Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let's Farm - C.229 - : What You Lack, I’ll Make Up For

Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let's Farm

C.229 - : What You Lack, I’ll Make Up For

Chapter 229: Chapter 229: What You Lack, I’ll Make Up For

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Qiao Xiaomai lifted her eyes, in a split second understanding the provocation in Bai Zhi’s actions.

Her outfit today was on par with Bai Zhi’s, or perhaps one could say, she surpassed Bai Zhi when it came to Yang Ye’s attention.

And so, Bai Zhi wanted to trample on her through this manner of making an entrance.


If they weren’t adversaries, she would actually have given Bai Zhi a cheer for this.

The reason was simple, Bai Zhi’s entrance fulfilled her fantasy of awe-inspiring martial arts entrances, such as seen in characters like Xiao Longnu.

What a pity, Bai Zhi was no Xiao Longnu, she was a willful county princess who had the determination to cause trouble by any means necessary.

At this moment, Yang Ye’s voice echoed again, “Next, let’s welcome Miss Qiao onto the stage.”

He had also noticed Bai Zhi’s provocation, but he couldn’t possibly run over and carry Qiao Xiaomai there himself.

Never mind, such a trivial matter is not worth minding.

Upon hearing his words, Qiao Xiaomai sighed inwardly and lifted her foot, preparing to slowly make her way there.

She had no lightness skill, so she could only swallow Bai Zhi’s provocation.

Just as she was about to walk, the youngster carrying the basket and porcelain jar on his back, Tong Sanlang, spoke out unexpectedly, “I’ll carry you there.”

Surprised, she turned her head.

Tong Sanlang gave her a determined look, his handsome face contained calmness and confidence, “Don’t worry, 1 won’t let anything happen to you.”

Qiao Xiaomai froze in place.

How was he planning to carry her there?

Just as she was thinking this, Tong Sanlang’s empty left hand suddenly reached out toward her.

A gust of palm wind instantly surrounded her, lifting her off the ground.

“Go.” You deserve the best.

Adding the latter sentence in his heart, Tong Sanlang showed Qiao Xiaomai a very faint smile.

Such a delicate and beautiful girl, as bright as sparklers, how could she be trampled by Bai Zhi?

Whatever she lacks, he would make up for her.

Her body involuntarily left the ground, after drifting two to three meters, Qiao Xiaomai snapped out of her surprise.

Her body floated steadily towards the high platform against the wind, there was no tilting or discomfort, she looked like a heavenly fairy riding on auspicious clouds in mythological tales.

Although she couldn’t twist and turn freely like Bai Zhi, she was equally graceful.

Her hair, fluttering in the wind, spread over her shoulders, as her fiery skirt danced in the wind.

She heard the applause from the crowd below.

She saw Yang Ye’s wide-open phoenix eyes.

And Bai Zhi’s momentarily rigid provoking expression.

She bit her lip, suddenly wishing she could grab a handful of rose petals from her space and scatter it behind her.

But she held herself back.

If she really did that, Bai Zhi might angrily jump up and start a fight.

Moreover, this was the Academy, where she should maintain solemnity and low-keyness.

Her body landed steadily on Yang Ye’s other side. The wind surrounding her disappeared. She slightly bowed to Yang Ye, then turned around to face the students below.

However, the corner of her eye was firmly locked onto Tong Sanlang who was walking towards them. Her heart was roiling.

Was Tong Sanlang’s martial arts so powerful?

Could he actually airlift her body!

Nevertheless, seeing Bai Zhi’s rigid expression was so satisfying!

Yang Ye coughed softly twice to cover his previous distraction. He found himself gaping, which was too inappropriate!

“All right, now that both the County Princess and Miss Qiao are on stage, let the competition begin. Prepare four dishes, one soup, and dessert. Both of you, do your best.”

As he finished speaking, he glanced at Qiao Xiaomai and jumped off the platform. He was also one of the judges.

It seemed as if Bai Zhi was about to grind her teeth to dust. Her hands furled into tight fists with fingernails sinking into her palms unawarely.

In appearance, she hadn’t been able to suppress Qiao Xiaomai.

In terms of entrance, Qiao Xiaomai astonishingly matched her in flamboyance.

A rodent that had just grown its fur, dared to be on par with her!

Only cooking remained.

She was going to use her culinary skills to trample Qiao Xiaomai’s detestable face into a pancake!

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