Be a Good Boy and Marry Me - C.183 - : This Brother is Getting Better and Betterl

Be a Good Boy and Marry Me

C.183 - : This Brother is Getting Better and Betterl

Chapter 183: Chapter 183: This Brother is Getting Better and Betterl

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Gu Li looked serious.

Although Country E is small, its economy is developed. The Mo family’s department stores and hotels have been well established there for over 20 years and are thriving. If they were to withdraw now, it could likely impact the Mo family’s global standing.

Moreover, if the Mo family were to announce its withdrawal from the market in Country E, their stock price would likely plummet. One thing would lead to another, and the impact would be incalculable.

The more Gu Li thought about it, the more despicable she found the opposition. She even wondered if the explosion was orchestrated by the authorities of Country E.

Sigh, could it really be?

After all, Frank is a prince of a country; they wouldn’t go as far as to disregard his safety…

“What are you thinking?”

Mo Shiting’s low voice timely interrupted Gu Li’s thoughts.

Startled, Gu Li looked up to see Shiting looking at her with concern.

She licked her lips before honestly saying, “Brother Ting, do you think it’s possible that the explosion was orchestrated by the authorities of Country E? That they’re using Frank’s injury as a reason to single out the Mo family? Can we track down the perpetrator of the explosion? If we could, perhaps we could use it as leverage in our negotiations.”


Mo Shiting could not help but reach out and stroke her head, his voice filled with admiration.

It seemed that his girl was remarkably clever in critical moments, thinking along the same lines as him.

Initially, Mo Shiting thought of her as a playful young girl. He liked to tease her, spoil her, and loved the peaceful and joyful feeling he had when she was by his side.

But in this moment, he realized that perhaps he didn’t know Gu Li as well as he thought he did. Perhaps, she could offer him more than he thought…

Perhaps due to the weariness from their journey and a lack of proper rest, after chatting with Gu Li for a while, Mo Shiting dozed off on the sofa.

Looking at his extraordinarily handsome face, the girl’s beautiful almond-shaped eyes shimmered gently.

Rather than disturbing him, she sat quietly next to him, looking up at the ceiling, lost in her thoughts.

His head was rested on her shoulder, creating a romantic and cozy atmosphere.

An hour later, Mo Shiting gradually woke up.

Upon opening his eyes, he realized he had been asleep on Gu Li’s shoulder for quite some time. A trace of apology flashed in his eyes: “Sorry, did I make you uncomfortable?”

“It’s okay.”

Gu Li gave him a sweet smile and moved her shoulder a bit.

Having maintained the same position for an hour without moving indeed made her feel a bit stiff.

“Let me help you.”

Out of nowhere, he offered his help.

Before Gu Li could react, he had already stretched out his hands, gently massaging her shoulder.

“Mmm, that feels nice.”

Gu Li enjoyed his touch and sighed contentedly, closing her eyes and letting him serve her.

After massaging her for a while with just the right amount of force, Mo Shiting saw her eyes closed, her lips pursed irresistibly, and he desired to give her a kiss.

But just as he was about to act, there was a knock on the door.

“Young Master, Young Madam, the head of the family requests your presence for dinner in the main house.”

It was Aunt Liang.

Gu Li quickly opened her eyes, replying with a smile, “Alright, we’ll be right there.”

“Very well, Young Madam. I shall return first.”


As Aunt Liang’s footsteps faded away, Gu Li said, “Brother Ting, let’s get going.”

As she turned to look at him, she was met with his deep, intense gaze.

Facing his affectionate gaze, Gu Li’s heart skipped a beat, and a blush slowly crept up her cheeks. “Brother Ting, why are you suddenly looking at me so affectionately?”

Mo Shiting leaned in, his handsome face inches away, his lips curving into a faint smirk, “Because you’re beautiful.”

Gu Li:

This brother is getting better and better at this..

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