I Can See Your Combat Power - C.322 - 318: Return (3)

I Can See Your Combat Power

C.322 - 318: Return (3)

Chapter 322: Chapter 318: Return (3)

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“Elder Luo, what exactly is the situation in the Minor Spiritual Realm and what has injured you?” Clan Chief Tang Zhi, who had arranged the divine medicine treasure grass, asked about the situation in the Minor Spiritual Realm. After Tang Luo had passed out, he and Ji Fu had had a heated discussion about the hidden dangers in the Minor Spiritual Realm.

Ji Fu, however, remained silent. Regardless of the angle from which he was questioned, he claimed ignorance. But it was this evasive attitude that led Tang Zhi to assume that he was definitely aware of the situation in the Minor Spiritual Realm and he started to have some guesses.

With Clan Chief Tang Zhi’s question, the three high-ranking members of the Tang Clan focused their attention on Tang Luo’s face.

Tang Luo would frankly speak about the matter of the divine medicine treasure grass, not to mention the situations regarding the Demon King and the Blood God. He said directly, “In the ancient records of gods and demons, there is a Blood God ruler. All the records said it died under the divine flame of the Dragon King Ao Jiyang, but actually, it was saved by its friend, the Nine-Tailed Demon King, and hidden in the Minor Spiritual Realm. Our two Mortal Realm squads encountered danger because we were ambushed by the son of the Blood God.”

No matter which ancient record about Longzhou one opens, the Blood God is a name that cannot be ignored. Longzhou was once the kingdom of monsters, tens of thousands of different beasts of the Demon Race lived on this land of Longzhou. The appearance of the Blood God turned Longzhou into a wasteland, not to mention the weak human race at that time, even many formidable beasts were exterminated by the Blood God.

So when the Blood God died and the Blood God’s son lost control, they became scattered Blood Slaves across Longzhou. It was at this time that Martial Saint Mountain chose to settle in the desolate Longzhou – in the Zhou Kun Mountain Range.

Lots of daring Human Race powerhouses then dived deep into Longzhou, gathering a lot of ‘ Blood God’s sons and becoming rich overnight. This let the human race know that Longzhou had become a gold-rush holy land. Many ambitious warriors brought their families to Longzhou to build villages and cities, these people were historically known as the pioneering warriors.

With a large number of pioneering warriors entering Longzhou to gather the children of the Blood God and establish power, the first clans of Longzhou were formed. Some pioneering warriors did not want to settle in the desolate Longzhou, they took numerous Blood Slaves back to their hometown, hence spreading the reputation of Longzhou as a gold-rush holy land.

The ancestors of the Tang Clan were the second batch of pioneers in Longzhou. After settling in Xiling, they found overlooked and strong blood slaves in many dead-end places because of their high level of cultivation. With those thousands of Blood Slaves, the Tang Clan was able to establish a firm foothold in Xiling and become a powerful clan in Xiling today.

Therefore, everyone present understood what kind of existence the Blood God is. And Tang Zhi was undoubtedly the wisest among the three people. When Tang Luo revealed the whereabouts of the Blood God, he instantly understood what Ji Fu was trying hard to hide.

“Can the divine soul of the Blood God be drawn out from the Minor Spiritual Realm?” Tang Zhi directly pointed out the key question.

The bigger the courage humans have, the bigger the probability of them obtaining the rewards of the land. With the current powerful state of the Human Race, there was nothing they dared not to domesticate, such as the beasts with divine bloodlines, highly poisonous insects, and even the divine beasts like the dragon and the phoenix. They ruled and confined them without hesitation.

A bat demon that ruled the world a thousand years ago was just a Blood Slave-making machine in the Clan Chief Tang’s eyes. If they could manage to pull the divine soul of the Blood God out of the Minor Spiritual Realm and control it, it means that the Tang Clan can have an endless supply of Blood Slave warriors. Creating a strong person is difficult, but there is a straightforward way to create a Blood Slave as long as they are ruthless enough. It’s not that difficult to produce billions of Blood God’s sons over several decades.

