Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique - C.98 - 95: Grand Imaginaionl


Chapter 98: Chapter 95: Grand Imaginaionl

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“Link, what are you thinking about?”

Jasmine noticed Link holding his personal smart brain, his eyes seemingly fixed on the screen, but his gaze was unfocused. She couldn’t help but ask.


Link shook his head, cleared his jumbled thoughts, pondered for a moment, and decided to explain some things to Jasmine.

After all, Jasmine had also stepped out of the academy and into the complicated real world.

There were many things that could easily cause trouble if she did not know about them.

Starting from Wizard Palo’s sponsorship for the lab for six months, Link spoke about what he agreed to do in return, his words brief and to the point. He talked about tonight’s bet and duel.

After listening, Jasmine was stunned.

They had only been on vacation for two weeks, yet so many bizarre events had happened to Link.

He ripped off Harold Andrews, applied for a part-time job, got involved in the conflict between the “New Blood Mutual Aid Association” and “Pure Blood Will”, and killed Rivers Francis in a confused state…

However, what a girl cares about is quite peculiar.

Hearing about what Sophie Lucia had done, Jasmine gritted her teeth with hatred.

With the stone that was hanging in her heart finally falling to the ground, she no longer feared. Jasmine’s first reaction was surprisingly, “Link, now that you’ve matched up against Wizard Peter Lionel’s ‘Pure Blood Will’, do we not have to be too afraid of the Lucia family? Can we think of a way to teach that mouthy bitch Sophie Lucia a lesson?”


Link was almost unable to keep up with Jasmine’s leap of thought, after pondering he said, “As long as we don’t go too far, having the support of Wizard Palo and Serene Wizard, we should be able to do it.”

After a pause, Link added emphasis, “But we absolutely cannot go too far, else Wizard Palo can abandon Antoine Hilton, and he can abandon us too!”

“I understand.”

Jasmine nodded vigorously, her big green eyes shining with intelligence, “In that case… if we target the Lucia family’s business… hmph… we certainly can’t do it ourselves, we have to hide behind Wizard Palo’s business, can we find a way to teach that bitch Sophie Lucia a lesson?”

This idea was undoubtedly a bit outlandish.

A large family was not something that could be destroyed from the outside in an instant.

Moreover, what was the scale of Link and Jasmine compared to the scale of Lucia’s family, which was considered a big family in the whole Mitchell District?

A good metaphor for Jasmine’s naive idea would be a mantis trying to stop a chariot.

However, Link was actually a bit tempted.

A large family was a whole, but also made up of individuals.

Sophie Lucia belonged to the Lucia family, but she also belonged to a certain branch.


If Link could investigate which branch of the Lucia family Sophie Lucia belonged to,

what industries that branch had, what their flagship product was, and whether they could find a way to target it,

then, this idea might not be impossible to realize.

Anyway, since he was already involved in the wager between Wizard Palo and Wizard Peter Lionel, he couldn’t keep a low profile anymore.

If you’ve got lice, you might as well itch all over.

Why not act a little recklessly?

Link actually hated Sophie Lucia’s actions tonight a lot.

She only said a few words, yet they could have brought great negative impact on Link.

This made Link, who was generous, really want to seek revenge.

” If we carefully plan and execute, we might really be able to create some drama.”

Link agreed to Jasmine’s suggestion, pondering on how to make it happen.

This made Jasmine very happy.

She was no longer a useless vase, and she could gradually start to help Link.

How delightful!

The next day.

Link and Jasmine arrived at the potion shop early.

Like always, Serene Wizard arrived early, opened the door, prepared for a targeted plan three weeks later, and researched and produced new unique potions.

Seeing that Link had not been affected at all, his young face showing calmness and maturity, Serene Wizard confirmed her judgement of Link.

She gave Link a somewhat meaningful smile, twisted her waist and walked up to the second floor.

Link’s initially calm heart was stirred by the unintentional appeal of Serene Wizard’s smile.

This caused Jasmine at his side to ruthily twist Link’s arm.

Feeling pain, Link came back to his senses, didn’t explain anything, just threw a silent glance at Jasmine who was covering her mouth and laughing, then went to the men’s changing room to change into his uniform.

Of course, Jasmine knew that Link’s brief distraction was not because he was bewitched by Serene Wizard’s charm, but she wanted to assert her presence!

But Jasmine had a sense of propriety, didn’t make a fuss, but gave Link a lovely and charming smile, and went into the changing room to change her uniform.

After Link and Jasmine changed into their uniforms and each got busy for a while, the three official staff members arrived together.

In the backyard, operation room A.

While Link was counting the plants and herbs to be processed today, Witch Ayla abruptly barged in.

What was strange was that she didn’t speak or make any other moves, but just coldly stared at Link.

But Link did not sense any malice or killing intent from Witch Ayla.

This made Link a little frustrated.

What are you trying to do big sister? Can’t you just come out and say it?

Stop playing the death gaze game, it’s messing with people’s mentality.

