Defrosting The Cold Young Master - C.196 - 197: Undercurrents Surging

Defrosting The Cold Young Master

C.196 - 197: Undercurrents Surging

Chapter 196: Chapter 197: Undercurrents Surging

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If Jiang Zhengwei hadn’t saved his life back then, he wouldn’t have arranged for his younger daughter to marry him as a way of repaying the life-debt.

If his younger daughter hadn’t been married to Jiang Zhengwei, she wouldn’t have died alongside him in Jiang City.

She got married early, married Jiang Zhengwei at nineteen, and died in her early twenties in Jiang City.

He was so distraught that he nearly suffered a heart attack, and it was only when he brought Xie Yunlin and his brother Xie Jinfei to his side that he felt somewhat better.

He failed his younger daughter.

So, he fought with the Jiang family without any regard to seize custody of Xie Yunlin and Xie Jinfei.

His intentions were good.

Xie Yunlin and Xie Jinfei were orphans, with nobody looking out for them. He feared that the brothers would be bullied.

Especially since he could see that Jiang Zhengxing was not an upright person. He feared that Jiang Zhengxing might kill his two grandsons in order to usurp their parents’ wealth.

It was because of this fear that he brought Xie Yunlin and Xie Jinfei to Beijing to care for them.

What he didn’t expect was that because of this, his granddaughter embarked on a life of hardship.

If he hadn’t taken Xie Yunlin and Xie Jinfei to nurture in Beijing, the old man from the Jiang family wouldn’t have feared him snatching custody and handed his granddaughter to Jiang Zhengxing.

That despicable creature, Jiang Zhengxing, would have had no chance to lose his granddaughter.

Xie Yunlin said that his granddaughter grew up in a small town.

Her foster parents died early.

After her foster parents died, she lived with her uncle and aunt.

Her uncle and aunt treated her like child labour, even forcibly arranging her to marry a bad-tempered, lame man at the age of fifteen.

If she wasn’t intelligent and brave and ran away from the wedding in the middle of the night and escaped from that town, she probably would have already been married to the lame man, bearing him children, never knowing who her actual parents were.

Thinking of these matters made his heart ache, plumbed him into depths of despair.

The early death of his younger daughter, and the tragic twenty years of his granddaughter’s life had been caused by his own actions.

Now that he has finally found his granddaughter, he aims to double the compensation for her. But, Xie Motong just couldn’t accept her, resorting to cold mockery and sarcastic ridicule.

He knew what Xie Motong was thinking.

He understood his own granddaughter more than anyone else.

At first, when he brought Xie Yunlin and Xie Jinfei back to the Xie Family, he didn’t intend for them to change their surname.

Later, when he discovered that his son’s daughter, Xie Motong, was selfish, cold-hearted and foolish, he realized that the Xie Family would decline if it fell into her hands. That’s when he considered letting Xie Yunlin and Xie Jinfei take the Xie family name and carry on its lineage.

Even later, the two boys discovered that their parents’ death might be linked to Jiang Zhengxing. But too much time has passed and no solid evidence could be found.

Upon hearing their words, he despised the Jiang family and Jiang Zhengxing, and without hesitation, let Xie Yunlin and Xie Jinfei take the surname of Xie.

After that, his son’s family, they regarded Xie Yunlin and Xie Jinfei as a thorn in their sides.

They were afraid of him and didn’t dare to publicly express themselves, but they acted out in secrecy.

His son was disgraceful, a failure. However, no matter how bad he was, he was still his only son.

He loved all of his kin and couldn’t bear to mistreat his son, so he turned a blind eye.

Regardless, Xie Yunlin and Xie Jinfei far outstripped his son’s family in terms of ability and means, so he was not afraid that they would lose out..

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