Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let's Farm - C.225 - : Will You Come With Me?


Chapter 225: Chapter 225: Will You Come With Me?

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Three days passed in the blink of an eye, and during this time, Qiao Xiaomai lived a peaceful life.

On the first day, she discovered that the water in her space tasted even better, which boosted her confidence.

On the second day, Yang Ye sent someone to deliver her silver coins to purchase ingredients for the cooking competition.

This wasn’t any professional competition, Yang Ye only provided the venue and kitchen utensils, the ingredients had to be prepared by herself.

Yang Ye was quite generous, giving her five hundred taels at once, but Qiao Xiaomai refused, and didn’t take a tael.

Accepting someone’s favor brought obligation. She really didn’t want to get too involved with Yang Ye.

Moreover, what she needed were all very common items that would cost only a few silver coins.

She refused to take it, and the delivery man didn’t insist. He only informed her that a horse carriage would be sent to pick her up after three days, and she didn’t need to worry about anything else.

A horse carriage was exactly what she wanted, so she gladly expressed her gratitude.

On the third day, she went to Xiangji Fabric Shop and picked up the dress that cost her ten taels.

Everything was ready, and she was all set for the competition the next day.

During evening, when she went uphill to fetch firewood, she unexpectedly bumped into Tong Sanlang again.

The two of them stood on the small path in the mountains, facing each other in silence.

“Thank you, Brother Tong San.” Qiao Xiaomai broke the silence.

Even though three days had passed, the fear of that moment was still fresh in her mind whenever she thought about it.

“Don’t mention it, 1 just happened to pass by.” Tong Sanlang, with a pheasant in hand, responded nonchalantly.

He still remembered the embarrassment from three days ago. In the face of the girl he loved, he carefully selected a demeanor which made both of them feel comfortable.

Qiao Xiaomai peered at his handsome face, bit her lip, and said, “Tomorrow, 1 hope…! hope you can accompany me, Brother Tong San.”

Shopkeeper Zhou said that her safety was assured with Yang Ye around.

It had been proven that, was absolute nonsense.

Thinking about Bai Zhi’s possible reaction the next day, she felt she needed a bodyguard.

The only person she could think of to serve as her a bodyguard was Tong Sanlang.

Tong Sanlang himself had said that he would quietly follow her there.

Yet she had refused Tong Sanlang in a rather unfriendly manner and explicitly expressed her desire to keep her distance from him.

But now that she needed his help, she was seeking him out eagerly. Which made her feel a bit guilty.

So, she had been wavering for these last three days.

However, owing to this unexpected encounter with Tong Sanlang on the mountain and seeing his calm black eyes, she made up her mind and blurted out the words.

So be it, she thought.

She couldn’t fret about these details when her life was possibly endangered.

“Of course, I will attend. Be at ease, miss,” replied Tong Sanlang, after a brief startle and then nodding.

“No, I mean…I want you to ride the horse carriage with me tomorrow morning.”

Now that she was openly asking for his help, she wanted him to accompany her openly, and not having Tong Sanlang hide somewhere using his martial arts skills. That would be too cunning.

“Is that really necessary…” Tong Sanlang looked at her with surprise and hesitation.

“It’s very necessary. Could you please come over tomorrow morning, Brother Tong San? I’d really appreciate it.” Qiao Xiaomai pressed her lips together, a sincere expression on her face.

After looking into her bright peach blossom eyes for a few moments, Tong Sanlang pursed his lips too and replied, “Alright.”

He would naturally agree to anything Qiao Xiaomai asked him to do.

On the fourth day in the morning, shortly after breakfast, a horse carriage appeared in front of the Qiao Family house.

The coachman jumped down from the carriage and knocked on the gate of the Qiao Family courtyard.

The gate opened, and out walked a young girl in a red dress..

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