Global Lords: Hundredfold Increments Starting With the Undead - C.164 - ,1 am going to have hotpot todayl

Global Lords: Hundredfold Increments Starting With the Undead

C.164 - ,1 am going to have hotpot todayl

Chapter 164: Chapter 164,1 am going to have hotpot todayl

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This isn’t reasonable.

Fang Hao frowned at the information that the Enlightening Potions could not be used simultaneously.

So, the Enlightening Potion would retain only the effect of the most recently used potion.

And after using it, all the previously learned skills or related abilities will disappear automatically.

Fang Hao has learned several skills, such as Fire Arrow, Mist Wrap, and Summon Spirit, etc.

They definitely cannot be overridden like this.

Besides, who says mages can’t have a strong physique? Didn’t Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings wield both a magic wand and an iron sword?

“My lord, is there a problem?” Doujin asked curiously, seeing Fang Hao sitting there grinding his teeth.

“Nothing major, it’s just that I can’t use this hard-earned potion,” Fang Hao sighed and carefully put the potion away.

Even if he can’t use it, other transmigrators can. It could be exchanged for some good items.

“Oh, my lord, you’re fretting about this, huh. Enlightening Potions are there to stimulate human potential, not enhance it, and thus they can’t be used simultaneously,” Doujin explained.

Fang Hao was a little surprised, “You know all this?”

“Understanding the uses of merchandise is fundamental to a merchant, isn’t it,” Doujin replied casually.

“You have a point.”

“By the way, my lord, when I sold the alchemy cloaks this morning, I mentioned the surplus cloaks to them. They said they have used up this order and would be placing an exclusive order with us next time,” Doujin said.

“Great, at least we won’t have a surplus of cloaks that we don’t need,” Fang Hao, strapping his backpack to his back, said, “Alright, you guys keep at it, I’ll head back first.”

“Godspeed, my lord.”

At dinner.

Eira brought up a steaming pot filled with sliced meat and various vegetables.

It was hot pot, which Fang Hao had casually mentioned, and Eira had prepared dinner based on the information in his words.

“Master, is the taste the same as the hot pot you mentioned?” Eira asked eagerly.

The hot pot was boiled with water and seasoned with specially made condiments, giving it a red color.

The steaming hot mist and the roiling soup filled the room with a delicious aroma, titillating the taste buds.


Watching mesmerized, Anjia’s stomach started to grumble.

“Let’s eat, Anjia, you try some too, and stop drooling.” Fang Hao was the first one to pick up the chopsticks, dipped a slice of meat into his bowl, and after it cooled down a bit, put it directly into his mouth.

A spicy, tender taste flooded his mouth.

“Wow! Eira, you’re amazing, this is even tastier than I imagined,” Fang Hao praised loudly.

With Eira’s seasoning and the inherently excellent taste of the Demon Beast Meat, the mimic hot pot was even more delicious than the real thing.

“Really? I’m glad you like it, master,” Eira said, her face breaking into a blissful smile.

“Eat quickly, or Anjia will finish it all.”

“Nonsense!” Anjia grumbled, protesting while stuffing her face.

Now, all three of them used chopsticks to eat, and even the newly joined maids began imitating them gradually.

It wasn’t something Fang Hao asked them to do.

These maids saw the three of them doing so, and started doing it themselves, also because sometimes Eira talked about it, so they all started to imitate.

While everyone started to dig in, Fang Hao opened his Book of Lords to check the chat channel.

“I’m not short of meat, but I’m out of salt, my mouth tastes so bland it’s like eating bird food, I’m feeling weak too.”

“Ha, do you really feel weak because of lack of salt, I don’t want to call your bluff.”

“Same here, even my sweat tastes salty now, I wish I could eat meat while licking my sweat.”

“Good idea, are there any ladies interested in mutual licking, please don’t misunderstand, I’m a gentleman, only forced to do this by the current situation.”

“I did switch some salt with a nearby village, if you need any, exchange 500 basic units, to special resource units, I will provide you some.”

“Bloody hell! You’re daylight robbery! Are you selling salt or gold here.”

“Exactly, you could sell it cheaper, then exchange more from the village, it’s a win-win.”

Fang Hao looked at the chat in the channel and was a bit bemused.

He had always left the issue of food to Eira, and as they developed, their condiments were not limited to salt anymore.

