Global Lords: Hundredfold Increments Starting With the Undead - C.158 - ,12 Deadly Weapons - Part 1


Chapter 158: Chapter 158,12 Deadly Weapons – Part 1

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A tavern has always been a place of a motley crowd, where you could learn many secrets about the city.

Many people come for a drink and to hear some rumors and stories.

“I just happened to come across them, a duo of humans and orcs, I don’t remember who they were,” Fang Hao replied, taking his beer.

There was no secret about it, nor was there any need for confidentiality.

“A human and orc pair?” The proprietress, arms folded across her chest, started recollecting people fitting this description. Suddenly, her eyes brightened, “Is there an orc with a mace as his weapon? Not very sharp-witted.”

Damn, she figured it out.

Seeing Fang Hao’s expression, the proprietress knew she was right.

“It must be them, they came by recently, said they were part of a mercenary guild, tried to find out about a lot of things around here.”

“I can’t be sure, after all, I just arrived here. Maybe we are talking about the same person,” Fang Hao replied.

As a customer in the distance flagged her for a drink, the proprietress left a plate of sliced meat in front of them before leaving.

“On the house, come back again sometime.”

With that said, she left to serve other customers.

Fang Hao sipped his beer, his gaze falling on the notice board nearby.

The Human Clan’s tavern notice board was different from the ones at the Tauren Tavern. In addition to posting single-page maps, there were also details about various activities happening at the tavern.

For example, late-night exotic dance performances.

This was not Fang Hao’s misinterpretation; it was explicitly mentioned as an exotic dance performance.

I just wonder if the generously endowed proprietress is the performer.

Returning his attention to the maps.

There were two: [Bandit Camp] and [Pond Monster].

[Map: Bandit Camp]

[Category: Single-page Map]

[Description: Map drawn by a traveler, detailing the route and the terrain of the bandit camp.]

“Why, planning on a taking out these bandits?”

The proprietress walked back, seeing Fang Hao examining the maps on the notice board.

“Just looking, how come there are bandits? Aren’t the city guards supposed to deal with them?” Fang Hao asked curiously.

The city guards seemed reliable, which questions the existence of bandits nearby.

“Who knows, people did organize against them a couple of years ago, but when the troops arrived, they ran. When they’re outnumbered, they lose. It’s been like this for years, now nobody bothers anymore. As long as the bandits don’t attack the city, everyone is fine,” the proprietress said, preparing some food.

“How many are they?”

“A few hundred, or so I’ve heard from customers. You aren’t thinking of engaging them, are you? They’re not the stupid type. Don’t go off doing something foolish,” the proprietress cautioned.

“I’ll take these two maps, how much will it cost?”

“You’re seriously going? Do you have a death wish?” the proprietress asked in amazement.

“I won’t be going myself. I know a group of mercenaries, I’ll ask if they’re interested,” Fang Hao found an excuse for himself.

Seeing that Fang Hao didn’t seem impulsive, the proprietress didn’t say anymore and replied, “A map costs 5 gold coins. Oh right, the bounty on the bandits was announced by the City Lord. If successful, you can take the bandit leader’s head to the City Lord’s mansion and exchange it for gold.”

“Well, that’s not bad.” Fang Hao pulled out 10 Human Clan gold coins, handed them to the proprietor, and then casually picked up the two maps.

The tavern began to fill up with more and more patrons.

While the proprietress went to tend to her customers, Fang Hao thought about finishing off his last beer and leaving.

He’d then go and collect the blueprints that Tavek had prepared for him, and head back to his territory.

Just as he was about to get up.

A middle-aged man in a gray robe appeared on a wooden platform to one side of the tavern.

He took a large swig of his beer, smacked his lips, and announced loudly, “Tonight’s story: The Bloodthirsty Countess, Hilda Ford.”

The appearance of the middle-aged man silenced the noisy tavern in an instant.

Everyone quietly sipped their drinks, waiting for the man’s upcoming story.

The man didn’t keep his audience waiting and began his preamble.

“Hilda was the daughter of a member of the kingdom’s council. Born into privilege, by the age of 21, Hilda had become more beautiful and smart. She helped her father solve problems and assisted the city’s poor in childbirth. In her eyes, there were no differences between nobles and commoners.”

“She loved children, and every time she saw a child’s smiling face, Hilda smiled too, dreaming that one day, she too would have a lovely baby with her fiance.”

“However, this kind-hearted countess had a peculiar hobby: collecting various weapons, including 12 finely crafted swords.”

Fang Hao’s eyebrows slightly furrowed upon hearing this.

12 finely crafted swords?

This reminded him of Little You’s task — to gather 12 Swords of Absolution.

It can’t be such a coincidence, can it?

The story continued.

“…Suddenly, the beautiful and kind Hilda was bewitched by a demon. She lay in a blood-covered bed, surrounded by the corpses of 12 children, killed by 12 swords.”

“Soon, Hilda’s actions were exposed, and her brutal killings incensed the entire city. Overnight, the beautiful and kind countess became a bloodthirsty demon.”

“The townsfolk nailed her alive to a post in the pillory, and 12 swords pierced her body as punishment for the lives of the children she’d killed.”

Clap, clap!

The middle-aged man gently clapped, pulling the crowd out of the story.

“Well, that’s the story of the Bloodthirsty Countess.”


As the story ended, the tavern once again began buzzing. People sighed at the twist in the tale.

Of course, it’s a story, no one would actually believe it’s true.

“Wasn’t her father a council member? Would commoners dare to kill the daughter of a council member?”

“You! Can’t you just enjoy a story? Do you really think it’s all true? It’s made up! Have you ever seen a countess be a midwife for the common folk?”


The storyteller, the middle-aged man, clapped again, saying loudly, “Today is not just for stories. As for Hilda’s father, we’ll discuss him in another story. Some say Hilda was caught up in a conspiracy against her father. Because of what Hilda did, her father lost his position as a council member and was ultimately killed on his way out of the city.”

The patrons continued to question loudly, pointing out loopholes in the story.

To prove it was just a story.

“All right, I have proof.” The middle-aged man clapped lightly, and a servant came forward with a gorgeously crafted dagger.

The man held the dagger gently in his hands as if it was a priceless treasure.

He said, “This is one of the twelve lethal weapons that Hilda had collected, and it was this weapon that eventually killed its mistress. Now, if anyone wants to buy it as a collector’s item, for a thousand gold coins, you can own a weapon once possessed by the countess.”


When he finished speaking, many people spat out their beers, drenching their companions with a spray of beer froth.

Just when we thought you were here for the story, turns out you’re a peddler.

“You think we’re fools? You make up a story, then try to sell us a broken dagger for a thousand gold coins? Only fools would fall for that.”

The reproof had hardly resonated when the voice of a bidder rang out, “I’ll take it.”

Everyone froze, turning to look at the male and female pair who’d placed the bid..

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