Beast Taming: I Can Evolve Indefinitely - C.93 - 92: Hurry to the Elf House!

Beast Taming: I Can Evolve Indefinitely

C.93 - 92: Hurry to the Elf House!

Chapter 93: Chapter 92: Hurry to the Elf House!

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The black giant stick and six bone blades collided, and the ground beneath

Alpha immediately cracked open.

Although the Deathland Savage Ape was of the Soul Race, it was able to provide considerable power after attachment. Even when facing power-type pets, Zhang Kai was not at all inferior.

What surprised Zhang Kai was that Alpha only swayed slightly before stabilizing its body, even forcibly throwing the black giant stick off.

“Was that skill just now Skeletal Hardening?”

“How could it be? Skeletal Hardening only increases strength, that bone has grown!”

“Does that mean, when I go home, I should soak my skeleton in milk?” f𝐫eewe𝚋nove𝗹.𝗰o𝚖

“You bunch of rookies, that’s a high-stage skill of the Skeleton type, Skeleton Manipulation.”

“High-stage skill? 23333-”

Zhang Kai, who was thrown off, seemingly had not expected that Alpha would have such a trick. But, he instantaneously made a decision, he dropped the idea of using his mighty strike to end the fight, and once again shrunk his stick to its normal size, trying to entangle Alpha.

However, under Zhang Kai’s somewhat frustrated gaze, Alpha’s shape changed once again.

The skeletons that originally coiled around its body disappeared, replaced by two skulls on its shoulders and four arms below.

Alpha. Three Heads and Six Arms form!

“The Skeleton type can be used like this?!”

“No way, once I go back, I’ll have to own a Skill Atlas of Skeleton Manipulation, even if I have to sell everything I own!”

Including Lu Yuan, all the Skeleton Beastmasters in the arena suddenly felt as though a new world had opened up to them.

“Alpha, take him!”

Seeing Alpha successfully switch between two forms, Bai Qi pointed at Zhang Kai with satisfaction. Alpha whistled out like a sharp arrow, directly propelling himself right at him.

Facing the rapid attack of six bone blades, Zhang Kai was clearly overwhelmed, but he did not give up. He glanced from time to time at the shadow that slowly covered the entire ring.

The Nocturnal Raccoon was his main pet!

Sure enough, as Alpha pressed down on Zhang Kai, a series of intangible thought balls flew out of the shadows and silently flew towards Alpha. Alpha responded immediately, the power of the Shadow Department attached to the skeleton, using two arms to resist the omnipresent thought balls.

Zhang Kai seized this opportunity to increase his offensive forcing Alpha to respond with all its power, while a giant raccoon quietly appeared behind Alpha. However, because of the shadow’s cover, the outside world couldn’t see any signs at all.

[Skill Name]: Night Surprise Attack

[Skill Introduction]: Use the night to eliminate all the pet’s breath, and launch a full-body surprise attack on the enemy. The power is enormous, but there is a short weak period after use.

We won!

As he looked at Alpha who showed no reaction at all, the nocturnal raccoon was ready to emerge from the night. At that moment, a giant dog head suddenly appeared before it.

Woof woof!

(Are you playing hide and seek?)

The Husky’s pair of curious blue eyes looked at the nocturnal raccoon that had just shown its head from the shadows, sniffing at it curiously, which scared the nocturnal raccoon back.

It was a coincidence, it must have been a coincidence!

The Nocturnal Raccoon calmly watched the Husky searching in the shadows, planning to ambush Alpha from a different spot.

But, at the moment it emerged, the Husky reappeared in front of it again, sticking out its tongue and scaring the Nocturnal Raccoon back.

“First this skeleton, and then that dog, what is going on with this guy’s creatures!”

Seeing the Nocturnal Raccoon, a beast of a lord-level creature, being scared off like a rat by an elite-level Arctic Ice Wolf, Zhang Kai felt like he was going to explode.

“Nocturnal Raccoon, blow up that Arctic Ice Wolf directly!

Zhang Kai gave up on ambush and ordered the Nocturnal Raccoon to deal with the Husky directly.


The Nocturnal Raccoon received the order and immediately jumped out of the shadows, with his body inflating again and clawing powerfully towards the



(Are you sure you want to stand there?)

The Husky remained completely calm as the huge paw came close. A flash of red light in his eyes and the ground beneath the Nocturnal Raccoon exploded, sending it flying.

However, it wasn’t over. When the Nocturnal Raccoon steadied itself in mid-air using telekinesis and planned to counterattack, a wave of ghostly howls resonated deep inside it. Then, a bunch of Mechanical Fleas crawled out from its body, causing the Nocturnal Raccoon to stumble and fall again.

Then a series of uninterrupted explosions followed. Wherever the Nocturnal Raccoon stopped, there would be an explosion. By the time the last explosion ended, the Nocturnal Raccoon was dizzy and had completely lost its ability to fight-

“The explosive hit rate is 89%, with an effective damage rate of 60%. There is room for improvement.”

After dealing with the Nocturnal Raccoon, the always silent Schuck finally spoke, summarizing the efficiency of the combat. In its field of vision, the entire stage was almost stealthily covered with mechanical landmines engraved with explosion runes.

“Sure enough, the correct decision was making Schuck responsible for controlling the explosion power.”

Seeing Schuck control the originally unstable explosion of the Husky so precisely, Bai Qi nodded in satisfaction.

At least they didn’t have to worry about being blown up by the dummy Beta.

On the other side, Zhang Kai got distracted because the Nocturnal Raccoon was defeated by the Husky’s eccentric battle tactics. Alpha naturally wouldn’t miss this opportunity. A flash of black light in his eyes, and a Shadow Lotus Skill burst out from the ground, breaking through the defense of the Netherworld Berserker and stopping the bone spur in front of Zhang Kai.

Seeing Bai Qi easily handle Zhang Kai, a seeded player from Lingxi City, Mo Guan was a bit surprised.

With his discerning eyes, he naturally saw that Alpha was still in control despite his battle with Zhang Kai. He hadn’t yet used his ice clan abilities and those strange runes.

“Bai Qi vs Zhang Kai, Bai Qi wins, advancing to the next round!”

When they heard Mo Guan’s decision, there was an uproar within the arena. This seeding candidate from Tainxuan High School, guaranteed to be offered admission to one of the top ten academies, was defeated so easily.

Moreover, this guy isn’t even a combat specialist?

Rumor has it that he’s in machine warfare?

How could that make the pure combat professionals feel!

“By the way, I just remembered, Bai Qi’s Skeleton was bought from the Elf House. Gusu City is near Undead Hill, could that be why it’s a superior variety?”


“Elf House, don’t they mostly sell Arctic Ice Wolves? Wait, isn’t Bai Qi’s other pet an Arctic Ice Wolf too?”

“Let’s go, to the Elf House!”