When faced with a first-class official wizard, even though he was wearing the “Defender 3202” suit, the pressure in Link’s heart was still quite substantial.

Mainly because this official wizard had shown hostility before.

Link couldn’t help but grumble under his breath as a way to relieve stress.

Fortunately, the gentle Witch Sharia came over in time to break the tension and took Witch Ayla away.

“What are you doing, don’t scare brother Link.”

Witch Sharia even reprimanded Witch Ayla for a moment, as she felt upset for Link.


Witch Ayla scoffed, shouting, “Did I scare him? What a joke! Don’t you know how many people he has killed?”

“I’ve told you again and again, don’t concern yourself with this stuff, why won’t you listen?”

Witch Sharia said with a displeased tone, “Why do you care about these petty matters? All they bring you is trouble! Stop fretting! Focus on your work!”

In just a few words, the everyday gentle and soft-spoken Witch Sharia had suppressed Ayla, who usually had more of a dominant female persona.

As for Wizard Tina, she was standing aside with her arms crossed, dressing with a large sense of justice, simply watching the drama unfold.

When it came to relationships, Wizard Tina only got along with Witch Sharia, she didn’t get along with Witch Ayla at all.

Being able to witness Witch Ayla in a comedic situation was something Wizard Tina took great pleasure in.

If it wasn’t for consideration of Witch Sharia, Wizard Tina would have surely taken out her phone to capture this moment for memory, to occasionally bring it up and mock Witch Ayla.

This near comedic interaction was the potion shop’s, three official wizards who were connected to Antoine Hilton, their only reaction to Antoine Hilton’s death.

There was no grief, no shared hatred, no anger.

It was as if the person who died last night was a stranger!

Link got himself a plate of melon seeds to eat, and after taking a quiet sigh of relief, he went back to his work.

As usual, he had all the plants and herbs pre-processed within the morning, passing them over to Wizard Tina for further processing.

After having lunch in the shop’s restaurant, Link didn’t go to the East District public library to read, instead, he began to purposefully wander around.

Last night, after he had decided to entertain Jasmine’s whimsy, Link had a vague idea.

Link, who was decisive, immediately sprung to action.

Knowing the enemy and himself, there’ll be victory in every battle.

What Link was doing now was to find out the industries Lucia’s family owned in Ravensmouth City, mainly in East District and South District.

This is commonly known as mapping.

If possible, he wanted to dig deeper into the investigation.

This wasn’t difficult. It just required a bit of time and magic stone.

After more than two hours, Link had explored both the East and South districts.

Lucia’s family had three shops in the East District, one big and two small.

The big one was a potion shop, and the two small ones were on different streets, both selling plants and herbs.

In the South District, they had two factories whose main business was the manufacture of the embryo of rune objects.

Link stopped the initial investigation here to avoid making his movements too suspicious.

However, his gains weren’t small.

He saw Sophie Lucia in the potion shop of the Lucia family.

She was also using the holiday to gain practice experience related to Potion Study in advance, working as a guide in the shop.

In order to avoid being recognized, Link took a quick stroll and left the potion shop.

With just this brief stroll, he made discoveries.

The way the Lucia family potion shop was run was a bit different from the Serene Wizard Potion Shop.

They assigned specific responsibilities to each guide. Each guide had their own potions to sell.

Sophie Lucia was responsible for selling ladies’ fragrances.

When Link developed the Glasswort Aromatherapy Essential Oil, he had researched the differences between perfume, fragrance, and aromatherapy.

When the development of aromatherapy essential oil encountered setbacks, Link initially considered switching to fragrance and therefore conducted some preliminary experiments.

As he discovered that this method wasn’t suitable, he decided to persist with the aromatherapy essential oil route.

When he got to the public library, he found a quiet seat and began to think.

He was considering if he developed one or several types of fragrances with better effects and cheaper prices to target the main fragrances sold in the Lucia Family Potion Shop. He wondered if he started a price or promotion war could he have an impact on Sophie Lucia.

A guide, after all, has a great responsibility in product sales!

The lab was idle anyway.

It would take another two months for his spiritual power to reach the standard of advancing to the third-class wizard apprentice.

He shouldn’t be learning too many or too diverse o-Ring witchcraft in a short time.

And the study of Potion Study and Alchemy Pharmacy required hands-on practice…

If it could have an impact, then great!

If not, it didn’t matter.

Whether it would bear fruit or not, he would first give it a shot.

Originally, this was just a whimsical idea of Jasmine’s.

Let’s just treat it as going along with the little girl’s fanciful thoughts.

After thinking it over, Link decided to conduct further research; to understand the existing categories, models, prices, and effects of fragrances in the market.

Such activity could both hide his intentions, so they aren’t overly apparent, and also result in a comprehensive research report on fragrances.

Maybe he can even gain research funding from Wizard Palo and Witch Serene based solely on this report.

Why should he use his own money for research? Is that what a qualified researcher should do?