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Chapter 102: Chapter 98 Big Scene Chaos_l

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“I’ll give you 100 standard first-level magic stones as research funding.

However, I want to see a satisfactory perfume sample within three days.” Serene Wizard extended her right hand, her pointed finger was straight and delicate white like a leek root, gently poking Link’s forehead with feigned anger.

Link did not dare to object, let alone react – he just accepted it obediently.

Jasmine, standing next to him, unconsciously bit her lower lip;

She glanced sideways at Serene Wizard,

She found her to be stunningly beautiful, her demeanor extraordinary, exuding various charms, and radiating attraction in all directions,

While herself, despite being tall, still had a somewhat flat figure.

Comparing herself like this, she couldn’t help feeling despondent and sighed.

When could she become like the serene wizard?

Serene Wizard perceived this scene and couldn’t help but giggle.

It’s been nearly two months since she returned from the front line; there haven’t been many events that have made her happy.

But the presence of these two children had undoubtedly lifted her spirits.

Pulling back her finger, the serene wizard solemnly said, “Leave the fragrance samples here and start developing perfume based on Glasswort Herb after you return. Remember to organize the experiment materials and you might be able to also publish one or two ‘papers’.”

“Yes, Serene wizard.”

Link replied respectfully.

Signaling Link and Jasmine to go about their business, Serene Wizard went upstairs with the refrigerated box in her hand.

With his experience in developing aromatherapy essential oils and fragrances, Link completed the development of the perfume in just one night.

The main differences between perfume and fragrance are twofold.

One being the intensity, variation, and duration of the scent,

And the other being the method, time, and occasion of application.

The other considerations were unimportant.

It’s noteworthy that, depending on the added ingredients, there could be several different types of perfume.


Facing several different types of perfume samples developed by Link with high efficiency, the serene wizard didn’t say much. She just marveled once again at Link’s talent in botany and potion study.

During her time, she also had an extraordinary talent in botany and potion study, but not as stunning as Link’s.

However, the serene wizard used actual actions to “educate” Link in the evening.

Talent is just talent, potential is just potential, but strength is strength!

Whether the Glasswort fragrance or Glasswort perfume, under the treatment of the serene wizard, all of them have been greatly enhanced.

Like the Glasswort aromatherapy essential oil, they are also divided into three grades: pure enjoyment edition for wizard apprentices, essence edition for first-grade wizards, and ultimate edition for the second-grade wizards.

Going upwards, due to the limitation of materials and the uniqueness of the third-grade wizards, there are no higher grades.

As such, a complete range of products including perfume, fragrance, aromatherapy essential oil has been developed on the basis of Glasswort.

The perfume maximizes the charm, the fragrance is used for daily life, considering both practicality and aesthetics, and the aromatherapy essential oil mainly promotes meditation.

Having finished the tutorial by the Serene wizard and getting her permission, Link presented the updated two “papers” to Wizard Palo the next day.

He both accepted the “paper” review and reported on the recent happenings.

After reading the “paper”, setting down the manuscript, Palo, looking at Link with meaningful eyes, cryptically asked,

“Are you targeting Sophie Lucia?”


Link honestly answered Wizard Palo’s question.

From the beginning, he intended to hide his real intention and acted accordingly.

The report given to the serene wizard was proof of this.

But Link never felt that he could definitely confuse others.

This was originally a matter of being pleased if he could, and not minding if he couldn’t.

Therefore, when his real intention was exposed by Wizard Palo in person, he was not flustered and responded honestly.

“You seem to be quite honest now.”

Wizard Palo chuckled, saying something with a profound implication.

“I dare not deceive Wizard Palo.”

Link responded calmly, not a bit false.

He truly did not deceive Wizard Palo; he has answered every question truthfully, right?

As for the research report, it was filled with data and market analysis of fragrance and did not contain any private goods.

He simply did not express the real motive of developing the fragrance.

At most, it was a little trick to use Wizard Palo’s influence to handle his own business.

Wizard Palo just gave a slight warning to the little sly fox in front of him, not meaning to seriously retaliate.

He never hates subordinates who are cunning; he only dislikes subordinates who do not use their cunning for serious matters.

Like Antoine Hilton, that fool who fell into the pit of power.

Link Grande’s wizard qualifications were not bad, he studied hard, knew the etiquette, understood the advance and retreat.

He exhibited great talent in botany and potion study- worth cultivating.

Having some wiles was rather good.

If managed well, such a genius could be an almost perfect subordinate.

Would Wizard Palo be afraid that he could not manage Link Grande?

What a huge joke.

Wizard Palo asked again, “Do you really think it’s worth it?”

All the fuss, and the end result may not even be effective.

He was curious about what Link was thinking.

Link was silent for a while, then answered: “I just want to soothe my feelings.”

He really didn’t want to keep this irritation in his heart.

Even if it meant going around in circles and having a small chance of success, he still foolishly went ahead with it.


