Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let's Farm - C.221 - : Little Lover


Chapter 221: Chapter 221: Little Lover

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One moment she was worried about being crippled, the next, she found herself in a warm embrace.

Qiao Xiaomai’s heart was pounding erratically, the two starkly different voices resonating, pulling back her terrified consciousness.

One voice was Tong Sanlang’s, filled with extraordinary concern.

The other was Bai Zhi’s, filled with intense ill will.

She took a deep breath and looked at Bai Zhi.

Bai Zhi was standing by the broken window, and smiled with curved red lips as she saw her look over, lightly leaping down.

The wind tussled her white clothes and dark hair, she looked like a fairy falling into dust, her comportment unspeakably elegant and captivating.

Tong Sanlang saw Bai Zhi at that moment too. He let go of Qiao Xiaomai, took a small step forward, protecting her behind him.

He naturally knew of the city’s mistress’s reputation, too.

Although he didn’t know why Qiao Xiaomai had provoked her, given the current situation, he had to stand up.

“Oh, this handsome lad is quite good-looking.” Bai Zhi lightly landed on the street, her hands behind her back, scrutinizing Tong Sanlang up and down with a picky gaze, then looked towards Qiao Xiaomai behind Tong Sanlang.

“Since you have such a handsome beau, why would you dare to seduce Brother Ye?”

Qiao Xiaomai,”…”

Damn, even if she had a hundred mouths she wouldn’t be able to clear her name.

What the hell did she seduce!

“What are you talking nonsense.” At this time, Yang Ye also jumped down, his attire elegant, his appearance handsome, attracting more gazes than Bai Zhi. “Are you claiming she didn’t seduce you?” Bai Zhi stared at him, her exquisite chin slightly raised. She pointed at Qiao Xiaomai with her clean and slender fingers, her face full of contempt, “Wouldn’t you be praising her, if she hadn’t seduced you?

Yang Ye was speechless.

Earlier he had suspected that Qiao Xiaomai was employing some form of manipulation, but hearing it from Bai Zhi’s mouth, it sounded peculiar.

“I praised her because she is an expert in cooking. Weren’t you going to compete with her in cooking? You almost killed her just now. What’s the meaning of this?”

“Hmph, 1 just wanted to show you how I can take care of her!”

Yang Ye frowned, impatiently retorting “Stop beating around the bush, let’s have the cooking contest! If you win, she’ll pay three hundred taels of silver and three hundred acres of land. If she wins, you’ll give her three hundred taels of silver and three hundred acres of land, and immediately return to the Capital City.”

Even he, spoiled as one of the four mighty men of Daqi, his temperament certainly wasn’t good. If it didn’t occur to him that Bai Zhi was like a half-sister to him, he would have blown his top much earlier.

Upon hearing this, Bai Zhi bit her lip, “Let’s compete then!”

She’s just a small village girl!

After she wins in cooking, she will crush this village girl!

“Fine, the competition will be held at Bailu Academy in three days.” Yang Ye lifted his arm, pointing in the direction of the academy, “You, go back to the academy now. Almost committing murder in public, go reflect on your actions.”

Murder in public.

These four words made Bai Zhi pale.

Although she was arrogant, she hadn’t reached the point of casually killing people.

Moreover, looking at Yang Ye’s expression, it seemed he had implications in his words.

She cast a resentful look at Qiao Xiaomai.

Qiao Xiaomai stood behind Tong Sanlang, his tall figure shielding her almost entirely.

“Hmph, you wait, little village girl!” Leaving these words, she leapt up, heading toward the academy with nimble footsteps.

She’ll hold back for now!

After winning, she’ll deal with this village girl!

Once Bai Zhi left, only then did Yang Ye turn his gaze to look at Qiao Xiaomai, “Miss Xiao, are you okay?”

As a person who loved gourmet food, he always cared about those who were good at cooking, especially if they were filled with creative and novel ideas.

“I’m fine.” Qiao Xiaomai finally spoke, her voice sounding indifferent.

“That’s good.” Yang Ye let out a sigh of relief, casually glancing at Tong Sanlang.

He couldn’t help it, Tong Sanlang was standing in front of Qiao Xiaomai, his protective posture very obvious, he raised an eyebrow, “Oh, so he really is your beau?”

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