Beast Taming: I Can Evolve Indefinitely - C.85 - 84: Husky Goes Crazy

Beast Taming: I Can Evolve Indefinitely

C.85 - 84: Husky Goes Crazy

Chapter 85: Chapter 84: Husky Goes Crazy

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Thump! Thump! Thump!

As soon as Bai Qi returned to his resting area from the secret realm, he heard a knock on the door. When he opened it, a stranger, a Beast Master, came in. “Hello, I’m an examiner from Lingxi City. I’m here to take you to the Mind Spring,” the stranger said.

Bai Qi asked, “Are we going now? Is the Mind Spring on Danggu Mountain?” Wang Ling laughed and shook his head. “Of course not. The Mind Spring is a sacred place in Lingxi City that we keep hidden very well, unless there are some young natural talents that need it.”

Bai Qi nodded his head in understanding. It would make sense for it to be hidden, according to Old Qin’s words, if it weren’t for the temptation of the Gemini Tower, Cui Ming wouldn’t take it out.

“Then, let’s get going.”

Wang Ling agreed, took Bai Qi aboard a small airship, and set a course for Lingxi City.

Little Ling Mountain.

The sacred place of Beast Masters with super energy in Lingxi City.

Bai Qi looked at the religious buildings outside the window and wondered, “Is the Mind Spring here?”

Wang Ling gave a faint smile, tacitly accepting Bai Qi’s assumption. As a cradle for Beast Masters with super energy in Lingxi City, Little Ling Mountain had cultivated countless masters. A reason for its effectiveness was the existence of the Mind Spring.

Moreover, because it was located here, there was no worry of pollution or attack by ferocious beasts.

“You should come with me first; we’re yet to finish some formalities,” Wang Ling said.

Wang Ling led Bai Qi into a temple of simple design, where a middle-aged man dressed like a monk in the old days came over with a glass box.

“According to the rules, you are not allowed to take any storage items into the Mind Spring. Please put your Secret Realm Ring here.”

“Don’t worry, we have a specialist who will take good care of it. It won’t be lost.” Upon hearing Wang Ling’s words, Bai Qi couldn’t help but purse his lips. How could they suspect such a new-age decent youngster like him? That’s utterly outrageous!

Bai Qi unwillingly handed over his Secret Realm Ring after taking a look at the bunch of ice buckets he had prepared in the secret realm.

Wang Ling carefully put the Secret Realm Ring into the glass box and confirmed to Bai Qi, “Master Gu Lin will guide you to the Mind Spring next. You have 24 hours, so please don’t waste them.”

Bai Qi nodded. Now that he couldn’t carry extra items, he naturally had to make the most out of this free buffet.

“Please follow me.”

With a smile on his face, Gu Lin beckoned Bai Qi to follow him to the back hall. As they passed through the entrance, Bai Qi instantly felt dizzy as if in a vertigo. The small inner hall had turned into a pond full of lotuses.

With such a sensation, was this also a secret realm?

Bai Qi gazed at the unique surroundings and started to speculate.

Gu Lin did not delay, he led Bai Qi further in, ending up in front of a stone pond resembling a lotus.

“This is the Mind Spring. You can stay here for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the secret realm will automatically teleport you out.”

Bai Qi nodded and asked, “Thank you. But are there any methods of use or taboos concerning the Mind Spring?”

Gu Lin shook his head and explained, “Nothing really, but most people would have their pets soak in it.”

Bai Qi remained silent for a moment. He was actually planning to take a sip himself, even without a container. But now, he decided not to.

Old Qin did say that Beast Masters could also soak in the spring. He wondered how many people had soaked in it over the years. He had no interest in drinking foot bath water from other people.

“You can actually drink it if you’d like. The Mind Spring can get exhausted. The water here has just been refreshed recently, and nobody else had used it.” How did he know what I was thinking?

Bai Qi was taken aback. He looked at Gu Lin with disbelief.

Gu Lin apologized with an obligated grin. “I’m sorry. I’m a super-energy talent My power gets amplified here and I inadvertently heard your thoughts. I won’t be able to do it outside.”

“That’s fine. It’s not like it was something important,” Bai Qi said, nodding However, there was still a sense of alertness on his face.

These super-energy talents were really overpowered. If they became celebrity paparazzi, no amount of information could be hidden from them.

“I should probably leave now. I won’t bother you further.”

Realizing that Bai Qi was being alert, Gu Lin left without caring much. He quietly retreated the way he came, and only then did Bai Qi summon his twin pets and start studying the Mind Spring.

“Since everyone else soaks in it, maybe I should too.”

Bai Qi looked at Alpha. “Alpha, you go in first and give it a try.”

As an Undead creature, Alpha had a high demand for spirit power. Its reaction would be the most direct.

The moment Alpha entered the Mind Spring, the two fires of the soul in its eye sockets began to burn violently. Flames could be faintly seen from the skeleton beneath the ice armor.

Apparently, Alpha also sensed something. It turned off the ice armor, letting its entire body soak in the spring.

Feeling the comfort inside Alpha’s soul, Bai Qi nodded in satisfaction. Just as he was about to let Husky join him, a figure flashed past Bai Qi and jumped into the Mind Spring.


A huge splash erupted. The precious Mind Spring of Lingxi City was splashed all around. Unsurprisingly, Bai Qi was drenched.

“Beta, lick this whole place dry for me, or I’ll send you out and have them cook you red-braised.”

Looking at the water level of the Mind Spring rapidly decreasing, Bai Qi had a slight twitch in the corner of his eye. He lifted Beta out of the spring and went in himself.

Just as President Qin said, the Mind Spring did help Beast Masters too. As soon as Bai Qi made contact with the spring, he felt a boost in his spirit; even the Bronze Light on the crystal wall of the Beast Control Space seemed a little brighter.

Indeed, a good place. I need to make good use of it and meditate!”

Bai Qi’s eyes shone, and he immediately closed them and began to meditate. On

the other hand, Husky reluctantly began to clean up the water outside.

Woof woof…

(The tragic life of Wang needs to be redeemed…)

Luckily, Husky quickly realized the benefits of the Mind Spring. After drinking

only a few mouthfuls, he felt rejuvenated and invigorated.

Once Husky finished lapping up the spring water outside, he could even clearly feel every tissue in his body, and even the control over his mechanical arm improved markedly.

It felt as if his brain was being managed by his spirit power.


(If I drank all of this, would I be smarter than a Beast Master?)

Imagining himself directing and guiding Bai Qi in the future, Husky’s eyes began to gleam, and he pounced toward the Mind Spring enthusiastically.

“Based on the data, the Mind Spring only purpose is to strengthen our spirit power intensity and speed of thought. It cannot increase our IQ so please give up your unrealistic ideas.”


(Who, who’s speaking in my mind!)

With the fur of Husky standing on its own, his eyes rolled back and he fainted, landing in the Mind Spring.

(Humans, this place is haunted….)