Defrosting The Cold Young Master - C.190 - 191: Recognizing Relatives

Defrosting The Cold Young Master

C.190 - 191: Recognizing Relatives

Chapter 190: Chapter 191: Recognizing Relatives

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Gu Junzhu caught sight of her pair of long, slender legs, half-hidden, half-revealed, even more exciting than if she were naked.

All his blood boiled instantly, and he vigorously pinned Ye Xingbei beneath him.

A few hours later, Ye Xingbei experienced firsthand what it means to dig your own grave.

She was tossed and toyed with by the fired-up Fifth Lord of Gu.

After Gu Junzhu bathed her, she bit him fiercely on the shoulder, closing her eyes in spite. She never opened them again, and as soon as Gu Junzhu laid her back on the pillow, she fell asleep.

The next day, she woke up late and didn’t have time to settle accounts with that bastard before hastily taking care of the children’s meal.

After feeding them, it was time for her meeting with Xie Yunlin and Xie Jinfei. The group assembled at the airport and flew to Beijing.

Upon arrival in Beijing, a car sent by the Xie family was already waiting at the airport.

After boarding, the car was headed for the Xie family villa.

More than half an hour later, the car pulled into a villa complex.

After a few more minutes, the car slowly reduced its speed in front of a villa.

The automatic sensor gates slowly opened to the sides.

The car drove into the villa, passed through the beautiful courtyard, and stopped in the space in front of the living room.

The Xie family’s bodyguards quickly came over to open the doors.

After Xie Yunlin got out of the car, he stood at the car door, waiting for Gu Junzhu, Ye Xingbei, and the two children to get out.

Under Xiao Shumiao’s persistent request, Lingyue was also brought along.

On this trip to Beijing, besides meeting relatives, Ye Xingbei also wanted to take the kids around the city.

As the capital, Beijing has many historical sites worth exploring for children. Reading ten thousand books is not as useful as traveling ten thousand miles. With this opportunity, she hoped Lingyue could also get out and see the world. Lingyue was initially unwilling, but he finally nodded his agreement under Xiao Shumiao’s tearful pleas.

He really liked this family, he especially wished Xiao Shu was his real little brother and Xiao Shu’s parents were his parents.

But he knew, that’s impossible.

He was just an outsider.

He would leave sooner or later.

He didn’t want to ask too much from this family, afraid of causing them trouble and making them dislike him.

They were the kindest to him, other than his grandmother.

To him, they were precious, very precious.

In their eyes, perhaps he was just a passerby.

But in his heart, they were the most precious people he had in this world.

Even more precious than his father.

If it wasn’t Xiao Shu’s teary-eyed plea for him, if he didn’t come, Xiao Shu would cry, he wouldn’t be here.

He didn’t deserve to be here.

Ye Xingbei knew he was a sensitive and considerate child, and she is always mindful of his feelings.

After getting out of the car, she held Xiao Shu’s hand in one hand and his hand in the other, speaking softly to them with great care.

Fifth Lord of Gu followed behind them, somewhat resentful.

One small fry was enough, now another one had been added completely usurping his rightful place.

Eight years old… in two more years it would be ten.

Feed him well, and a ten-year-old child would be like a teenager.

A teenager shouldn’t be having his wife hold his hand, right?


So it’s settled.

When he gets home, he’ll give the cooks extra work: they must feed Lingyue well so he grows big and strong.

Then his wife won’t hold his hand anymore!

He’s a real genius!

While the Fifth Lord schemed in his head, he followed Ye Xingbei and the two children into the Xie family living room.

Because Xie Yunlin said that he was coming home today to announce something important, and asked everyone in the whole family to be present, all the Xie family members were there..

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