Everyone should know that the population along the banks of the Lingjiang River alone exceeded billions. Tang Zhi understood what Ji Fu was planning.

And endless blood god’s son, not only did Ji Fu need, the Tang Clan also desired them very much. For now, the biggest advantage is that on the Tang Clan’s side, there are the strongest warriors in the Mortal Realm. If there’s anyone who could draw out the soul of the Blood God right now, besides Tang Luo, there wasn’t a second person to think of.

The three high-ranking Tang Clan members were all moved and looked at Tang Luo with expectant eyes.

“Well…” Tang Luo naturally understood the thoughts of these people, but he had already made up his mind: “I can’t do this.”

“What difficulties are there?” the Great Elder Tang Siyuan asked.

“There’s no difficulty, I just don’t want to do it.” Tang Luo laughed and said directly: “I like the Demon King in the Minor Spiritual Realm very much and we made a deal. He will hide the whereabouts of the divine medicine for me and I will not catch the Blood God. Regardless of what you guys think, wait until all the resources in the Minor Spiritual Realm are transported out.”

In fact, such an oral agreement is the least effective. Even hearing that Tang Luo had reached an agreement with the Demon King, the hope on the faces of the Tang Clan’s high-ranking members didn’t change. Because to them, obtaining the Blood God was much more important than Tang Luo’s credibility.

Tang Luo naturally understood their thoughts, because keeping your word has different values for each person.

Perhaps to these people of the Tang Clan, the benefits brought about by obtaining the Blood God far outweigh the cost of breaking his promise.

After all, this course of action means only profits. In the Demon King and Blood God’s eyes, Tang Luo is a dishonorable scoundrel, but he is still a hero to the entire Tang Clan. The people present believed that Tang Luo could make this turn.

I understand the logic but I just won’t do it!

Tang Luo scratched his chin and planned to explain the situation clearly, “Gentlemen, let’s clarify first. If you guys are planning on going after the Blood God like Ji Fu, don’t count me in.”

His summary statement made a slight shock in their eyes. Tang Zu asked, “Elder Luo, what do you mean by that?”

If a clan member places his own honor above the clan, it’s a behavior that Zong Zheng cannot tolerate, so he intended to clarify.

“The meaning is.” Tang Luo touched his nose and simply said, “If you can find someone in the Mortal Realm who can pull out the Blood God, then go find them. Anyway, I’m not doing it. Don’t expect to wait until the gate of the Minor Spiritual Realm stabilizes, because once the resources are transported out, the Demon King will self-destruct after recovering some spiritual power. After that, this Minor Spiritual Realm will drift in the void and who knows where it will appear next time.”

“Elder Luo!” Zong Zheng Tang Zu shouted angrily, “Do you know what you are saying!?”

“Of course I do!” Tang Luo casually nodded, not taking Zong Zheng’s anger to heart. He didn’t particularly care about keeping promises.

In his heart, he really didn’t think getting the Blood God was a good thing. If the Tang Clan obtained the Blood God, then the path to becoming the antagonist was set. But does the Tang Clan have the strength to be the antagonist? A clan that doesn’t even have a King Realm, what’s the use of unlimited creation of the Blood God’s sons? It seemed like after owning the Blood God, all the Tang Clan had to do was to vigorously develop the animal husbandry industry to have an endless supply of Blood God’s son cannon fodders. But cannon fodders are just cannon fodders, and they are not the key to determining a battle.

Yinglong Ao who killed the Blood God ruler at its peak a thousand years ago died in the hands of Saint Han. Is the current An Clan weaker than the Han Family a thousand years ago?

Due to the Undying Battle Body, the Tang Clan seems to be growing rapidly right now, but this speed comes with great risks. As long as the An Clan in Zhongzhou discovers the Han Family’s influence in the Tang Clan’s cultivation methods, it would spell disaster for the Tang Clan..