Global Lords: Hundredfold Increments Starting With the Undead - C.165 - , Four-Footed Giant Lizard 1


Chapter 165: Chapter 165, Four-Footed Giant Lizard 1

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“What’s the deal, does it summon a type of soldier or a mount?” Fang Hao asked in response.

Tian Zhiyong replied, “It’s a mount, but it also has strong attacking abilities; its strength is around level 5.1 didn’t dare use it. My men got injured, and I had to sell it out of necessity.”

Tian Zhiyong is always bold and cautious.

Recently, close to his territory, he discovered a group of Lizardmen wearing strange clothes.

This group looked like a caravan, yet also resembled a group of pilgrims.

In any case, he discovered these Lizardmen, and they found his territory as well.

Tian Zhiyong did not want to provoke this group. However, after villagers who had been working outside for two consecutive days went missing, he began to suspect the Lizardmen.

After arranging several soldiers to investigate, they confirmed the Lizardmen’s campsite as well as the obviously tortured bodies of villagers.

Tian Zhiyong felt that something was not right.

What were these Lizardmen up to?

If they were just camping and resting, he would consider compromising despite his fury over the death of two villagers, prioritizing the safety of his entire territory.

But if the Lizardmen were waiting for reinforcements, that would be trouble. Tian Zhiyong thought again and again, planning a big move, either wiping out these Lizardmen or risking everything in a gamble – if he lost, he would abandon the city with his men.

So, after he had decided, he began to formulate a detailed plan.

The numbers on both sides were roughly equal, but the ranking of the Lizardmen’s soldiers exceeded his own.

Head-to-head combat wouldn’t win him victory. To triumph, he would have to resort to some special tricks.

He led his soldiers to set up a large number of traps on hidden paths. Then, after feigning defeat in an attack, he lured the Lizardmen, who were as crazed as if they’d been injected with chicken blood, to the trap to start the fight. After a gruesome battle, Tian Zhiyong won, but the casualties were heavy.

Half of his troops had died. The remaining men, including himself, had come back to the territory injured.

Out of desperation, he picked valuable items from the spoils of war to exchange.

Of course, the hotpot seasoning was added after opening the Book of Lords and seeing people chatting.

“Boss, I’ve seen the giant lizard before. It’s huge and can serve as a mount as well as a transport for goods. It also has fighting capabilities,” Tian Zhiyong continued to explain.

Compared to Fang Hao, Tian Zhiyong was more eager to finalize this trade.

After all, the injuries can’t wait. Who knows if these Lizardmen have reinforcements, or a few escapees might launch a surprise attack.

Fang Hao pondered, “I already have a mount, your shepherd’s flute won’t be of much help to me.”

He had horses and a Bone Dragon in his territory.

For short distances to the Orc or human city, he would ride a horse. If the journey was long, he would ride the Bone Dragon.

He didn’t find your giant lizard particularly interesting.

Hearing Fang Hao’s words, Tian Zhiyong’s heart tightened.

He had made a few deals with Fang Hao before. They were not familiar, but he had some understanding of Fang Hao’s personality.

If he said he didn’t need this thing, it wasn’t him bargaining, he really didn’t need it; he had something better on hand.

Don’t, boss. I still have injured people waiting for treatment in the territory. How about three units of Rejuvenation Spring? I also got a saddle for the giant lizard, I’ll give them to you together,” Tian Zhiyong was genuinely anxious.

Fang Hao confirmed the quantity of the Rejuvenation Spring, which was enough.

So, he agreed directly, replying: “Alright, put it on the shelf.”

“All right, thanks, boss.”

Soon, Tian Zhiyong put his items on the designated area. One was a Four-legged Giant Lizard Flute, and the other was a Giant Lizard Saddle Blueprint.

Fang Hao, as agreed, traded using three units of Rejuvenation Spring and a piece of hotpot base.

The three units of Rejuvenation Spring could be used for healing, and the hotpot base could enable Tian Zhiyong and his subordinates to have a simple celebration and a good meal.

After completing the trade, a shepherd’s flute and a blueprint for a giant lizard’s saddle were added to Fang Hao’s inventory.

Tian Zhiyong added again, “Thank you, boss. If you need anything in the future, just let me know.”

After that, they both ended the chat immediately.

Given their current situation and the distance between them, such a statement was more of a courtesy.

After filing away the saddle blueprint, Fang Hao walked out of the Lord’s Mansion with the shepherd’s flute.

It was mentioned on the flute that the summoning has to be done at a reachable point for the Four-legged Giant Lizard.

He was not sure if the city could be considered a reachable point.

So, he planned to go outside the city and blow the shepherd’s flute there.

“Where are you going?” Anjia asked as she saw Fang Hao going out.

See.” Fang Hao casually waved the shepherd’s flute in his hand.

“A whistle?”

The shepherd’s flute wasn’t a slender flute. It was more like a finely crafted wooden whistle and only slightly bigger than an Orc’s Wolf Tooth Necklace.

It could be hung around the neck, worn on the waist, or if you had pockets sewn into the sides of your clothes, it could be tucked in there.

“It’s a shepherd’s flute. It summons a mount,” Fang Hao said.

Oh, a horse flute. I know about these, you can use them to call a horse over,” Anjia replied with sudden realization.

Horses’ flutes were more commonly used by humans. Orcs also used them but not as often.

However, you could occasionally see them in Orc City.

“Sort of, but it’s a giant lizard, very fierce. Want to come see?” Fang Hao teased with a child-tempting expression.

Anjia frowned at him and instinctively replied, “You’re not scared, are you?”

If you’re not coming, never mind.” After saying that, Fang Hao walked off briskly.

Anjia giggled, put her arm around his shoulder like an elder brother, and followed him out.

Outside the territory, under the city gate.

Fang Hao blew the shepherd’s flute directly.

After the crisp sound of the flute, peace returned.

“Where’s the giant lizard?” Anjia asked.

“I’m not sure, it can’t be …” Before Fang Hao could finish his sentence, a quick and heavy sound of running came from afar.

A giant figure appeared in the dim forest.

It knocked over several skeletons working along the way and charged excitedly towards them.

Its lizard-like appearance was massive, as big as a full-grown elephant.

Just as Anjia readied herself for battle, preparing to give it a punch, the giant lizard stopped.

It looked at them excitedly.

“Four-legged Giant Lizard (Level 7)”

“Camp: Lizardmen”

“Racial Traits: Living creatures, docile, color-changing skin.”

“Skills: Stable Movement.”

“Innate Abilities: Intermediate Strength Mastery.”

“Docile (Passive): Docile in character, does not actively attack any targets.” “Color-Changing Skin (Passive): After remaining stationary for 30 seconds, it will enter a stealth mode (cannot move).”

(“Description: Every giant lizard that becomes a mount is strictly trained by the Lizardmen’s Beast Tamers since childhood. When running, it is as fast as a Shadow Leopard but much steadier.”)

“Whoa, cool. It’s handsome.” Anjia went ahead and slapped the giant lizard’s thigh..

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