Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique - C.96 - 93 Cold-blooded Madness_3


Chapter 96: Chapter 93 Cold-blooded Madness_3

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It would not be possible for him to have sequentially killed Erick Burnalis and Harold Andrews and still be on a roll, gaining the attention of not only Wizard Palo but also establishing connections with Serene Wizard.

Just a few days ago, when Rivers approached the “Pure Blood Will”, he was interrogated about Link Grande by a girl named Sophie Lucia.

At that time, he was puzzled.

Why would a local apprentice from Lucia Family in Mitchell District, which was considered a big family, be so concerned about a rustic “New Blood” from Stormy Sea?

Out of curiosity, Rivers spent some time and magical stones buying related intelligence.

After reading the intelligence, Rivers understood the two academic disputes between Sophie Lucia and Link Grande, as well as Link Grande’s recent research achievements.

In the battle with Antoine Hilton, Rivers managed to kill Antoine, but he himself was seriously injured.

Using the special ability of the “Rage Inferno Meditation Method” to forcibly use First Ring witchcraft twice, how could it not come at a price?

Rivers could clearly feel that his internal organs were being burned little by little, his rationality being slowly drained away.

Indeed, as he mentioned before, he was in a state of near-death and acted without any plan, completely relying on his instincts.

He would do whatever he wanted and ignore everything else.

Previously, Rivers wanted to find a quiet place to die in peace.

On the way, he encountered a hover car carrying Link Grande, and only then had the thought of wanting to see Link before he died.

As for the reason, he didn’t even know.

In death’s door, he might utter kind words?


“Be careful, Link Grande!”

Rivers shook his head to clear his jumbled thoughts and solemnly warned, “Wizard Palo is not a bad person, but he is not a good person either!

Good people can’t become qualified wizards.

If one day if you fall into a situation like Antoine Hilton today, he will not save you either.

You must plan ahead of time, don’t be like the fool Antoine, only thinking about building connections with superiors, playing games of power and using their might to bully others!”

Link frowned: “Did you come just to say these?”

He felt a bit strange, the relationship between him and Wizard Palo was merely that of an investor and an investee.

There was absolutely no emotional attachment, not to mention any sort of dependence or connection.

How did it turn into a close subordinate relationship in Rivers’ eyes?

Hearing this, Rivers chuckled self-mockingly: “True, a smart fellow like you, how could you be as naive as Antoine and me.”

With that, Rivers suddenly dropped his hands and forcefully clutched his abdomen. His face twisted in pain, the veins bulged on his neck, his teeth gritted.

After enduring the pain for a while, Rivers suppressed the pain, caught his breath, and abruptly made a strange request.

“Can you kill me?”

Link was surprised.

He was thoroughly dumbfounded by Rivers’ crazy and illogical actions and words.

Is this some sort of new scamming tactic, if I go crazy and make the enemy just as crazy, would I win?

Link remained silent, casually throwing a few self-destructing fire thunders to see if Rivers would dodge.

However, Rivers did not dodge, he didn’t even defend.

He let the Self-Destructing Fire Thunders roll down to his feet.

He allowed the Self-Destructing Fire Thunders to explode with a roar..