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Chapter 155: Chapter 155, Unknown Camp_l

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Expanding the Stone Tower was just one part of it.

What Fang Hao was even more interested in was the attribute enhancement of the Stone Tower at Lord Level 6.

Compared to Level 5, all attributes increased by 1%.

After upgrading the Stone Tower, Fang Hao continued to upgrade other buildings such as the [Warehouse][Wall][Arrow Tower]- all buildings that could be upgraded without the use of Shadowstones, raising them all to Level 6.

He was trying his best to enhance the overall strength of his domain.

With all the buildings upgraded.

He had dinner, drank a couple of warm fruit wines under the moonlight, returned to his room and had a good night’s rest.

Early next morning.

He woke up to bright sunshine.

After his daily morning workout, he began to continue today’s work.

“Good morning, my lord.” Eira came up to him.

“Morning, why didn’t you sleep a bit more?” Fang Hao greeted Eira in passing.

Eira was always up early. Even if breakfast wasn’t served so early, she still maintained the habit of rising early.

This presented a stark contrast to the lazy Anjia.

“My lord, I’ve just assigned work to the newly joined fox ladies. One of them is in charge of handling the lord’s cellar, and the rest are all responsible for the sanitation within the domain.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a fox lady came out from the stairway to the cellar in the Lord’s Hall.

She was already dressed in a maid’s outfit and carrying a piece of cloth.

Both her ears and tail were snow white.

She was a white fox.

When she was bought, all the other foxes were filthy, so he didn’t even notice this white fox.

Seeing Fang Hao and Eira chatting, the fox lady stuttered, trying to retreat, but it seemed a bit conspicuous.

She had no choice but to keep her head down and walked over with some apprehension.

“My Lord, Sister Eira.” She greeted the two of them proactively.

“Well, good morning. Work hard, but don’t forget to eat breakfast.” Fang Hao said.

The other maids didn’t dine with Fang Hao and the others. They had specific meal times.

If they missed it, they would have to wait until noon to have lunch.

“Oh, thank you, my lord. Then I’ll go ahead with my work.” Then she walked away with her tail swinging, head down.

Watching the retreating fox lady, Fang Hao helplessly looked towards Eira.

Did he really scare others that much?

“My Lord, we have a new order.” Doujin just came over.

Joining the Trade Alliance was indeed good. There were new orders every day, automatically making money.

“Well, let’s see what new order we have this time.” Fang Hao said.

Doujin passed over the order.


[Demand: Silver Lined Silk Alchemy Robes 10 pieces.]

[Gain: Warfire Coins 10000, Enlightening Potion 1, Alchemy Guild Influence +10.]


Aside from the Warfire Coins, they also paid with an Enlightening Potion.

Although he couldn’t see the properties of ‘Enlightening Potion’ based on the order alone.

He could guess a bit based on its name alone.

After all, the reason he could learn magic now was that he drank a potion called ‘Enlightening Magic Power Potion’.

The problem was, he didn’t have the blueprint for the Silver-Lined Silk Alchemy Robe.

“Doujin, we don’t have the blueprint for this order. Does the Trade Alliance Shop sell it?” Fang Hao asked.

“My lord, I specifically checked before coming over and none were on sale. If needed, we could issue an order and we might acquire the blueprint by chance.” Doujin proposed.

“It’s okay, you can go back first. Let me know if there are new orders.”

“Yes, my lord.” Doujin left.

After a busy morning, Eira had also prepared breakfast.

After breakfast.

A group of pigmen arrived at the dominion with various tools.

“My Lord.” The pigmen saluted.

The team was not led by Bolton, but another middle-aged pigman.

“Well, Petty should have told you the purpose of calling you here. You guys don’t need to work, just direct the skeletons to pave the stones according to the map.” Fang Hao said to all the pigmen.

Yesterday, Fang Hao had made a large number of paving stones. In addition to those inside the dominion, he also intended to connect the two affiliated cities and one affiliated village.

The pigmen didn’t need to work, they just needed to direct the road construction.

If the skeletons were left to lay the stones, who knew where they would lead the road to.

“Rest assured, my Lord, we guarantee to fulfil the task.” The pigmen assured loudly.

Connecting roads was not a difficult task, and besides, they didn’t need to do the work.

It’s much more relaxed than staying in the Pigmen Village.

“Good, I have a map here. You all check it and then you can start working.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Next, the pigmen began to get busy with the skeleton laborers, starting to pave the territory’s ground.

