Defrosting The Cold Young Master - C.187 - 188: A Mess That Can’t be Cleaned Up

Defrosting The Cold Young Master

C.187 - 188: A Mess That Can’t be Cleaned Up

Chapter 187: Chapter 188: A Mess That Can’t be Cleaned Up

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“I will go too!” Xiao Shumiao dropped his game controller and got up to chase after them.

After a few steps, he turned around and called out to Lingyue, “Brother Xiaoyue, come on, let’s go change and go shopping. Let’s ask Dad to buy us ice cream!”

Ye Xingbei forgot to scold Gu Junzhu. She looked at him sternly, “Xiao Shu, who said you could have ice cream? Kids can’t have ice cream!”

The little guy ran up to her, clasped his hands together, blinked his big, innocent eyes, and pleaded pitifully, “Mom, you’re the best, the very best, just one, a small one!”

Ye Xingbei’s heart softened.

In the past, her son was very well-behaved.

He always listened to what she said without ever haggling.

She should be angry with a disobedient child.

But facing her lively son who could talk, laugh, and act coquettishly, she only felt joy, without any hint of anger.

“Little elf!” she lightly tapped the little guy’s forehead, “Only half! Half each for you and Mom!”

“Great!” The little guy was over the moon and nodded hard, “Just half!”

In the past, not to mention half, his mom wouldn’t allow him a single bite.

Having half was absolutely fantastic!

After changing their clothes, the family of four set off to their destination, the largest mall in Jiang City.

Women love to shop and so do children.

Especially since Xiao Shumiao used to have allergic asthma. Ye Xingbei was overly protective of him and never allowed him to go to crowded places.

This was Xiao Shumiao’s first real shopping trip, and it was with his mom, dad, and his beloved Brother Xiaoyue!

He was so happy he seemed a little crazy, holding his father’s hand with his left hand and his mother’s with his right. He was chattering away and couldn’t stop laughing.

After a while, he looked back at Lingyue, calling out, “Brother Xiaoyue, hurry up!”

It was as if he was afraid of losing his little Brother Xiaoyue.

Ye Xingbei thought her son was wonderful.

He was so young yet already knew how to take care of others, being gentle and attentive. He was a little sun!

Seeing that her son wanted to hold both her and Gu Junzhu’s hands, and was even wishing he had a third hand to hold Lingyue, she beckoned Lingyue to come over and hold Lingyue’s hand.

Lingyue was a bit nervous and his hand started to sweat, but he didn’t dare to let go.

Ye Xingbei praised him softly, “Good boy, later I’ll buy you and Xiao Shu new clothes, and we’ll also have ice cream.”

Gu Junzhu looked at Xiao Shumiao’s soft hand in his palm, then at Ye Xingbei holding Lingyue’s hand, feeling a bit disgruntled.

It was fine for Ye Xingbei to hold Xiao Shumiao, but what was happening with that little guy who suddenly appeared?

He should be the one in the middle, holding Ye Xiaobei’s hand with his left and holding Xiao Shumiao with his right!

But… considering he was a grown man, and grown men shouldn’t be petty with women and children, he held back!

In the following time, the Fifth Lord of Gu satisfied his whim of being a spendthrift. Whatever Ye Xingbei and the two kids took a fancy to, he didn’t hesitate and bought it at once.

Before long, Gu Chi, Xueno, and the other two bodyguards had their hands full of things.

The two little ones were so cute. They arrived at the counter for high-end children’s clothing. As soon as they randomly picked a piece and tried it on the little ones, they looked so charming and adorable that the passing customers repeatedly turned their heads.

Ye Xingbei was not short of money. Like all women, she had the overwhelming urge to shop till she dropped.

The minute she lost control, things spiraled out of hand..

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