,” Zhang Hui said.

“Let’s put these things aside for now. Let’s take a look at these financial statements and project contracts first. I’m getting a headache from looking at them, but I didn’t find anything wrong,” Gao Mingjun said.

Lin Yi picked up the documents on the table and looked at them. They were densely packed and gave him a headache.

He had to ask He Yuanyuan for help with such a trivial matter.

“Brother Li, give me the things. I’ll get someone to take a look at these things and see if they can find something.”

“You have a friend who can do that?” Li Xianghui asked in surprise.

“Didn’t 1 tell you before? If you want to build a house, 1 can help you contact the excavator. I’ll handle it.”

“Alright, you’ll have to work hard on this.”

“It’s a small matter.”

Li Xianghui nodded. “Didn’t you guys bring back a lot of cameras? Let’s take a look now and see if there’s anything fishy about them.”

Lin Yi and Gu Yiran brought back a total of seven cameras.

Cameras one to four were near the scene of the incident, capturing footage of Song Deyuan walking to the edge of the cliff and eventually falling off.

Camera five was from the second floor restaurant of the hotel, camera six was located at the hotel entrance, and camera seven was randomly picked from another location to serve as a comparison.

The few of them held the camera and looked at it for a while before Zhang Hui muttered.

“They seem to be the same. There’s no difference.”

“Let’s connect them and check the scene first,” Lin Yi said.

“If our previous guess is correct, then there must be a difference in the quality of these cameras. Otherwise, the inference won’t be valid!”

The others agreed with Lin Yi’s point and began to connect to the cameras.

As expected, after connecting all the cameras, they discovered a problem.

Among cameras one to four, the image quality was quite clear. Although cameras five to seven were also good, their display quality was somewhat inferior.


Gao Mingjun let out a long breath. “Now, I’m ioo% sure that this was a carefully planned murder case.”

“But there’s another problem.” Zhang Hui picked up camera three and seven. “These two cameras are the same, but the display quality is different. How do you explain this?”

“That’s easy to explain,” Lin Yi said, “Even if it’s the same on the outside, it doesn’t have the same internal structure.”

“What are you suggesting?”

“Someone might have tampered with the machine,” Lin Yi said.

“It’s just like how some people look like urban beauties on the surface, but deep down, they have the heart of an auntie.”

“Huh??” Zhang Hui was stunned. “What do you mean by the heart of an auntie?”

“It’s like how someone looks beautiful on the outside, but her underwear is very conservative. It’s even inferior to the style of an 8o-year-old lady… Why did you kick my stool?”

The three of them looked at Gu Yiran.

Zhang Hui and Gao Mingjun looked at Gu Yiran with curious eyes.

“Why are you all looking at me? Hasn’t sister-in-law been taking care of you these past few days?”


The two of them laughed awkwardly, as if to say, we all understand…

“Alright, stop joking around.” Li Xianghui said,

“At this point in the investigation, a lot of things are clear. I’m going to summarize.

“Now, we can confirm that although Song Deyuan fell off the cliff himself, there was someone who induced him to do so. Therefore, he was murdered.”

“The suspect might be his son, Song Zhe, and his wife, Liu Fang, or his mistress, Du Juan.”

“Agreed,” they all replied.

Li Xianghui looked at his watch. “It’s about time. Let’s go over and interrogate them to see if we can dig out anything.”

The suspects were only under suspicion, and the detention period was limited.

If the problem could not be resolved within the specified time, then they would have to be released.

Now that new evidence had been found, it was crucial to take advantage of this time for a re-examination.

“Little Zhang, Little Gao, you two go interrogate Liu Fang. I’ll interrogate Song Zhe. Little Yi, Little Gu, you two go interrogate Du Juan.”


After receiving their missions, the three of them walked towards the interrogation room.

After the third trial, Lin Yi saw Du Juan again.

At the third trial, Lin Yi saw Du Juan again. After several days in detention, Du Juan looked significantly worn out.

However, one could still glimpse the beauty she possessed in her prime, which was quite striking.

To say she was a woman of “fading beauty, yet still charming” was not an exaggeration at all.

This time, when the two of them saw Du Juan, she was no longer as nervous as the first time. Instead, she was very calm.

However, her eyes had lost their luster, as if she had accepted her fate.

“Is there anything you want to tell us?” Gu Yiran asked calmly, “If you tell us the truth, we’ll forgive you. If you resist, we’ll punish you severely. You can speak now. These will bring about two very different outcomes.”

“I really didn’t kill Song Deyuan! 1 was working in the company when he got into trouble. How could we have killed him?” Du Juan looked aggrieved and innocent.

“Besides, I’m his mistress. He gives me 50,000 yuan every month. I’m still relying on him to live. Why would I harm him?”

“Since he gives you money every month, why are you still working?” Gu Yiran flipped through the materials in his hand and said,

“As far as we know, the online company you work for only does ordinary clerk work. Your monthly salary is 4,200 yuan. It’s not much.”

“Because I know that men are unreliable. Song Deyuan can only support me for a few years. When I’m old in a few years, he will definitely look down on me. I have to find a stable job,” Du Juan said.

“Although the salary of this company isn’t high, its work is quite leisurely. Moreover, it pays insurance and money. It can guarantee its retirement in the future.”

Tap, tap, tap.

Lin Yi’s fingers tapped the table rhythmically.

This was his habit. He did it when he was thinking about problems.

There was nothing wrong with Du Juan’s statement, but it was clear that she was not a smart person.

After being a lover for so many years, she had yet to make use of Song Deyuan’s connections and resources to start her own business.

This was a failure on her part..

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