Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique - C.94 - 93 Cold-blooded Frenzy l


Chapter 94: Chapter 93 Cold-blooded Frenzy l

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Link saw everything clearly.

The moment the stone fell, Rivers transformed into flames and escaped from the swamp.

Only Antoine Hilton was hit by the Stone Hail Spell.

Sure enough, Rivers reappeared at the edge of the ring.

His demeanor was ragged; bubbles covered his body, a large cut on his forehead was bleeding incessantly, his right arm was limp and possibly dislocated or broken. Even standing was a struggle for him.

However, Rivers was undoubtedly the victor of this short duel.

The standing survive, while those fallen, die.

It was as simple as that.

Looking up towards the camera overlooking the ring, Rivers drew a large and flat V with bloodied fingers from his mouth, before revealing a dazzling smile.

At this moment, Rivers appeared to Link to be a completely insane jester.

Afterward, Rivers declined the staff’s assistance, picked up his belongings, barely held himself upright, and staggered off.

In the suite.

Wizard Palo’s mood was so grim that it could almost drip water.

Decades ago, he established the “New Blood Mutual Aid Association,” advocating unity among members, with mutual assistance as its main mission.

He never expected that just a few years of neglect led to such a rapid decline.

Within the organization, there was infighting for power, oppression of peers and most disgustingly, rampant prostitution.

Why did Wizard Palo bring Antoine Hilton to the appointment after receiving the news and guessing Wizard Peter Lionel’s intentions?

He wanted to see if the current president of the organization, who had been in office for two years, had the capabilities to match his manipulative schemes.

To see if he could kill the equally disgusting Rivers Francis.

Regrettably, Antoine Hilton did not disappoint Palo in terms of being a disappointment.

“Peter, you’ve finished both of your tasks now, haven’t you?”

After a while, Wizard Palo collected himself and asked indifferently.

He was reluctant to stay any longer.

“Of course, please feel at ease.”

Wizard Peter Lionel actually knew that the self-destruction of the New Blood Mutual Aid Association tonight would at most disgust Wizard Palo.

But that was what he wanted.

If Wizard Palo felt disgusted, Wizard Peter Lionel would be happy.

Hence, the delighted Wizard Peter Lionel generously offered, “If you want to stay and have fun, feel free. All the expenses will be on me.”

Wizard Palo waved his hand, stood up, and left.

Serene Wizard and Wizard Cody followed suit.

Four “New Blood Mutual Aid Association” second year members were still reeling from the shock of Antoine Hilton’s death, barely processing what had happened, and were slow to react.

Link had no choice but to keep pace with them.

As a result, the five of them were three steps behind Wizard Palo and two steps behind Serene Wizard and Wizard Cody.

Sophie Lucia bit her lip and whispered a few words to her cousin Zoran Archie.


Zoran Archie promptly halted Wizard Palo and the others.

“Palo, it seems there’s an unexpected development.”

Wizard Peter Lionel, trusting Zoran Archie who he had faced life-and-death situations with many times before, jumped in without asking any questions, “Might as well wait a bit longer?”

“What’s the matter?”

Wizard Palo turned around without any expression on his face. “Speak quickly if you have something to say. Don’t waste my time. Peter, you don’t want to see me genuinely angry!”

Zoran Archie then relayed Sophie Lucia’s words to Wizard Peter Lionel.

“Palo, you seem to have brought a little fellow who hasn’t joined your ‘New Blood Mutual Aid Association.’ You’re not going to tell me that your ‘New Blood Mutual Aid Association’ has deteriorated to the point of needing external assistance for our bet, are you?”

Having heard Zoran Archie’s words, Wizard Peter Lionel smiled cynically, “Maybe…as long as you admit that your ‘New Blood Mutual Aid Association’ has hit rock bottom, I won’t hinder this kid from participating in our bet. I wouldn’t want word to get out and be laughed at for being afraid of a child!”

Sophie Lucia, who had anticipated something to happen, couldn’t help but be taken aback.

This was not what she had envisioned.

Wasn’t it supposed to be Wizard Peter Lionel prohibiting that fellow from participating, followed by that guy losing the favor and support of Wizard Palo, and then fading into obscurity and never coming up ahead?

How did it turn out this way?

Sophie Lucia felt a deep disappointment.

Link was also surprised by the sudden change.

He had thought that the night’s affairs were over, and that there wasn’t anything related to him.

Who would have thought that he was about to leave the suite when an unexpected twist occurred.

Wizard Palo glanced at Link, who had stepped aside when he turned around, and said flatly, “I admit that the ‘New Blood Mutual Aid Association’ has hit rock bottom. Peter, does that make you happy?”

After speaking, Wizard Palo turned to leave, ignoring Wizard Peter Lionel and his crowd.

This time, without any hindrance, the group left one after another.

On the way back, they split into two hover cars, one fewer than when they arrived.

Midway, the two hover cars split off, one heading to the East District Potion Shop, the other to the academy.

In the car, Link carefully processed the previous bout.

One detail Link remembered distinctly: both Rivers and Antoine had equipped Rune objects and Magic Tools before they entered the ring..