Wizard Palo smiled and asked, “What are you planning to do next?”

He meant to lend a hand.

Link understood this and responded, “I’m planning to launch a new fragrance when they launch theirs. I want to stir up their sales by instigating some competition.”

“Too small.”

Wizard Palo calmly said, “It lacks ambition, and doesn’t make a big enough splash!”

“Please advise.”

Link earnestly awaited instruction.

When the big boss gives his opinion, you listen obediently.

“Create a launch event. Proudly present the Glasswort Series, quickly establish awareness, and drive potion sales.”

Wizard Palo laughed boldly, his words radiating a strong sense of dominance, “As for the timing, let it coincide with the product launch of the Lucia Family Potion Shop. And for the venue, let’s do it right across from them!”

“I’ll obey your orders, but…”

Link faced this and timely showed his distress, “Organizing a launch event, that’s too big, I can’t handle it!”

“Didn’t you think of borrowing my power and Serene’s right from the start?”

Wizard Palo laughed, “And you’re worried you can’t handle a launch event?”

“You see right through me.”

Link gave an embarrassed smile, “I couldn’t hide my little plans from you.”

“Enough of that.”

Wizard Palo waved his hand, “Leave these two ‘papers’ behind, to be published later. As for the patent, let’s declare it with Serene Wizard’s potion shop as the main entity. As for the benefits, let’s go with a 60-40 split. Although the producing of the fragrance and perfume products was done by Serene, you put in a lot of effort as well so take the 40 percent this time.”

“No problem, I’ll do as you say.”

Link had no objections to Wizard Palo’s handling.

If the quality of the fragrance and perfume samples he made was 1, it would have raised to 5 or even 6 after Serene Wizard’s refinement and sublimation.

The difference is stark.

It’s only natural that Serene Wizard takes the majority of the profits.

After signing the patent authorization transfer agreement, Link promptly bid his farewell.

Staying any longer would be overstepping his bounds.

As he walked out of Wizard Paolo’s office, Link felt a surge of relief.

From when Jasmine first came up with the crazy idea to target Lucia’s Family industries, he had been working non-stop for two whole weeks.

Link did everything he could.

Next, Wizard Palo would take over, lay out the strategy, and command the operations. All Link needed to do was follow orders.

The reason Link originally found Jasmine’s idea even slightly feasible was because he considered the tension and conflict between Wizard Palo and Wizard Peter Lionel.

Putting himself in someone else’s shoes, he didn’t believe that Wizard Palo had no thoughts of revenge after being greatly humiliated by Wizard Peter Lionel.

Since Wizard Peter Lionel did not directly target Wizard Palo, but instead created a diversion leading to a self-destructive “New Blood Mutual Aid Association”, he then promoted it widely in the “forum” to slap Wizard Palo’s face.

This shows that the two have not reached the point of completely tearing each other apart.

They also face certain restrictions from the academy.

So, if Wizard Palo wanted to retaliate, he also had to do it indirectly.

At this time, what was more suitable than targeting the members of Peter Lionel’s team?

After all, indirectly targeting “Pure Blood Will” might seem like he’s “copying” them, which would make him a laughing stock.

Link’s strategy was indeed small and the impact was minor, only aiming for a single product in one of Lucia’s Family’s industries.

Apart from being able to retaliate for the trouble caused in the Colosseum by impacting Sophie Lucia’s sales performance.

No matter how well-executed, it could only cause minor losses to the Lucia Family and not result in any major harm.

However, Link’s choice of target was excellent.

Lucia Family’s Potion Shop in the East District, which was recently taken over by Zoran Lucia, a confidante of Peter Lionel.

This potion shop was preparing to heavily promote several new product lines, including women’s fragrances, all of which were realized by Zoran Lucia.

Link’s actions, by a fluke, happened to coincide with Wizard Palo’s recent plans.

The so-called launch event had been planned for a long time.

The star of the event was not Link’s Glasswort Aromatherapy Essential Oil, Fragrance, and Perfume, but a top-grade potion for Tier 3 Wizards devised by Serene Wizard.

However, after talking with Serene Wizard these past few days and reading the two “papers” Link submitted today, Wizard Palo changed his mind.

You say that my “New Blood Mutual Aid Association” is so down and out that I need outside help?

You say that you don’t want people to laugh at you because you’re scared of a foreign kid?

Well then, how about the kid you mentioned gives you a slap in the face, how about that? 𝚏𝚛ee𝐰𝗲𝚋n𝐨𝘃𝗲l.𝐜𝐨m

This slap, of course, would be aimed at Zoran Lucia’s butt.

– A product updated under the direction of a Tier 3 wizard failed to outperform a potion developed by a country bumpkin New Blood who had not been studying for even a year,

But it’s more than just Zoran Lucia’s butt that got slapped, it’s also Peter Lionel’s face!

Wizard Palo looked forward to seeing Peter Lionel’s face.

It would certainly be spectacular..