Beast Taming: I Can Evolve Indefinitely - C.84 - 83: Mind Spring


Chapter 84: Chapter 83: Mind Spring

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Watching President Qin and Bai Qi, big and small foxes alike, Cui Ming was too lazy to stay. He left the main cabin right away.

With Bai Qi’s mess, Danggu Mountain test area couldn’t be used for now. He needed to arrange another venue instead.

By the way, he had to get Bai Qi into the Mind Spring.

Seeing Cui Ming leave, Bai Qi couldn’t help asking, “Mind Spring? What the hell is that?”

“What the hell!”

President Qin glare at Bai Qi, “If Cui Ming wasn’t gone, he’d definitely fight you to the end.”

Bai Qi laughed awkwardly and stayed silent, and President Qin began to explain to Bai Qi.

“Do you have any idea what the most famous beast type is in Lingxi City?”

Bai Qi nodded. Lingxi City was renowned for its Super Energy creatures, which were the subject of yesterday’s theoretical exam.

“One of the reasons Lingxi City has so many super energy creatures is the Mind Spring. Even some of the super energy people in Lingxi City were born because of it.”

President Qin continued, “Usually Cui Ming keeps a close eye on it, he would not have taken it out to bet if he wasn’t eager for our Gemini Tower.”

“Mind Spring can significantly improve the spirit power of creatures and Beast Masters. Even if your two creatures are not super energy creatures, enhancing their spirit power is also beneficial.”

“Although it’s not as straightforward as energy values, once the spirit power is up, the speed at which your creatures release skills or improves proficiency can increase.”

Energy value is equivalent to memory storage, spirit power is like a CPU, understood!

“But the most important thing is, Mind Spring can rapidly improve the spirit power of Beast Masters and enhance the Beast Control Space.”

President Qin patted Bai Qi on the shoulder and said, “So, seize the moment and meditate at that time, trying to maximize the effect and upgrade to the third stage earlier.”

“Even though you’ve upgraded quickly, compared to those talented trainees, you’re still a bit behind.”

“Mr. President, I’ve only been a Beast Master for two months, aren’t you expecting too much from me?”

Bai Qi was frustrated, he had only recently reached the second stage and now Old Qin was already thinking about stage three. He was even more ambitious than Bai Qi.

Apart from the matter of his spirit power not reaching the standard, according to previous experience, he wouldn’t be able to upgrade before reaching the full level of Evolution Egg.

Damn, he was so focused on making business during the practical test that he forgot to take the chance to upgrade his creature.

What a loss.

Thinking that he had missed the opportunity to swiftly upgrade Evolution Egg, Bai Qi felt pained.

President Qin said, “Alright, I’ve got to get the venue change sorted. You rest here, and in a while, Cui Ming will arrange for someone to take you to the Mind Spring.”

“Okay, I got it.”

Bai Qi nodded, and after President Qin left, a Beast Master came along and led Bai Qi toward the lounge.

Along the way, the Beast Master showed great interest in Bai Qi, occasionally glancing back at him with curiosity in his eyes.

“Uh, is there anything weird on my face?”

Bai Qi checked himself over, not knowing what was wrong with him.

“It’s nothing, I just wanted to see what someone who can restart a professional exam looks like.”

“Hasn’t this happened before?”

The Beast Master shook his head and said, “I’ve been an exam official for some years now. I’ve encountered quite a few accidents, but I’ve never seen anything like your case.”

“I’m sure you’ll be headlining the hot search list tomorrow!”

Seeing the Beast Master so interested, Bai Qi couldn’t help but roll his eyes. 𝓯𝓇𝘦𝘦𝑤ℯ𝓫𝑛𝓸𝑣𝓮𝓁.𝒸𝘰𝓶

Old Qin wouldn’t expose him, would he? If word got out, wouldn’t all those folks he had ripped off recognize him?

Bai Qi still didn’t know that his name had already been spread among all the candidates.

Of course, it wasn’t a good fame he was known for.

“Alright, here’s your lounge. Someone from Lingxi City should be coming to find you in a bit, don’t fall asleep.”

The practical test had lasted from yesterday afternoon to early this morning. Many candidates had stayed up all night, and Bai Qi, being so high-profile, must not have had it easy either.

“Uh, I’m fine.”

Bai Qi scratched his head. He had entrusted all the trading matters to Alpha and Husky, so he had a good night’s sleep.

After seeing off the Beast Master, Bai Qi went into his lounge, then directly headed into the Secret Space.

The subsequent trading was mostly not handled by him, but now that he had to sort it all out.

“What the hell! There’s so much stuff!”

As soon as he entered the Secret Space, Bai Qi was startled by the massive pile of resources in front of him.

Woof woof!

(Human, you’re finally here. I’m exhausted.)

Husky, who was organizing these resources by type and attribute, saw Bai Qi appear and immediately started complaining. Alpha, on the other hand, was quietly moving some heavier ore.

As undead creatures who knew no fatigue, Alpha would have been a model worker in the previous world.

“Beta, do we have material list?”

Husky nodded, a virtual screen immediately present all of last night’s gains on its electronic eye for Bai Qi.

“Well, what if I suddenly don’t want to hand it over…”

Thinking of having to give out such abundant resources, Bai Qi couldn’t help but feel pained.

“Never mind, let’s focus on the long-term. Let Beta dig up a few more Secret Spaces later.”

Bai Qi sighed, “Beta, filter out the items we got from trading with others, we have to give those back.”


(Human, are you kidding me!)

Bai Qi shrugged, “Can’t help it. If you’re not satisfied, you can fight Old Qin. If you win, they’re yours.”

Hearing this, Husky immediately wilted, its puppy eyes filled with tears looking at the piles of resources reluctantly.

Seeing Husky like this, Bai Qi also felt a bit upset.

Although Husky has strong perception skills, it couldn’t find stuff faster alone than many candidates together, and the item types were noticeably less diverse.

If he gave all of these away, there wouldn’t be much left for him.

“That said, I should be able to hand over other things of equal value.”

Bai Qi’s eyes twirled around, and he instantly had an idea. Right after hearing Bai Qi’s words, Husky immediately understood.

Woof woof! Woof woof!

(Human, you’re almost half as smart as me!)

Bai Qi rolled his eyes, kicked Husky aside, “Hurry up and get to work. I have to upgrade both of you later.”

He was originally interested in searching for some spiritual materials to reinforce Husky’s spirit power and enhance its perception skills,

but he didn’t expect someone had already sent the opportunity to him without him needing to do much..