He wondered how so many people still couldn’t afford salt.

“Eira, is it hard to prepare the base sauce for this hot pot?”

Eira, who was eating, lifted her head and said, “Not hard at all. I made a small barrel of it. Just a spoonful is enough for each meal. My lord, you may take some with you when you are traveling outside. This way, you can also enjoy the hot pot on the go.”

The process of making hotpot is the simplest and most convenient among all dishes.

Once the water is boiled, slices of meat can be added for consumption. If these seasonings are included, it’s both convenient and delicious.

“Eira, after dinner, you break down the amount of seasoning used today into separate portions. If Eira makes it this tasty, it would definitely do well in the market.” Fang Hao suggested.

Eira seemed a little confused, responding, “Master, do you plan on selling these? They’re difficult to sell – even the large tribes only accept salt.”

“Not necessarily.” Fang Hao replied confidently, “If they sell well, Soye will get you some new clothes.”

“Really, great!” Eira almost jumped with joy.

After Eira was done with her task, Fang Hao opened the Book of Lords and activated the camera function.

He took a number of photos from different angles of tonight’s meal, captioning, ‘After a busy day, this delicious hotpot takes all the fatigue away.’


Instantaneously, the entire regional channel erupted once again.

“The big shot must be trolling; why else would he send photos of hotpot at this time?”

“Damn, I’ve been here for over twenty days and haven’t even tasted salt. Yet, Fang Hao is enjoying a hotpot.”

“Envy, jealousy, and hatred! This is even more envious than seeing Fang Hao’s healthy legs in his pictures.”

“This is not logical. Are the big shot and us even in the same world? Why is there such a huge gap?”

“I want to eat hotpot too, Fang Hao, are you selling the base ingredients? I want to eat hotpot.”

“I don’t require the base ingredients, just leave me some soup after you’re done with the hotpot.”

“I want some too.”

Reading the atmosphere in the channel.

Fang Hao continued in the chat, “Stock of this condiment is limited. I’ll sell them in the channel and the market. If you have special items to trade, feel free to message me privately.”

Eira divided the hotpot base into more than 40 portions. For the people in the channel, it wasn’t much.

Despite that, unable to do other, he could only offer that much for sale.

“Big shot, how do we trade? I’m running low on salt. I’ve been feeling dizzy every day.”

Fang Hao thought for a bit, then replied, “I’ll put up 10 portions. 5 units of rare resources each.”

‘Wow, that’s only 5 portions for the entire channel. Big shot, this is hunger marketing.”

“That’s too little!”

Fang Hao honestly replied, “I don’t have many either, these condiments are not essential. If you’re not in a hurry you can wait, the price will go down once I have more stock.”

The chatter in the channel quieted down immediately.

The condiments were different from the Rejuvenation Spring – its price was still 10 units of rare resources.

Those who were buying the Rejuvenation Spring were either injured or dying and didn’t care about spending some resources.

However, the condiments were different – skipping a meal wouldn’t kill anyone. 5 units of rare resources instantly deterred 90% of the people.

“Forget it, I’ll wait until the price drops.”

“Me too, I’ll to venture out with my soldiers tomorrow to see if there are any villages where I can exchange for salt.”

“I’ve been tiptoeing around for half a month, can’t I eat something decent? I don’t care, I want to eat hotpot today no matter the cost.”

“I also want one, it’s just 5 units, it would be a treat for my soldiers.”

One after another, individuals who had resources at their disposal started placing their orders.

There were too few portions available, they sold out as soon as they were listed.

Those who missed out started complaining in the channel.


At this moment, a private message sounded in the Book of Lords.

It was a lord named Tian Zhiyong.

Fang Hao remembered him. Once, he had sold him a blueprint, after producing it, the man exchanged materials for another one.

He was pretty shrewd.

“[Four-legged Terrestrial Lizard Flute] Big shot, no dilly-dallying, trade for 5 units of Rejuvenation Spring, 1 portion of hotpot base.” Tian Zhiyong said.

[Four-legged Terrestrial Lizard Flute]

[Category: Shepherd’s Flute]

(Description: The first time blown, a four-legged terrestrial lizard is summoned. After a successful summons, each subsequent blow summons the four-legged terrestrial lizard to its side. (For the initial summon, ensure it is at an accessible location).)

What on earth is this? A mount?

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