Becoming a Wizard by Starting From the Mind Closure Technique - C.106 - 101 Criticism and Lessons_l


Chapter 106: Chapter 101 Criticism and Lessons_l

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Peter Lionel and Zoran Lucia saw off the temporary guests who had been invited for the ceremony, and also noticed the public opinion storm on the

“Ravensmouth Forum”.

Despite their worldly experience, the pair was shocked by the oppositional


“Could the problem be considered this way?”

Peter Lionel looked at Zoran Lucia with a puzzled expression.


Zoran Lucia, who had been immersed in study, training, research, and fighting

since he was twelve, didn’t know how to answer.

He truly didn’t understand women at all.

Even when satisfying his physical desires, it was with witches who caught his eye at first glance and were similarly casual, leading to heated battles.

He had never delved into a woman’s heart, didn’t know what was considered a woman1 s nature, a woman’s aesthetics.

At this moment, Zoran Lucia noticed Sophie Lucia in the corner, her head drooping, looking depressed, like a quail.

Her family ranking had dropped another two places in their internal assessment.

This was her second de-ranking this year, and both times it had everything to

do with that damn bumpkin.

If it happened again, she would be dropped from the list of family members

under training.

“Sophie, come here.”

Zoran Lucia beckoned her over.

“Cousin, Wizard Lionel, you want to see me, is there something for me to do?”

Sophie Lucia gathered her spirits and walked over, asking.

“How do you see this issue?”

Zoran Lucia handed Sophie Lucia something and asked her opinion.

After reading through the heated debates on the forum, Sophie Lucia understood what her cousin was asking about.

She hesitated for a moment, then mustered the courage to speak her mind: “Cousin, Wizard Lionel, I also feel that it’s hard to find something that really catches my eye on the market.”

She gave an example, “Take my ‘Defender 3202’ set. It has a changing appearance feature, but no matter how I adjust it, it looks grey and ordinary.

But since it has a changing appearance feature, why can’t it change to look „ prettier? If it wasn’t for safety reasons, I wouldn’t wear this set. It’s so ugly.

“So you ladies really do have such feelings.”

Peter Lionel sighed, then asked, “Then why didn’t anyone speak up? Only today did such a huge commotion arise. Had you fought for yourselves earlier, the choices wouldn’t be as limited as they are now.

“How can you say no one spoke up? Many people raise this issue every year. No one listens. Not even the famous female pharmacist alchemists are conscious of designing products from a female perspective,” Sophie Lucia argued.

“Then why is this the case?”

Zoran Lucia inquired with curiosity.

Sophie Lucia stammered and was unable to answer his question.

Yes, why was that?

Sophie Lucia was baffled and couldn’t figure out the answer to this question, no

matter how hard she thought about it.

“What’s going on between you and Link Grande?

Zoran Lucia suddenly changed the subject and asked abruptly, catching Sophie

Lucia off guard.

“No…nothing major, just a small disagreement.

Sophie Lucia responded hesitantly, a little uneasy.

“A small disagreement? What kind? Tell me in detail.

Zoran Lucia insisted on getting to the bottom of it. His tone was serious, and his expressionless face was somewhat intimidating.


Sophie Lucia, who had always respected her highly talented cousin, nervously recounted in short her two conflicts over the “papers”.

After finishing, she felt a bit indignant and gritted her teeth, “This country bumpkin is very petty. As soon as I published the ‘paper’ on the rate of good breeding, he quickly countered with a paper on hybrid breeding, which led to a decline in the rating of my ’paper’ 1”

Ahint of disappointment showed in Zoran Lucia’s eyes.

He hadn’t expected that even now Sophie Lucia still cared about the rating of her “paper”.

She really couldn’t differentiate between what was important and what wasn’t.

“I’m very disappointed!”

He said indifferently, “You still haven’t recognized the importance of this issue!”


Realizing something was wrong with her cousin’s tone, Sophie Lucia carefully glanced at him before quickly lowering her gaze, “Please instruct me, cousin.” “Even when the lion fights the rabbit, it still goes all out.

Zoran Lucia was frustrated with her, yet still provided guidance to help her understand her mistakes,

“Since you’re bound to offend people in the process, you must think about the consequences and how to handle them.

Resolve grudges if you can; if not, beware of retaliation and consider how to eliminate them.”

He pointed at Sophie Lucia’s eyes and continued to advise her,

“Your sight is too short-sighted! And your attitude is too arrogant!

