Be a Good Boy and Marry Me - C.189 - Brother, can you get my clothes for me_l

Be a Good Boy and Marry Me

C.189 - Brother, can you get my clothes for me_l

Chapter 189: Chapter 189 Brother, can you get my clothes for me_l

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“Oh, lying does have its consequences. My period has really come.”

Gu Li drooped her face.

Mo Shiting:

Turns out she had been lying to him earlier?

However, seeing her discomfort, he momentarily puts aside his thoughts and asks her with concern, “So you are currently…”

“Ah, I need to take a shower.”

Gu Li hurriedly finishes her sentence, darting off towards the bathroom.

By the time Mo Shiting reacts, she has already slammed the bathroom door shut with a “bang”.

Such a rush?

Mo Shiting can’t help but chuckle.

Gu Li was only worried about soiling her underwear because of her period, she didn’t notice that she dashed into the shower without bringing a change of clothes.

After comfortably cleaning herself up, and getting ready to put on clothes, she realizes what she had forgotten.

Damn it!

How could she forget something so important?

She was starting to lose faith in herself.

What to do?

There’s no way she could put on her old clothes again, and after searching the whole bathroom, aside from a few small towels, she only has a 7O*i4Ocm bath towel.

Should she dare to walk out wrapped in that?

But such a short towel won’t cover much.

Besides, her period came on strong, what if…

Eh, the imagery is so graphic, she can’t even imagine.

What if… she asks Brother Ting to help pass her some clothes?

Although it’s embarrassing, it’s still better than dirtying the floor.

With that thought in mind, Gu Li yells towards the door, “Brother Ting, are you there?”


Mo Shiting, sitting on the sofa with his eyes closed restfully, immediately opens his eyes upon hearing her voice.

“Can you do me a favor, Brother?”

Her voice held a hint of amusement, she even stopped calling him Brother Ting and flirtatiously addressed him as just ‘Brother’.

Have to say, this ‘Brother’ sounded sweeter than before.

Mo Shiting quickly gets up to walk towards the bathroom door, “What is it?”

“I forgot my clothes.”

Knowing he’s just outside, standing beyond the door, Gu Li’s voice softens a bit.

Her pretty face gradually turns a bit red, it’s unclear whether it’s due to shyness or because of the steam in the bathroom.

Forgot her clothes?

Mo Shiting involuntarily imagines her embarrassed figure, a strange glint surfaces in his deep eyes.

The room has the air conditioning cranked up, but he still feels a bit hot.

He pulls at his shirt collar, trying to suppress the restless feeling within his heart.

Just then, he heard Gu Li’s cautious voice once again, “Brother Ting, are you still there?”

Mo Shiting regains his composure, puts his hands in his pockets, leans against the wall and responds, “Yes.”

“Could you get them for me?”

Hearing his response, Gu Li lets out a sigh.

Mo Shiting raised his eyebrows, teasing her, “I don’t mind if you come out naked.”

Gu Li, completely taken aback by his cheekiness, blushes deep like a ripe tomato, “Absolutely not. Will you help me or not?”

“Say ‘Brother’ again.”


Gu Li was startled, not comprehending why he asked her to do that all of a sudden.

But, she didn’t dwell on it for long, and obediently calls him again, “Brother, could you bring me some clothes, they’re in the bottom drawer of the wardrobe. There is a whole set of cotton underwear, and a nightdress. And also, bring me a night pad.”

By the time she said the last few words, she felt even more embarrassed.

Mo Shiting initially wanted to tease her some more, but when he heard the word “night pad”, he immediately remembered she was on her period and didn’t bear to torment her any longer.


After saying that, he strides into the cloakroom.

Opening the bottom drawer of the wardrobe, it was indeed full of pink cute panties and bras..

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