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Chapter 151: Chapter 151, Fox Girl_l

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End conversation.

The skeleton, who had gone to deliver goods to the troll territory, returned once again.

Several wooden boxes filled with Warfire Coins were piled at his feet.

Under the restrictions of the Trade Alliance rules, even the quick-tempered trolls adhered to the agreement.

“Sir, the total transaction amount this time is 510,000 Warfire Coins. The Trade Alliance will deduct 2% tax, leaving 499,800 Warfire Coins,” said the skeleton merchant.

Damn it!

This Trade Alliance, deducted a whopping 10,000 of my Warfire Coins as tax.

This is a quicker way to make money than robbery.

“Well, good job. Arrange for someone to deliver them to the Lord’s Mansion.

My maid, Eira, will tell you where to put them.”

“Yes, sir.”

The skeleton merchant and his men, carrying the heavy boxes, headed towards the Lord’s Mansion.

The structure of the Trade Alliance is much like the e-commerce platforms of

the past.

It connects all the original producers and facilitates rapid transactions.

In this chaotic world, the genius who came up with the idea of establishing such a platform deserves praises.

After dealing with the orders and getting a decent understanding of the Trade Alliance’s functions, Fang Hao began looking at the blueprints he had just bought from the Trade Alliance.

“Iron Claw Rat Nest Construction Blueprint (Green)”, “Black Iron Kite Shield Production Blueprint (Blue)”, “High-speed Hardwood Shortbow Production Blueprint (Blue)”, “Black Iron Battle Axe Production Blueprint (Green)”, and “Apprentice Mage Robe Production Blueprint (Green) .

These blueprints were chosen by Fang Hao from a myriad of items, based on their potential usefulness and his capability to gather the needed materials.

As for the other blueprints and items, he can buy them whenever needed.

“Iron Claw Rat Nest Construction Blueprint (Green): Wood 100, Hay 1100, Trace

of the Forest 3.”

Selected the construction in the empty space.

A green light appeared, and a building resembling an animal den appeared before his eyes.

“Ironclaw Rat Nest”

“Type: Special Building”

“Available Recruitment: Iron Claw Rat”

“Iron Claw Rat: Mist-Cloaked Crystal 1”

(Description: Ironclaw Rats can be recruited from this building. Their sharp front claws can break through soil and rocks.)

Wow! A new recruitment material has appeared.

I bought this blueprint because I had enough materials for construction, but

didn’t expect a new material to appear for recruitment.

It’s called the Mist-Cloaked Crystal.

I can’t recruit for now, but through the introduction, I can learn about some of the abilities of the Ironclaw Rat.

It should be similar to a pangolin, capable of using its front claws to break the ground.

Digging tunnel or mountain, it should come in handy.

After viewing the building blueprints, Fang Hao proceeded to the equipment blueprint column.

“Black Iron Kite Shield Production Blueprint (Blue): Cast Iron Block 40, Iron 5,

Metal Parts 2, Thick Leather 5.”

“High-speed Hardwood Shortbow Production Blueprint (Blue): Hardwood 5,

Metal Parts 3, Thick Leather 2.”

“Black Iron Battle Axe Production Blueprint (Green): Hardwood 3, Cast Iron

Block 5, Metal Parts 3, Leather 5.”

“Apprentice Mage Robe Production Blueprint (Green): Cotton Cloth 4, Spun

Yarn 5.”

These are the four blueprints that Fang Hao can use and currently needs.

The High-speed Hardwood Shortbow even happens to be a blue quality blueprint, suitable for equipping the newly recruited skeleton archers. According to the quantity of troops, he began to manufacture each equipment. A dense array of equipment was produced, filling up every inch of the surrounding open space.

After production, Blood Hunter was called over to arrange for the soldiers guarding the territories to replace their equipment in batches.

All the equipment that was taken off, which had reduced durability, would be repaired by the blacksmith.

