Beast Taming: I Can Evolve Indefinitely - C.87 - 86: Schuck and Beta

Beast Taming: I Can Evolve Indefinitely

C.87 - 86: Schuck and Beta

Chapter 87: Chapter 86: Schuck and Beta

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Bai Qi hesitated for a moment, but eventually gave up on his plan.

Even though drinking it himself might not cause mutations, Master Gu Lin did say it was drinkable. However, the thought of the potential risks of developing Split Personality Disorder deterred Bai Qi from doing so.

After all, with the Evolution Egg, his Spirit Power wasn’t going to grow any slower than others, he didn’t mind waiting a tad bit longer.

He didn’t want to end up committed to Arkham for a moment of greed.

“So, what should I call you both in the future? I cannot keep calling both of you Beta.”

The split consciousness said, “A name is just a code. You can call us whatever you like, Beast Master.”


In his past life, the phrase “do whatever you want” was what he dreaded the most.

Bai Qi scratched his head, pondering the names for the two consciousnesses.

Dog 1? Dog 2?

No, no, their head would probably go bald faster with these names.

Jin Ha? Schuck?

He didn’t know why, but he always reckoned that there might be another consciousness messing things up. It was important to value their lives, so he scratched those names off the list too.

Despite thinking for a long time, Bai Qi couldn’t come up with a satisfying name.

“Forget it, you should be called Schuck from now on, and the principal consciousness should be called Beta!”

Even though they were not quite the same species as the duo Bai Qi remembered, he was too lazy to try anymore.

He finally understood why other Beast Masters rarely named their pets. It can be such a headache!

Schuck was silent as his intelligence paused momentarily, but he quietly accepted the name.

“We will be leaving the Mind Spring in eight hours thirty-four minutes. With our current efficiency, it is hard to absorb all the resources from the Mind Spring. So it’s best if you start making plans, Beast Master.”

Bai Qi nodded. Even though Alpha had not appeared yet, the changes in Husky after coming in contact with the Mind Spring greatly exceeded his expectations. It would indeed be a pity if they just left without exploiting more of its benefits.

However, they did have a solution.

A day passed quickly. Master Gu Lin arrived in the Secret Space faithfully on time. He walked briskly towards the Mind Spring.

The use of the Mind Spring was governed by strict regulations. Even their Beast Masters from Little Ling Mountain had to go through several reviews to get a chance to enter.

If Cui Ming wasn’t the chairperson of the Association, there was no way Bai Qi could have gotten in so easily.

Therefore, Gu Lin didn’t plan to let Bai Qi stay even a second longer than necessary.

However, to Gu Lin’s surprise, when he reached the Mind Spring, Bai Qi was already there waiting, beside him stood his two pets.

“Are you done soaking already?”

Bai Qi nodded and said,” I have almost reached my bottleneck. Soaking any longer would just be a waste of time.”

Gu Lin looked at Bai Qi with an inquisitive gaze, a strange light flashing in his eyes as he tried to eavesdrop on the internal dialogue in Bai Qi’s mind.

Woof woof woof! Woof woof…

A series of howls echoing in Bai Qi’s mind, Gu Lin couldn’t hear any of Bai Qi’s thoughts and he reluctantly backed out.

Meanwhile, Bai Qi discreetly breathed a sigh of relief, giving a thumbs-up to Husky at his side. 𝐟𝐫eewe𝗯𝐧𝚘ve𝐥.c𝚘𝚖

This Soul Whisper, unexpectedly useful!

It might not work on Gu Lin, but it could certainly work on Bai Qi!

“Master Gu Lin, if there’s nothing else, shall we be on our way?”

Facing Master Gu Lin, a Super Energy Apartment expert, Bai Qi was a little nervous. Seeing that Gu Lin showed no intent of speaking up, Bai Qi quickly reminded him.

“Oh right, you have to participate in the next ranking Battle. You shouldn’t stay here for too long.”

Gu Lin’s gaze swept over Alpha, encased in thick Ice Armor, and Husky, with a bulging belly. Although he was a bit puzzled, he left the Secret Space with Bai Qi-

After a blink of spatial transition, Bai Qi was back in the ancient temple. Wang Ling was already waiting for him, holding a glass box containing Bai Qi’s Secret Realm Ring.

“Bai Qi, how are you feeling?”

“Hmm, very unique.”

Having almost made Husky develop a split consciousness with just a soak, saying it was unique was quite an understatement.

Wang Ling nodded and said, “I felt the same way the first time I soaked, but I never had the chance to do it again.”

“By the way, the Association President asked me to take you to rest nearby. After the other examiners complete the practical test, you will have to participate in a Ranking Battle. You can use this time to process what you have learned from the Mind Spring.”

On hearing Wang Ling mention the Ranking Battle again, Bai Qi instantly became curious. He asked, “What’s the Ranking Battle? Have the rules for the occupational exam changed?”

He finally managed to clinch the occupational exam, he wouldn’t be able to take any sudden changes now.

“The vocational exam is indeed over. According to the rules from the previous years, those who rank in the top hundred by points will receive the license.”

“However, the top twenty have to participate in another Ranking Battle. Based on their ranks, they can collect monthly subsidies from the Beast Master Association.”

“That’s it?”

Bai Qi was slightly surprised. Such a huge fuss just to collect a little extra subsidy, could he opt-out?

“It’s not that much, only about an average of a hundred thousand. But this is a joint examination between two cities, so it might be a little more.”

An average of a hundred thousand? That suddenly seemed very enticing….

Bai Qi’s interest was piqued. But after looking at his two pets beside him, he backed off and said,” I’m kind of tired, I’ll head off first.”

After saying that, Bai Qi put on the Secret Realm Ring and disappeared from the spot.

“Ah, it is indeed comfortable to have your own Secret Space.”

Watching Bai Qi suddenly disappear, Wang Ling naturally knew that Bai Qi had entered his Secret Space. An envious look flashed in his eyes.

Although he is already a Four Stage Beast Master, he does not have his own Secret Space.

If he had a Secret Realm Ring with him while venturing out, he wouldn’t have to worry about being ambushed by Ferocious Beasts while resting. He could also carry more items than others, it would be very beneficial.

Comparing with others can be so annoying.

Secret Space.

Bai Qi appeared in the Secret Space with his twin pets. All three of their gazes were fixed on Alpha.

“Schuck, prepare a container right away. Alpha, get ready to defrost.”


Schuck nodded, pulled out a heap of metal plates and began to work. In no time, a rudimentary pool was formed.

Afterward, Alpha directly jumped into the pool. An opening suddenly appeared in his Ice Armor and streams of spring water flowed out from within.

Watching the Mind Spring water continually flowing out from the hollow body of Alpha, Bai Qi showed a satisfying smile.

Not allowed to bring a container? Well, they will have to create their own then.

Apart from allowing Husky to drink as much as he wanted, Bai Qi utilized Alpha’s unique structure and Ice Armor to create a movable container.

He admitted that there was an element of gambling in his actions, but luckily, he had bet correctly.

The biggest credit, of course, went to Beta’s Soul Whisper.

“I wonder if I’ll be able to use it against Beast Masters during battles. If I can, wouldn’t it mean that I can defeat others without a fight by annoying them?”

As Bai Qi stroked his mustache, he couldn’t help but display an evil smile.

A Ranking Battle, seems like a good time to give it a try-