Defrosting The Cold Young Master - C.194 - 195: No one can bully mom when dad is around!

Defrosting The Cold Young Master

C.194 - 195: No one can bully mom when dad is around!

Chapter 194: Chapter 195: No one can bully mom when dad is around!

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She trembled suddenly and took two steps back involuntarily. Her face drained of color in an instant, and she stammered, “N…no, Fifth Brother, you’re mistaken.”

Gu Junzhu looked at her dismissively, as if he was gazing at a piece of dirty trash. “I don’t have a sister.”

The color in Xie Motong’s face alternated between pale and flushed. Shame made her feel as if she was bleeding, “Fifth…Fifth Master…”

Xie Rongzhen, Xie Motong’s father, could no longer bear to watch. He stepped forward, blocking Xie Motong behind him, frowning at Gu Junzhu, “Xiao Zhu, the Gu and Xie families have been friends for generations. Senior Gu and my father were close friends for many years. It’s not wrong for my daughter to call you Fifth Brother, right?”

“There’s nothing wrong with that, Brother Xie?” Gu Junzhu raised his eyebrows, shooting Xie Rongzhen a sarcastic smile, “I call you Brother Xie. You ask your daughter to call me Fifth Brother. Is your daughter going to start calling you Brother Xie?”

Xie Rongzhen choked back his words, nearly suffocating on his own breath. He could not utter a single word. He had forgotten.

Although Gu Junzhu was young, his status within the family hierarchy was higher.

Gu Junzhu, who was more or less of the same rank as him, despite the long-standing friendship between the Gu and Xie families, his daughter would only have the right to courteously call Gu Junzhu “Uncle”. How could she dare to call him “Fifth Brother”?

Qin Huilan, Xie Rongzhen’s wife, noticed her husband’s face turn purple and laughed softly at Gu Junzhu, “Xiao Zhu, you are identified as Brother Xie based on Beibei’s relationship. If, as Yunlin said, you and Beibei are now married, Brother Xie would be Beibei’s uncle by marriage, Tongtong would be Beibei’s cousin, so Tongtong can call you Fifth Brother.”

“Ah,” Gu Junzhu scoffed at Qin Huilan, “A cousin? That’s interesting, Madam Xie! So, in your family, it’s normal to insult one’s cousin the first time you meet. Today I really learned something new!”

Seeing her parents standing in front of her, Xie Motong felt a surge of strength.

Furthermore, Gu Junzhu’s protectiveness of Ye Xingbei stirred a bitter taste in her heart.

She could not help but harden her resolve, and pushed through her fear to say, “If having a child with a man at the age of ten isn’t shameless then what is? Did I say something wrong?”

This time, before Gu Junzhu could even respond, Xie Yunlin intervened, “Can everyone stop arguing! There’s been a misunderstanding! Xiao Fei, go ahead, take Xiao Shu and Xiao Yue outside, and show them around our yard.”

Xie Yunlin understood that he would have to explain everything clearly to preserve his sister’s reputation.

Otherwise, not just Xie Motong and the others, but his grandparents too, might judge his sister.

Xie Jinfei glared at Xie Motong for a moment before finally approaching Xiao Shumiao and Lingyue, proposing that they play outside.

Xiao Shumiao looked at Ye Xingbei, who gently patted his head, “Be good, go play with Second Uncle.”

Xiao Shumiao was somewhat reluctant. He shook Gu Junzhu’s hand and expressed, “Dad, you must protect Mom, don’t let the old witch bully her!”

The faces of Xie Motong and Qin Huilan turned instantly dark.

Age was a sore spot for a woman.

Xie Motong considered herself young and beautiful, equivalent to a maiden at her prime.

Qin Huilan believed she looked well preserved, often receiving compliments that she looked like a newlywed when out, and she was even hoping for a third child, preferably a son.

And now, this little brat was calling them old witches?

Xie Motong’s fairly lovely face instantly twisted with anger.

If she weren’t so afraid of Gu Junzhu, she would have loved to drag the little brat over and give him several good slaps.

Even the normally graceful and kind Qin Huilan nearly lost her composure, barely maintaining the superficial smile on her face.

Gu Junzhu lovingly stroked Xiao Shumiao’s cheek, chuckling heartily as he reassured, “Don’t worry, with Daddy here, no one can bully Mommy!”

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