If you hadn’t presented such a high and mighty attitude from the beginning and been reasonable with your offers, none of the ensuing troubles would have occurred, and whatever new germination method you liked would have been yours alone.

After that, since you have already begun to snatch it from others, snatch it completely, even kill him, to forestall trouble!

Look at what you have done!”


Abusing your authority, leaving a trail of evidence, being reported, and losing your position.

At this time, you actually thought about jumping ahead to carry out the experiment that Link Grande had only hinted at, publishing a ‘paper’ before him.

Are ‘papers’ the only thing in your eyes?

The country bumpkin you speak of, the new blood from the Stormy Sea, a freshman, had not even finished half a semester, yet he understands research, experiments, publishing ‘papers’, even reporting!

Do you not realize what this signifies?

If you had wisely sought advice from your clansmen and not simply seen your brothers and sisters as competitors, you wouldn’t be so clueless!

Such people are geniuses, the cream of the crop!

As long as they do not die, no matter where they are, they can come out on top! You’ve dealt with such a person, do you not have a plan on how to face them? If reconciliation is not possible, or if he can’t be swayed to your side, then you must make sure he’s dead!

The sooner, the better!”

Sophie Lucia’s head was spinning from what she heard.

Could the situation have gotten this serious?

With sharp eyes, Zoran Lucia instantly noticed Sophie Lucia’s state.

Considering she was only thirteen years old, had been spoiled since birth, and had never experienced hard times, he knew that further words would be fruitless at this point.

He sighed deeply.

As he owed her parents two lives, he would have to fix these omissions for her.

Zoran Lucia turned to look at his older brother, Peter Lionel, and asked, “If I have Link Grande killed now, would it affect your plans?

Peter Lionel thought carefully and then said regretfully, “I’m afraid it won’t work.

The bet has been placed, and Link Grande has been clearly identified as a participant. If he is killed before the inter-zone contest, that fellow, Palo, will certainly stir up trouble.

As you know, the old men at the college are watching Palo and me closely for fear that we would fight. f𝚛𝚎𝗲we𝗯𝗻ovel.𝐜om

At that time, if Palo makes a fuss, we would be at a disadvantage. The old men at the college would probably side against me.

“Is that so?”

Zoran Lucia pondered upon hearing this.

There’s definitely a considerable possibility of this happening.

If this minor matter leads the old men at the college to hand over the Percy Sage’s Diamond directly to Palo, it’s certainly not worth it.

Those old men at the college are cunning. They prefer to support clueless new blood and suppress the development of local large families. They’re capable of making such a decision.

After some thought, Zoran Lucia said, “Sophie, as of now, stop any moves against Link Grande. Not even behavior like you showed at the Colosseum last time.”


Sophie Lucia drooped her head and murmured an acknowledgment.

“Lift your head!”

Zoran Lucia snapped, “Don’t mope around! Reflect on yourself. Don’t focus on all sorts of trifles. Studying diligently and advancing your cultivation to become an official wizard are your priorities!”

“Yes, cousin.”

Sophie Lucia took a deep breath and responded loudly before leaving. She knew that her cousin was criticizing her so sharply for her own good. Others of her age in the family would love to receive such criticism from her cousin.


Watching Sophie Lucia’s disappearing figure as she turned a corner, the usually unemotional Zoran Lucia sighed deeply once more.

“You have seriously worried too much for this cousin of yours.

Seeing this, Peter Lionel remarked, “She is still young, doesn’t understand the world yet, and is unaware of human malice. Let her experience some setbacks and she will progress.”

Zoran Lucia did not respond directly; instead, he called up a report from his smart brain.

This was a document he had finally managed to retrieve from his family’s intelligence agency while Peter Lionel was away attending to Wizard Henry

Percival alone.

It detailed most of Link Grande’s actions since he entered Ravensmouth College half a year ago.

Peter Lionel quickly skimmed through it and exclaimed in surprise, “Another Palo Sigma?”

He finally understood why Palo had taken a liking to Link Grande – he saw his own reflection in him.

“That’s not all!”

Zoran Lucia pulled out three more case files. The deceased were Erick Burnalis, Harold Andrews, and Rives Francis.

The name ‘Link Grande’ appeared in all three cases, but he was not directly identified as the killer.

“He sure is ruthless.”

Peter Lionel remarked with appreciation, “In this respect, he’s quite similar to that fellow, Cody, decisive and aggressive. This guy can’t stay alive. During the inter-zone contest, have someone kill him!”

That was exactly the promise Zoran Lucia wanted.

However, before that, he would arrange some more crude methods.

To probe a bit.

Just in case.