I Can See Your Combat Power - C.324 - Three Hundred and Twenty: Negotiation (1)

I Can See Your Combat Power

C.324 - Three Hundred and Twenty: Negotiation (1)

Chapter 324: Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty: Negotiation (1)

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Looking at how Tang Luo’s originally pale face quickly became rosy and robust, growing from a hunchback to a stocky figure, Ji Fu’s expression grew more and more somber.

“Master Ji, I have been very curious about why the Immortal Battle Body technique from the Tang Clan that you taught me begins with both hands!” Tang Luo’s eyes flashed with a cold glint as he tossed a gold scroll onto the ceremonial table, asking coldly.

Ji Fu already knew his plot to manipulate the Tang Clan’s Immortal Battle Body technique has been exposed, but he didn’t plan to evade this topic anyway. Since the Tang Clan unveiled the secret scroll of the Minor Spiritual Realm, they definitely couldn’t keep this under wraps, so he calmly replied, “It’s simply because I only remembered the engraving method for the Spirit Array of both hands. If you’re dissatisfied, you are welcome to reconstruct the technique.”

“Ha, reconstruct!?” Tang Luo slammed his hands down on the table, his eyes flashing with anger as he shouted, “Destroying the Spirit Array is equivalent to crippling both hands. That’s a splendid idea, Master Ji!”

“If you don’t want to reconstruct, then just start with your hands. Playing the role of a child will only cause you to be ridiculed.” Ji Fu leaned back in his chair, looking relaxed. In the entire Tang Clan, he only valued Tang Luo, and he did not believe for a moment that Tang Luo could unlock the Divine Storage of Heartfire that pumped lifeblood like a heart and breathed life force like a dragon. That was enough.

Tang Luo, who was previously furious, regained his calm demeanor almost immediately, in quite a drastic change, and said indifferently, “Master Ji has been putting the Tang Clan at a disadvantage even amidst such a critical moment. This is truly admirable.”

“You flatter me,” Ji Fu replied indifferently. “As a prelude, opening the Earthly Divine Storage benefits the Tang Clan as well. At least under the circumstances where there are no divine medicines available in the five-layered Earth Palace, those Tang Clan’s fighters who have achieved the Fifth-Rank Undying Body will greatly save on consumption. That is not necessarily a bad thing.”

“Oh? How do you, Master Ji, know that the five-layered Earth Palace is devoid of divine medicinal herbs?”

“Don’t pretend,” Ji Fu scoffed disdainfully, thinking to himself, “In the entire Minor Spiritual Realm, the only thing nourishing the spirit is the three spiritual springs located in the five-layered Earth Palace. The Blood Divine Son emerged from the Underground Place, which originally housed numerous divine drugs. Now, the Earth Palace has been occupied by the Blood Divine Being, whose despicable Bloodthirsty arts contaminates the land wherever it goes, without a doubt, since the springs are occupied, the divine medicinal herbs are sure to be consumed.”

In fact, this was a good thing for the Ji Clan. Since Beimang was remote with many dense woods and large marshes, it was easy to open spiritual fields. Ji Clan did not need divine medicinal herbs and also sent large amounts of divine medicinal herbs to other blood descendants of the Han Family every year. Even if Ji Clan took all the divine medicinal herbs in the Minor Spiritual Realm, it would only be icing on the cake.

But for the Tang Clan who had accumulated for thousands of years, the absence of divine medicinal herbs stunted the development of the Tang Clan’s fighters and hopes of reaching higher ranks were almost hopeless. Now the actions of Tang Luo made sense to him: Tang Luo had set his sights on the Blood Divine being after learning of the absence of divine medicinal herbs.

So with the expression of “I see through everything”, Ji Fu mocked, “You first pretended to be incredibly weak, and then you took out this Saints works scroll to accuse me of manipulation. Aren’t you trying to take advantage of this situation with the Blood Divine being?”

“Blood Divine being?!” Xu Lao, who had been listening on the side, finally came back to his senses and exclaimed in surprise, “Are you saying that another Demon King spirit in the Minor Spiritual Realm belongs to the Blood Divine being?”

