Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let's Farm - C.226 - Her Beauty


Chapter 226: Chapter 226 Her Beauty

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The girl’s black hair flowed like a cloud, cascading freely over her shoulders, adorned with a red silk flower from which hung a red pearl.

The black hairpin merging seamlessly with her ebony locks, only the vibrant red stood out, creating a beautiful contrast.

Underneath the hair, a delicate, fair face was revealed.

Her features were exquisite, with her blossoming peach eyes being undoubtedly the highlight.

Glistening and moist, the pupils pure and dark, adorned with specks of light like two stunning gemstones.

They were clear and pure eyes that elicited admiration upon every glimpse.

However, the slight upward tilt at the corners of her eyes, coupled with the barely-there pink blush surrounding them, added a touch of glamour to her unadulterated purity.

The perfect blend of two disparate elements, indeed a captivating sight.

Besides her irresistible face, her clothes were equally stunning.

She wore a vibrant red chest-high Ruqun, made from the finest satin, radiant and smooth. The clothes were simply adorned with embroidery of wheat at the cuffs, and no further embellishments.

The dress seemed like a vigorous flame enveloping her body, flaring about with her every movement, as though the flames themselves were alight and dancing.

Such a radiant outfit combined with her fair skin, exquisite features, and glossy black hair, somehow, felt unexpectedly harmonious.

The clothing and the person wearing it enhanced each other perfectly.

The coachman stared blankly at the vision of Qiao Xiaomai before him, completely stunned.

Seeing this, the youth standing behind her, Tong Sanlang, broke into a smile, “Big brother, shouldn’t we get going now?”

Snapped back to reality with these words, the coachman hurriedly replied, “Get in, hurry up.”

Qiao Xiaomai gave a faint smile to the coachman, then turned to Qiao Changshun and Qiao Dami standing behind her, “Father, I’m leaving with third brother Tong.”

“Go ahead.”

Qiao Changshun, his face lined with wrinkles, was filled with mirth. Qiao Xiaomai looked absolutely stunning, even Tong Sanlang was struck dumb when he saw her.

With that moment of distraction, it wouldn’t matter even if Qiao Xiaomai lost the competition.

Qiao Dami also waved their hand saying, “Big brother Tong, please take good care of my sister.”

Hearing this, Tong Sanlang smiled and nodded his head.

And thus, Qiao Xiaomai and Tong Sanlang boarded the carriage. Qiao Xiaomai hands were empty while Tong Sanlang carried a bamboo basket in one hand and a clay pot in the other – these contained the items Qiao Xiaomai had prepared beforehand.

Inside the carriage, Tong Sanlang sat with an air of composure, his expression cold and stern.

He strove to keep his facial expression steady, not allowing the complex emotions struggling inside him to show.

Leaning casually against the wall of the carriage, Qiao Xiaomai had her eyes closed.

Last night, she indulged herself with rose bath and applied a face mask. After a good night’s sleep, she carefully prepared her makeup this morning.

Being the pampered daughter of a rich family, she constantly had to attend various banquets. Hence, she had a variety of makeup products on hand and applying makeup was an essential skill for her.

After having breakfast, she changed into her new outfit.

This fiery dress did not outshine her face. The Fox Qiao wore it perfectly with complementary facial features.

Moreover, she had an aura that dominated the dress.

In short, with her appearance today, she was ready to compete for attention against Bai Zhi.

Bai Zhi would be in white, and she would be in red.

Red rose, white rose. She intended to use the vibrant and attractive red to counter Bai Zhi’s lofty elegance in white.

Hmm, a country bumpkin?


The carriage quickly arrived at the town. The coachman first took a detour to the Vegetable Market, gathered all the required ingredients, and then hurried towards the Bailu Academy.

The competition was set to take place at the Martial Arts Training Ground of the Bailu Academy. By the time the carriage arrived, many people had already gathered there..

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