After assigning work to the pigmen.

Fang Hao began to gather his troops. According to the plan, he was going to explore the newly acquired map [Cave Camp] today.

After being integrated with the map of the Book of Lords, the map’s location also appears in the large map.

The location this time is to the south and slightly east of the territory.

Further south of Shadowwind Castle.

After making sure that fifty thousand troops were waiting outside the territory, Fang Hao returned to his room and directly cast God’s Presence.

The large troop force left the territory in a mighty manner, heading towards the direction of the target point.

Fang Hao controlled the Skeleton Warrior, laying on a cart, with his black iron knight’s sword and black iron kite shield next to him.

The soldiers’ overall equipment had been upgraded, and the outdated ones were sold through various channels.

Along the way, the army advanced halfway.

Stomp, stomp, stomp!!

Just when Fang Hao was bored, fiddling with the dirt in the shield’s crevice with his skeletal finger, the sound of dense horseshoes came from the front.

They weren’t attacked by the skeleton army, proving that they were the cavalry scouts sent out.

“Fang Hao, we caught a spy ahead, who looks like a lookout.” Anjia’s voice rang out from the front.

Anjia rode a strong horse, with a man bound tight on the horse’s back.

His face was full of bruises, and his left eye was so swollen that only a slit remained.

“My lord, my lord, I am not a spy, I am not a spy,” the man defended loudly.

The man was thrown in front of Fang Hao.

Looking at the undead in front of him, whose pupils burned with Soul Fire, the man trembled slightly.

But it must be said, he still had some courage and didn’t show any other strange behavior.

[Human warrior (Tier 4)]

“So who are you?” Fang Hao looked at the man in front of him and asked.

This was already deep in the forest, without even a proper road. Ordinary people wouldn’t appear here, especially alone.

“I’m a merchant from a nearby city, waiting for my caravan nearby. My lord, if you would let me go, I am willing to reward you accordingly.”

The man indeed had some courage, facing Fang Hao and the thousands of undead around him and the Bone Dragon, he managed to calm down quickly. He answered the question while trying to negotiate his release.

“What kind of merchant, what do you primarily sell?”

The man quickly answered after hesitating a bit, “Cloth.”

“Where are you going to transport the goods with your caravan?” Fang Hao continued asking.

The man looked at the troop and seeing that the undead army was coming from the north, he immediately answered: “To the east, my lord, there are many Orc Tribes there. They can’t make cloth, and we transport it there to make a profit.”

“Oh!” Fang Hao said something and then asked, “There is a camp ahead, is it from your convoys?”

“Ah!” The man answered reflexively, then quickly changed his words,” No, I don’t know about any camps.”

Fang Hao carefully looked him up and down and said, “Alright, how much are you willing to pay for your life?”

“My lord, I will give you all the money I have, at least too gold coins.” The man said.

“Untie his rope.”

A skeleton pulled out the iron sword from its waist and cut all the hemp ropes binding the man.

As soon as the ropes were loosened, the man took out all the money from his body voluntarily.

The gold coins he was mentioning were not Warfire Coins, but a type of common currency made by humans.

It was stamped with a king wearing a crown.

The exchange ratio between human currency and Warfire Coins is roughly 3 to 1. The workmanship of human currency is better than Beasthead Gold of the Orcs, and its value is also higher.

“My…my lord, that’s all I have.” The man nervously stole glances around.

Fang Hao nodded his head, accepting all the gold coins he had given, “Okay, you may leave.”

“Thank you, my lord, thank you, my lord.” The man staggered to his feet and darted straight into the forest.

As the man’s figure disappeared, Anjia looked at Fang Hao with a puzzled face.

“He is not a merchant. His hands are full of calluses, do you think he got them by handling cloth?” Anjia reminded Fang Hao.

She thought Fang Hao didn’t seem like a fool, but it was also possible.

“Of course, I know.”

“Then why did you let him leave?” Anjia asked curiously.

She was a hero and bound by some contracts, so she couldn’t intervene in Fang Hao’s decision, but she just couldn’t understand why Fang Hao would do it that way.

“He’s from that camp. I let him lead us there and check out what these people are doing.” After finishing, Fang Hao continued, “Anjia, you lead the team.” After saying that, the soul fire that burned in the pupil of the skeleton warrior was extinguished, and it lit up again in the pupil of the Skeleton Giant Bat that followed the cart.

The bat wings flapped, chasing after the man who had departed..

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