The skeleton merchant would then take them to the territories for sale. Fortunately, many buildings at the village level had opened markets. Whether it was the gear that was taken off or newly produced items, there was no worry about offloading sales.

Earning a substantial amount of Warfire Coins is only a matter of time.

Next morning.

Fang Hao just woke up from his bed.

As he sat up, he noticed that the sound-transmitting shell on his bedside table had received a new message.

This was not the shell he had left with the Bronze Bull, but the one the slave trader had given him when he bought slaves last time.

The point was that when there were slaves available, Fang Hao could be contacted immediately.

Picking the shell up and placing it to his ear, he heard the voice of the orc slave trader.

“Human friend, I have a new shipment of goods and will be staying at Mamm Market for two days. If you are interested, you can come and take a look. As an old friend, I can guarantee you a discount,” said the Orc.

His oily tone still made one feel uncomfortable all over.

These slave traders were truly hardworking. The fight with the Skullcrusher Tribe had just ended, and they were already rushing to do business at Mamm Market.

Fang Hao didn’t have anything lined up for today, so he could go to Manim Market.

Also, he could ask Bronze Bull about the intel on the Skullcrushers. Walking out of the room and finishing breakfast, he brought Anjia with him, hopped on the Bone Dragon, and flew directly to Fireblade’s affiliated city. From there, he rode a horse to Manim Market.

The only reason for taking this inconvenient route was because Mamm Market was still open to the various orc tribes.

Fang Hao was counting on the market to make some money for him, so naturally, he had to consider the impact of the undead on the market.

When they arrived at Manim on horseback, the bull-headed guards looked at him in awe.

“Sir… Sir…” The bull-headed guard came forward to take the reins of his horse. “Good morning. Is Tellock there?” Fang Hao dismounted and asked.

“Yes, sir.”

“Let him know that I’ll be there shortly.”

“Oh, okay.”

As the bull-headed guard went to deliver the message, Fang Hao, with Anjia by his side, went directly to the spot where the slave trader was parked. From afar, the Orc slave trader, who was dressed in expensive clothing and jewels, spotted Fang Hao.

After a slight pause, a smile appeared on his face.

“Human friend, you have come just in time. Somebody just showed interest in these slaves. Had you come a little later, you would have missed this opportunity,” the Orc slave trader said, rubbing his hands together as if he had already sold everything.

Fang Hao did not believe the slave trader’s words at all.

If you regard the Orc in front of you as a simple-minded creature only capable of shouting and killing, you are bound to be taken advantage of.

He won’t hesitate to cheat you to death and take all your money. “Alright, whether I want to buy or not, let’s take a look at the merchandise first,” Fang Hao cut him off.

“True, true. Let’s look at the goods first,” the Orc immediately responded. Entering the stinking warehouse once again, the greasy rags on the iron cages got removed.

This revealed the slaves held within the cages.

When the slaves appeared, Fang Hao was slightly taken aback.

The slaves brought by the trader this time were not the usual rabbitmen, but a new species.

“Human friend, I figure you must be bored with rabbitmen by now, so this time I brought you something different,” the slave trader explained, observing Fang Hao’s reaction.

He was worried that this human might not like what he saw. If Fang Hao declined, his trip would have been in vain.

Through the greasy railings of the cage, Fang Hao’s gaze fell on the weeping figure coiled up in the corner.

She was noticeably different from the rabbitmen. She had a pair of ears akin to those of a canine, a fluffy, brown tail curled up in her lap.

The moment the oily cloth covering was torn down, she looked horrified as she stared at Fang Hao.

“This is not a rabbitman, right?” Fang Hao pointed at the girl in the corner.

The girl cringed again, obviously frightened.

-Ah, you are indeed smart, my friend. This is a member of the Foxmen Tribe. I met an Orc army on the way who had just dealt with a Foxmen Village. I thought you might need her, so I bought her at a high price..”

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