Be a Good Boy and Marry Me - C.187 - : Actually Got Flirted Back?_l

Be a Good Boy and Marry Me

C.187 - : Actually Got Flirted Back?_l

Chapter 187: Chapter 187: Actually Got Flirted Back?_l

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Gu Li was originally over 20 cm shorter than Mo Shiting, but with the added height of the stool, she was now a head taller than him.

She looked down at him, her eyes sparkling as she said, “Listen up, Brother

Ting, if you don’t like me, I’ll go like someone else immediately.”

Her voice was sweet and soft, coy yet provocative. It was both annoying and endearing to him.

Mo Shiting warned her by pinching her waist, “Don’t dare!”

Gu Li casually looped her arms around his neck, and voluntarily gave him a kiss on the cheek, “So do you like me or not?”

Mo Shiting’s earlobes flushed slightly, he awkwardly changed the subject, “I’ll carry you back.”

Gu Li got genuinely angry, and defiantly sat down, “You go back yourself, I want to stay here.”

Mo Shiting had no choice but to bend down, supporting the stone stool with his hands, he sat her on his lap and looked into her eyes: “Are you angry?” “Humph!”

“Don’t you already know the answer?”

Gu Li pouted, “What do I know? Unless you say it out loud, everything can only be my guessing.”

“Do you really need to say it out loud for such things?”

Mo Shiting disagreed.

Indeed, he felt that he had started to like her.

But must he say it out load when he started liking someone?

Hadn’t he already made it clear enough?

Women are such troublemaking creatures.

“Will you, will you tell me?”

Gu Li, being her typically stubborn self, demanded an answer.

Mo Shiting reluctantly obliged: “I like you, is that enough?”

“Such reluctance.”

The girl muttered discontentedly.

“Then I’ll take it back.”

“No, you can’t.”

Gu Li immediately hugged his waist, “What has been said cannot be taken back!”

It was not easy for her to finally get him to admit he liked her, why would she allow him to take it back?

This man was too hard to woo.

It seemed like she still had a long way to go to make him fall completely in love with her.

Thinking of this made Gu Li a bit depressed, she let go of him and turned away.

Mo Shiting was taken aback by her sudden aloofness, he reached out to touch her head, but was swatted away.

“What’s the matter now?”

“I need some peace and quiet.”

Mo Shiting:

“It’s windy at night, let’s go back and you can do your thinking.”

Surprisingly, the man can actually make a joke.

Gu Li wasn’t really mad, she just found it a bit hard to accept.

His joke seemed to lighten her mood a bit, she pouted and began to act coy,

“Someone said he was going to carry me.”

A smirk appeared on the corner of Mo Shiting’s mouth, “Okay.”

“But I prefer to be held like a princess.”

As soon as the coquettish remark came out, Mo Shiting promptly picked her up without a word, “Is this okay? My princess?”

Not expecting him to call her “princess,” and with such an indulgent tone, Gu

Li felt her heart pacing with joy.

She curled her lips, confidently wrapping her arms around his neck: “It’s okay, my Knight Brother.”

Knight Brother?

Mo Shiting chuckled, suddenly finding the nickname quite pleasant.

He carried her all the way back to their residence. Once inside, instead of putting her down on the floor, he sat her down on the shoe-changing stool, took a pair of slippers from the shoe cabinet for her to change into.

Witnessing his considerate gesture, Gu Li couldn’t help but tease him: “Brother

Ting, why don’t you help me run a bath later?”

Yeah, she was being greedy.

Mo Shiting responded with a teasing smile, “Then, should I also help you bathe?”

Wow, did she just get counter-teased?

Did he think that she would back down if he said that?

He totally underestimated her.

So, Little Pear quickly changed her shoes, stood up, and took his hand: “Why don’t we bathe together?”

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