Farm Girl Turns Everything Around: Sly Husband, Let's Farm - C.215 - : Let it Be


Chapter 215: Chapter 215: Let it Be

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“Alright.” Qiao Xiaomai nodded.

Anyhow, besides selling the house, there’s not much contact left. Considering the past help from this grandfather and grandson, she didn’t mind giving a smile.

Aside from visiting the town, she came this time to deliver dried tofu as well.

“All, another fresh delicacy, how clever and handy.” Tong Tiehu praised.

Qiao Xiaomai smiled shyly, not saying much.

But Tong Sanlang glanced at Qiao Xiaomai, and felt disappointed.

His previous idea was to have Qiao Xiaomai sell the recipe for dried beancurd sticks, but now Qiao Xiaomai was dabbling in new things.

It seemed she didn’t plan to sell to Jiwei Residence anymore.

She had no intention to have any furthered association with him.

But this was also in line with what he wanted after today’s embarrassing debacle carried out by the Sun family. It genuinely made him lose face completely.

Underpants, private clothing, inherently carried some degree of impropriety and shouldn’t be exposed frivolously.

However, today his wardrobe was raided and scrutinized by everyone.

What’s more outrageous was that the crazy woman, Mrs. Sun, actually wanted to strip off his pants.


At that moment, he really wished he could kick Mrs. Sun dead and bury himself in a crack on the ground.

The girl he fancied was watching the whole thing!

Looking back at the moment he revealed his young master status, he just wished he could go back in time and slap himself fiercely.

So stupid.

He had completely lost all dignity.

But this was good, as Qiao Xiaomai didn’t plan to have any more contact with him.

Let it be.

At this moment, Tong Tiehu spoke up, bringing back his far-flown thoughts, “Sanlang, go wash the ox cart.”

The blood stains from Sun’s family and Qiao Meipan had stained the cart.

He hastily complied and carried the bucket to clean the ox cart.

Tong Tiehu, who didn’t know his grandson’s thoughts, took this opportunity to call Zhu Hongyun and Tong Erniang over and gave them a good reprimand.

They should keep their distance from a woman like Zhu Cuiying!

“Xiaoyun treats Zhu Cuiying like a relative, who knew that she would cause such a mess for Xiaoyun as soon as she turned around. It’s not Xiaoyun’s fault.” Tong Erniang murmured softly.

Hearing this, Tong Tiehu puffed up in anger.

At this moment, he shared the same emotion as Qiao Qing: How did he raise such a thing!

Qiao Xiaomai stood aside, maintaining an aloof composure as if she didn’t hear anything.

Every family has its difficulty to deal with.

But judging from the huge gap between Tong Sanlang and Tong Erniang, it’s obvious that the Tong family’s secret must not be small.

But in ancient times, the biggest secrets were often about treason.

Such a colossal crime. After selling her house, she mustn’t have any entanglements with them.

Thinking this way, once Tong Sanlang finished washing the cart, the two families set off for the town.

On the way, Qiao Xiaomai kept silent, while Qiao Changshun and Tong Tiehu chatted about farming. Qiao Dami was conversing incessantly with Tong Sanlang.

After reaching the town, Tiehu and Sanlang headed for the academy, while Qiao Xiaomai and her family went to the medical clinic.

When Qiao Changshun first went lame, it was this clinic that he visited. Upon hearing that his leg was hurting again, the doctor swiftly prescribed medicine.

It looked similar to what Doctor Wu prescribed.

Qiao Xiaomai also explained her condition, and the doctor wrote another prescription. Again, it looked similar to Doctor Wu’s medicine.

Carrying two large bags of medicinal materials, the family left the clinic.

Qiao Xiaomai wondered to herself, the medicine from both places is almost the same, is it effective…

“Let’s go to Zuixian Building, it’s almost noon.” She suggested..

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