Since things have come to this point, Ji Fu had nothing more to hide. At first, he thought that Tang Clan was just a backwater family who would not recognize the Blood Divine being. But after Tang Luo’s performance, he was sure that they knew it. In this case, they could talk openly.

“Since this Blood Divine being has entered the Underground Palace and occupied the spirit springs, it is seeking its own demise. Doesn’t it know that this palace is a major spiritual binding array? With a few more months, this large array can be activated again, and I will be able to suppress and acquire this Blood Divine being.” Ji Fu was all smiles as he said this directly to both of them.

While he lost on the one hand, he gained on the other. For Ji Clan, the Blood Divine Being was a miraculous treasure. There were eight divine mountains and countless spiritual springs in Beimang. Even if only a small portion were used to nourish the Blood Divine being for making Blood Divine Sons, tens of millions of blood slaves could be produced every year, and all of them were assets for the return of the Han family back to Zhongzhou. The best thing is, Ji Fu did not believe that the Tang Clan had the ability to absorb the soul of the Blood Divine being. In other words, this Blood Divine being could only be controlled by him. Could there be a better gift than this?

After entering Xiling, this was the second time Ji Fu has gained the upper hand in his match with the Tang Clan. The happy expression arising from this triumph could not help but show on Ji Fu’s face.

“Young Master Ji, don’t rush into celebrating.” said Tang Luo with a cold tone, “My cousin sister died in the Small Spiritual Realm. This matter is not over yet.”

“And what will you do about it?” Ji Fu, with a beaming face, he has Tang Luo in his pocket, believing that Tang Luo just want to claim more Blood Divine Sons. However, Tang Luo would never imagine how many Blood Divine Sons the Ji Family could make each year. Even if Tang Luo were to make excessive demands, it would only amount to tens of thousands. He would accept this not even blinking an eye.

Tang Luo calmly pulled out an ancient bronze bell from his arms and tossed it on the table, making a tinkling sound.

Ji Fu, who had been smiling just a moment ago, looked at this bell. His face became ashen, and he grindingly asked, “What do you mean by this!?”

Even Xu Lao, who was looking at the object on the table, was also surprised, “Soul-Breaking Bell? You guys have such a thing too?”

There was once a martial arts grandmaster named Ji Shiyun in Zhongzhou who awakened the Soul-Devouring Bloodline. His spiritual attack was regarded as number one in the Fierce Realm, and no matter how strong the spirit, they couldn’t withstand a single blow under his bloodline power, thus he was honored as the top expert in the Fierce Realm.

This man was wildly lustful, indulging in sexual pleasure every day, and was extremely violent, and loved toying with young women and wives. One day he offended a transcendent king and despite bringing out his full power, he was still killed. The Ji Family who lost the protection of the martial arts grandmaster naturally declined, and thousands of Soul-Breaking Bells that Ji Shiyun made using his own bloodline were scattered all over the world.

The Soul-Breaking Bell is a one-time-use spiritual treasure; when the holder activates the Soul-Breaking Bell, it will release a Shocking Soul Bell Sound, which can cause significant damage to the spirit. Even the spirits that have reached the pinnacle and have been transformed by the Fierce Realm can be shattered by the bell sound, needing to be healed and recovered in the God’s Residence. But each Soul-Breaking Bell can only emit one Shocking Soul Bell Sound before shattering; therefore, smart Fierce Realm experts can avoid this attack by simply retracting their spirits back into the God’s Residence once they see the bell being triggered.

But for the Blood Divine being, who lost their body and was just a pure spirit, as long as Tang Luo could burst into the five-layered Earth Palace, it would almost mean the death of the Blood Divine being.

Because the Blood Divine Being without a physical body would not have a God’s Residence, and the shattered spirit could only dissipate in the world.

Ji Fu had been happy because he thought the Tang Clan had no means to capture spirits, but he would never have expected to see Ji Shiyun’s Soul- Breaking Bell in this remote place of Xiling, which felt like being held by the throat again!

Only to see Tang Luo with a calm expression, stating flatly, “Tang Ya died in the Minor Spiritual Realm. I want the Blood Divine being to accompany her in death.”