Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique - C.107 - 102 Shallow Test_l


Chapter 107: Chapter 102 Shallow Test_l

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By the time he got back to the academy, it was already late at night.

Wizard Palo, having taken an interest, had posted jubilantly on the “Forum” while staying at the Serene Wizard’s Potion Shop.

Everyone else didn’t dare to leave without permission, so they had to accompany Wizard Palo and share in the fun.

It wasn’t until the Serene Wizard snatched away the smart-brain during dinner that they managed to stop Wizard Palo from continuing his obsession.

After having dinner at the shop’s restaurant, everyone went their separate ways.

On the way home,

Jasmine walked ahead, her head down in silence.

At first, driven by some utilitarian motives, Jasmine had designed small gestures for when the two of them were together; such as holding hands, acting coyly, and walking behind Link while pulling on his sleeve.

After spending much time together, her ulterior motives began to fade but some habits remained.

Like walking behind Link and occasionally pulling on his sleeve.

However, ever since the Serene Wizard informed Jasmine that Link had already become a second-rank wizard apprentice, she no longer walked behind Link.

Even if she was just half a step ahead, Jasmine insisted on walking in front.

Falling behind did not sit well with her.

“I’ll go up first, you head back,”

Jasmine said, waving to Link as she turned to head upstairs when they reached their dormitory.

She was quick and decisive, unlike the many times when she deliberately dawdled.

Link did not have any trouble adapting, but instead, he felt a sense of poignancy. The part-time work over the past half a month had helped Jasmine grow more than the entire autumn term of studying had.

Growth truly comes from experiencing life and interacting with others.

As he watched Jasmine disappear around a corner, Link turned to head to his own dormitory.

At the entrance of the dormitory.

The five brothers, whom he hadn’t seen in a long time, were waiting for him again.

“Boss, good evening!”

Upon seeing Link, the five brothers immediately bowed and chorused.

These uniform gestures and voices had obviously been well-practiced.

“I’m not your boss, stop calling me like that.”

Seeing this, Link, without rushing to enter the dormitory, stopped and asked, “What’s up?”

He knew that the five brothers weren’t the kind who lacked awareness. After being warned, they hadn’t tried to show off in this way before.

Having displayed such a gesture tonight, they clearly had something to discuss.

“Somebody asked us to relay a message to you.”

The spokesperson for the five brothers, the ostensible boss, said while bending over and nodding, “They want to invite you to join the Sea Sail Alliance, saying that they will make you the deputy leader as soon as you agree. They also said…”

Link had heard about the “Sea Sail Alliance”, an apprentice organization which was rather low-key and not as flamboyant as the “New Blood Mutual Aid Association”.

However, rumors suggested that the “Sea Sail Alliance” was quite close to the North District and often organized social events between apprentices from the two districts.


They claim it to be social events, but in reality, they select some pretty new bloods with good figures from their alliance to dine, drink and share emotions with the male apprentices from the North District.

“What else did they say?”

Link furrowed his eyebrows, he didn’t want to get involved with an apprentice organization that was clearly involved in pimping.

Yet, he couldn’t flatly reject them either.

He had to hear out the terms they’d offered.

The ostensible boss swallowed hard and said, “They mentioned that they will assign you some study partners. Even if you want companionship from a noble young lady from the North District for your studies, they are open to consider it.”

Link’s eyes suddenly flashed with anger.

What did they think he was?

However, he didn’t take out his anger on the five brothers, but instead, said with suppressed anger, “How did you guys get involved with them? Don’t tell me you’re tired of having a good reputation!”

The ostensible boss stuttered even more.

Clearly, they also had gotten involved in some trouble, been caught in a bind and had no choice but to run this errand.

“Go back and tell them that I am used to being on my own and have no interest in joining any organization.”

Link didn’t state his utter contempt for the “Sea Sail Alliance” and their shameless practices outright. Being too candid would sound unpleasant and could easily offend people.

Pimping was always so.

They can do it, but they wouldn’t let people talk about it. As soon as it’s mentioned, they get upset.

Link didn’t want to create another enemy just because of a few words.

“Well, okay then.”

Since they got a reply, which meant their task was complete, the ostensible boss didn’t care whether Link agreed or not and said, “Then we will leave, boss.”

The five brothers once again bowed in unison.

When they reached the end of the hallway and were about to turn the corner, the ostensible boss, who still didn’t have a name, turned back and made a fist­pump gesture, praising, “Boss, the way you handled that guy was really awesome!”

Having said this, the five brothers sped up and disappeared out of sight in a puff of smoke.

Everyone knew who they were talking about.

Link understood that the five brothers were subtly hinting that news of Harold Andrews’ death had spread, and there were faint indications that Link might be the murderer.

Before making a move, Link knew that this matter would be inevitably known to all new bloods.

Since he had done it, as long as he wasn’t caught in the act and didn’t leave any evidence, Link wasn’t afraid of people knowing about it.

In this world, if you’re not ruthless, you won’t stand firm!

Link had realized that in the Wizard World, trying to develop quietly would be extremely difficult.

Ravensmouth College seemed exceptionally peaceful on the surface.

And Ravensmouth City was only slightly chaotic in the West District.

However, the tense, competitive undertones, which were far more suffocating and desperate than the daily bloodshed and slaughter, was particularly suffocating for those who couldn’t keep up or were failing.

To stand out, one has to step forward.

One should not shrink back out of fear of decay.


Isn’t there risk in everything you do?

There are still those eight words: stay low-profile as a person, but high-profile in what you do.

Link reminded himself again, entered his dormitory, and proceeded to wash and change clothes.